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August 25th 2011
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The Dingle Peninsula is spectacular. Other than being a precarious drive on a two way road that's about as wide as a sidewalk, the views and scenery along the route are breathtaking. Luckily, it was a pretty rare relatively clear day which rendered better than expected vistas.

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Dingle 4Dingle 4
Dingle 4

Dangling at Dingle

26th August 2011
Dingle 1

My Heart Bounces with Thousands beats in summer
really amazing picture, i start remembering the olden days how i used to spend time with my wife on green valleys in Connemara in Ireland now i am at the age 50 i can feel the essence of the poem by Marissa Cardenas A time to fly kites, To rest in meadows, parks And along the banks of the Rios: Feel its vitality, as the winds Blend in, with the sun. Cheap accommodation in Dublin
26th August 2011

now this is a car for a road trip! have you rounded a corner and had to slam on the brakes because livestock is wandering on the road - beware! peggy
26th August 2011

How many airmiles did this rental car upgrade cost ya?
26th August 2011
Dingle 27

Imagine. Your Irish. For 1000 years the Brits have been wiping their arse with you. You're barely alive 'cause the potato crop has failed... again. Finally you can't take it anymore. So you sell everything you own to get a ride on a scurvy bucket across the ocean to the new world. Three months at see. Most everybody on board dies of scurvy or dysentery or some other disease. You see land in the distance and you rejoice - you think you've been saved. Welcome to Newfoundland - pretty much the same unforgiving barren rugged chunk of rock you left behind on the other side.

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