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Europe » Ireland » County Dublin » Dublin June 8th 2015

The sun rises at 5:30am and that is about the time I woke up for internship day 1. It started out like a typical first day of work and soon turned into a scene from a comedy movie. Like most people, Caitlyn and I woke up early to leave extra early in case of small mishaps. Key word: small. Everything was smooth sailing as we got off bus #1 and to our stop for bus #2. Caitlyn and I are waiting by the curb like every other commuter when our bus comes around the corner and drove right past us. We look at each other, scream a little, and sprint after it (arms slightly flaling). There was a lot of "What the !" and "Classic Caitlyn and Sav day 1!" We walked one block over to ... read more
Grafton Street
Henry Street

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin » Dublin June 7th 2015

The weekend has been a great start to my stay here in Dublin! Saturday morning Nanna and I headed over to University College Dublin where I checked in to my apartment. I was hesitant to what it would look like as UT Dallas (UTD) spoiled us with the brand new dorms and the huge apartments on campus. Walking in I yelled "Hello!" in case anyone was already there. I shouldn't have been nervous because our flat is extremely nice with a four bedroom, two bathroom layout. There is also a large living area that opens up to a kitchen. Just after I placed my luggage into my room, Caitlyn popped out of her room! She, along with 28 other UTD students, were arriving all day Saturday. We were both so happy to be rooming with familiar ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin June 2nd 2015

May 10 - It rained overnight. The temperature is fine but once again it is cloudy and windy. I took my time and didn't go for breakfast until 9:00. I walked through a different part of St. Stephen's Green to the "Little Museum of Dublin". The museum is located in an old Georgian house with creaky wooden stairs. The main level was a display about Christy Brown (of My Left Foot fame) and the 1st floor was everyday and cultural items from the 1930's through to the 1990's all relating to the lives of ordinary Dubliners. The top floor was divided in half - one room devoted to the history of the Irish Times (newspaper) and another room devoted to U2. I wandered over to Merrion Square where there are a number of Georgian houses with ... read more
Merrion Square
Merrion Square
Merrion Square

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin May 31st 2015

May 6 - I had breakfast at the hotel for the 1st time. Service doesn't start until 8:00 am which I thought was somewhat late. I ordered the vegetarian breakfast: eggs, baked beans, and a slice of tomato. The regular breakfast includes sausage, black pudding, and white pudding. I am not sure what that is but didn't feel adventurous. On a side table there is a selection of breakfast cereal, fruit, and yogurt. I had a short conversation with a table mate. She is from Scotland, here on business for a few days and also has a single room. She has a few problems with her room. I guess I am lucky. I heard the owners are doing some renovations so perhaps she has a room that has not been updated yet. Unfortunately it is raining ... read more
St. Patrick's
St. Patrick's
St. Patrick's

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin » Dublin May 27th 2015

We finally made it! After two days of traveling and the best luck possible we have made it to Dublin! We had a 12 hour layover in Charlotte, NC, but it was all made better when we found out that we were flying first class to Dublin. The flight was incrediable and I never wanted to get off the plane. There were so many buttons that alloweded us to watch movies, TV or play video games. Then we could sit up, recline or lay fully down, needless to say I never slept so great on plane before. Right away we were handed a full menu and chamgane for our journey. We were given two drinks and a four course meal! I really don't think that it could have gotten much better. Once in Dublin as you ... read more
The Rough Life
First Class

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin » Dublin May 25th 2015

May 4 - I arrived in Dublin at 10:50 am local time, 3:50 am Alberta time. The first thing I did was look to see if the sky was clear. I was happy to see blue sky and fluffy white clouds. I decided to take a taxi to the hotel even though it is not cheap. The driver was very friendly, pointing out sites along the way and pointing out stores that the locals use for cheaper prices. When we reached the hotel he gave me a map and we stood by the car while he circled out sites close by. The hotel, Stauntons on the Green, is a wonderful old Georgian home on the south side of St Stephen's Green. The bad news is it's a walk-up and my room is on the top floor! ... read more
Suffolk St Church
Suffolk St. Church
Street Corner

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin May 18th 2015

Off to Ireland. We left Friday afternoon for Ireland with a 6 hour layover in Atlanta. I almost left our good camera in the ILM airport. Luckily they let me back off the airplane to retrieve it and they closed the door behind me. The 6 hour layover wasn't too bad. I finally figured out my crazy problem at work, during the time. I was very happy as it would have bothered me the whole vacation. We get to the gate and just before boarding they called my name - I was upgraded. :-) Shelly wasn't. :-( I did enjoy the upgrade but neither of us got much sleep. Dinner wasn't served until close to 11 and then we had a wicked tail wind so we arrive 1 hour early. Oh well, taxi to the hotel ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin May 6th 2015

First, let me say that Dublin is great, and the people of Dublin are great! I would encourage anyone to come here for a visit! But with that out of the way, I must say that one of our primary goals for this trip was accomplished: a visit with Bowen's brother, Curry. Curry has lived in Ireland for several years and it's been quite a while since we saw him. He lives in County Donegal, which isn't really close to Dublin, but he traveled in to visit us for the day. It was a WONDERFUL visit! We shared memories, stories, pictures and lots of laughter. It was as though time had stood still. I'm am still amazed how much Bowen and Curry sound alike and even look alike - definitely carrying Sam's Morris genes. Curry brought ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin » Dublin May 2nd 2015

We woke up in Dublin on the 30th not so bright eyed and bushy tailed as we fought our jet lag. We stayed at Abigails backpackers in an 8 bed female dorm. It was a really nice hostel with clean sheets, clean bathrooms and most importantly free breakfast! It was also conveniently close to every thing we wanted to do. Located by the river Liffy it was just a short walk to city hall where we began a free three hour walking tour around the city. Our tour guide, Conor, was born and raised in Dublin and was very proud about his city and his culture. As he took us around the sites he told us bits of history and anecdotes about each location. We saw the Dublin Castle where the English were made to wait ... read more
Castle in Howth

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin April 28th 2015

I arrived in Dublin around 4pm and headed to the city centre where I found my way to the hostel. After dumping my bags I headed out for an early dinner at the Indian restaurant just down the road and then went to bed. The next morning I headed out to walk around and explore and ended up having to duck into a shopping centre to buy an umbrella as there was heavy rain. After about two hours of walking around, my shoes leaking and the backs of my jeans soaked I decided I couldn't be bothered being a tourist anymore and headed into the shopping centre to waste the afternoon. I got a microwave meal from the supermarket while I was out so I didn't have to go out in the rain. The next morning ... read more

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