Randi and Quinn


Randi and Quinn


Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok February 11th 2012

hey everyone, so now that we have a new camera we can not post our pictures on the blog anymore, because it says the pictures are too big. If you now how to fis this let us now! haha From now on we will send emails with our photo albums and comments just like on the blog, but right to your inbox. we have sent out a bunch of emails today so please reply and let us know if you want to be on our list of people we sent our updates and photos too. you can email us at; travelbuddies23@hotmail.com if you would like to keep getting updates, and we think it will be easier this way anyways, for everyone! take care and please keep in touch! love, Randi and Quinn xo ps.. Happy valentines ... read more

Asia » Cambodia » North » Siem Reap January 17th 2012

hey everybody, here are the pictures from our day looking and wlaking around the temples of angkor!!! Very impressive and now that we have a new camera, we wish we could go back and get even better pictures! love, Randi and Quinn... read more
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c 113

Asia » Cambodia » South » Sihanoukville January 12th 2012

hey everyone, we havean ok connection so we are going to try to get you all caught up on the pictures! This first batch is from our last adventure in Cambodia, in the beach place we were staying for 3 weeks, but away from all the tourist stuuf! :) love, Randi and Quinn... read more
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c 006
c 007

Asia » Cambodia » South » Sihanoukville January 10th 2012

hi everyone, here are some of our cambodian beach pictures! love, Randi and Quinn xo... read more
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Asia » Cambodia » South » Sihanoukville January 2nd 2012

Hey everyone, so we have not wrote for a while, if our connection is not great the blog has a hard time so in this message we will catch you up! First of all we LOVED Vietnam. After our rude experience in Halong bay, we were not expecting much, but we learned very quick that the people in Vietnam are amazing, open and very generous! We met many many great friends and we tried soooo much food including; 1) bull frog 2) snake salsa (small snake) 3) Snake hot pot (big snack) 4) blood duck pudding - which is congealed duck blood with all the ducks organs blended up on top with peanuts 5) whole river crab.. shell, claw and legs 6) whole fried baby bird :( 7) rice wine 8) chickens feet there is probably ... read more

Asia » Cambodia » South » Sihanoukville December 31st 2011

HAPPY NEW YEARS EVERYONE, Despite a very bad experience, (which will be explaned in our big catch up blog) we met amazing people and spent new years eve with a aouth african couple who we just love! We had an amazing night and hope everyone back home did as well. lots of love, Quinn and Randi xo... read more
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Asia » Cambodia » South » Sihanoukville December 25th 2011

hey everyone, this was how we celebrated christmas. We really missssed all our families, but we met some pretty awesome friends to have fun with! :) Love, Randi and Quinn xo... read more

Asia » Cambodia » South » Phnom Penh December 20th 2011

hey everybody, this is from the first few days in Cambodia! :) Lots of love, Randi and Quinn xo... read more

Asia » Vietnam » Southeast » Ho Chi Minh City » Cu Chi December 16th 2011

hey guys, these pictures are from our tour at Ch Chi tunnels, they were very cool! Here is some info about them we found on the computer: The tunnels of Củ Chi are an immense network of connecting underground tunnels located in the Củ Chi district of Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam, and are part of a much larger network of tunnels that underlie much of the country. The Củ Chi tunnels were the location of several military campaigns during the Vietnam War, and were the Viet Cong's base of operations for the Tết Offensive in 1968. The tunnels w... read more
chu chi tunnels 022
chu chi tunnels 023
chu chi tunnels 024

Asia » Vietnam » Southeast » Ho Chi Minh City » District 1 December 8th 2011

hey guys, here are our pictures from saigon city! :) lots of love, Randi and Quinn xo... read more

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