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Europe » Ireland » County Kerry » Dingle Peninsula October 23rd 2017

"may your coffin be made from strong solid 100-year old wood made from the mightiest of trees, that is planted today!" Irish Toast A journey west to the town of Dingle, had the two cars stopping at the beach to witness the mighty blowing winds & overcast clouds challenge the two surfing classes in training. Each student in their "warm suit" intently focused on the instructions from the surf-teacher, sitting on the beach shivering. Oh Dingle, we love you already and we still have another 40 minute drive to the center of town. A brilliant idea that we acted upon: Hire tour guide Colm to show us around the Slea Head Loop, and enjoy his stories and the beauty which is Dingle Peninsula. His oversize 8-person taxi was equipped with a sound system that allowed the ... read more
Surfers Class at Inch beach
Dingle's Welcome to Curren's Pub
Kontz's hanging out on the sandy beach

Europe » Ireland » County Kerry » Dingle Peninsula September 11th 2017

Weiter geht es von Doolin in Clare nach Glenbeigh in Kerry, auf der Halbinsel Iveragh gelegen. Auf der Fahrt entlang der Küstenroute haben wir viele Gelegenheiten für Abstecher in kleine Buchten, wo die Wellen und die hochspritzende Gischt eine unglaubliche Dramatik entfalten. Wir sind sehr sehr froh, dass wir an diesem Tag keine Fährüberfahrt haben. Auch am nächsten Tag ist das Wetter zum Bergwandern zu stürmisch und zu nass. Also klappern wir mit dem Auto die Halbinsel Dingle ab. Wir haben einen permanenten und völlig unberechenbaren Wetterwechsel, dabei aber im Durchschnitt ein ganz gutes Timing. Dingle hat nicht nur tolle Strände, Dünen und Klippen zu bieten, sondern auch sehr viele Ausgrabungsstätten, Ruinen und alte Bauwerke. Uns hat insbesondere ein Steinbau sehr beeindruckt, der seit immerhin 1300 Jahren erfolgreich Wind und Wetter trotzt! Da hat der Baumeister ... read more
Keltische Kreuze
Wetter egal oder Flucht vor dem Regen?
Dingle: Gallardo Oratory

Europe » Ireland » County Kerry » Dingle Peninsula August 12th 2016

Our last trip led us to Ireland, moreover to three main regions: Galway and its surroundings (a lovely, very charming city), Inch Beach on the Dingle Peninsula (great place to relax and calm down) and Dublin (either you love it or you hate it...). It all started on a crazy Friday in August. Directly after handing in my Bachelor Thesis at Friday, August 12, we went to the airport. Finally holidays after six stressful months of work :) Checking in, passing several security checks. I was a bit hungry so I bought salami sausages and ate one. What was not in my mind: can I take it to the airplane with me in my hand luggage without getting trouble when landing in Ireland? Nervous. But nothing happened, no checks or anything at the Irish airport. At ... read more
Street scene in Galway
Musicians in Galway's pedestrian area
Want to buy some Claddagh ring(s)?

Europe » Ireland » County Kerry » Dingle Peninsula October 14th 2013

My eyes lowered from the dim vaulted ceiling towering above me to the grand wooden shelves emblazoned by 200,000 fuscous books, their dull tones adding gravitas to one of the finest libraries in the world. The 65 metre Long Room at the Trinity College Library is a dream for fellow bibliophiles, but alas – so much knowledge and so little time. Two lines of marble busts sat beneath these rows of cherished tomes. One particularly noble bust caught my attention, it had the word “Burke” engraved underneath. Making no assumptions, though suspecting the answer, I asked a security officer standing nearby, “Which Burke is this?” “Edmund” replied the burly elderly gentleman, “And he attended Trinity College.” Looking around the marble busts, I enquired, “Did all these people attend Trinity?” “From here onwards” he remarked, marking an ... read more
Books in the Long Room of Trinity College Library - Dublin, County Dublin, Ireland
View on a morning walk at Waymont - Dingle Peninsula, County Kerry, Ireland
The Long Room of Trinity College Library - Dublin, County Dublin, Ireland

Europe » Ireland » County Kerry » Dingle Peninsula September 14th 2012

The morning of 9/10 I said goodbye to Brittney, who was checking out of the room and going to explore the peninsula by bike. I wasn't quite up for that, so I set out to look into taking a tour, since I had decided to put it off the day before. The place I tried to take the archaeological tour from hadn't gotten any interest that day (Sunday), so the guy apologized and turned me away. Betsy had suggested that tour, as had Rick Steves, so I was a bit disappointed I couldn't go. I went back to the tourist center in Dingle to see if any other tours were going out. They said there really wasn't anything today but suggested a boat tour of the Dingle harbor. The first place I tried wasn't going out ... read more
Fungie and I

Europe » Ireland » County Kerry » Dingle Peninsula April 20th 2012

Oh Anthony where have you been all our lives? There's nothing Jeanne, Claire, and I love more than to laugh and the guy who drove us from Dublin to Dingle had a sense of humor like none other. The house we rented on the Dingle peninsula is absolutely perfect, with 360 degree views of the sea. But no internet as promised!!!! We're shattered! Will have to be far less verbose than usual and there is so much more to report. Currently in a pub in Dingle that has wireless but we have to keep drinking Guiness in order to justify our stay. So just five little ditties of potential interest. First of all, the beach outside our window is like Three ArchBay on steroids. Down the road is where Ryan's Daughter was filmed. No words can ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Kerry » Dingle Peninsula August 25th 2011

The Dingle Peninsula is spectacular. Other than being a precarious drive on a two way road that's about as wide as a sidewalk, the views and scenery along the route are breathtaking. Luckily, it was a pretty rare relatively clear day which rendered better than expected vistas.... read more
Dingle 2
Dingle 3
Dingle 4

Europe » Ireland » County Kerry » Dingle Peninsula July 9th 2011

Today I chased after sheep....only to receive angry "Baas" of irritation from the sheep as they fled from me and my camera. My plan to kidnap a sheep met with an epic failure today. I do think a sheep would be a perfect pet. I could let it out in our yard to eat the grass - thus eliminating the need for a lawn service. And, it could produce yarn for me! We spent most of the day driving around the Dingle Peninsula/Sleahead. Definitely a more traditional part of the country - and most road signs were printed in Gaelic only (I learned that Go MALL means "Go Slow"). Although the driving and navigation is becoming much easier, I am still getting rather tired of driving. I keep trying to convince mom to see the rest ... read more
Dingle Town
Dingle Peninsula
Random on Roadside

Europe » Ireland » County Kerry » Dingle Peninsula May 19th 2011

“Top of the mornin’ to you” our hostess said as she breezed through the breakfast room and I knew without a doubt we were in Ireland. Actually we had heard no one really says “Top of the mornin’” anymore so we were grinning at each other to actually hear it said in a real Irish brogue. John and I arrived in Ireland on May 7 and spent the next week exploring the sights of Dublin and generally taking it easy (I will write about Dublin in a later blog). After the week, our friends Vicky and Gary arrived and the four of us set out to explore the country. We left Dublin immediately because Queen Elizabeth II was due to visit and they were closing streets and sights in preparation. We headed south out of Dublin ... read more
Glendalough Round Tower
Kilkenny Castle
Cashel Cathedral

Europe » Ireland » County Kerry » Dingle Peninsula May 16th 2011

The first week of our trip was over, and Brian had to go home. We walked him to the bus stop in Galway, and bid our campanion slán agus sábháilte turas (farewell and safe journey)! Then Geoff and I drove to the Dingle Peninsula, in County Kerry. The drive took most of the day and by the time we checked into our B&B that night we were tired and hungry. Had a great time at the local pub where many townsfolk were playing music and singing songs...met some visitors from the states as well (Flint Michigan, of all places). The next day we explored the Dingle Peninsula. This is the southwestern most peninsula in Ireland and quite beautiful. We drove to Dingle by way of the Connor Pass. This is a very tall (very dangerous in ... read more
On the road to County Kerry
View of Dingle Bay from our B&B front door
Dingle Peninsula

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