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Europe » Ireland » County Dublin » Dublin September 14th 2014

Well we made it :) Landed this morning @ ~6:40AM local time, went to Bewley's for some traditional Irish Breakfast (not exactly sure of everything we ate, but it was all good). That joint's been around since 1840! The room we're in is pretty great, and has a view of the town across the way. Asking the locals, the place Temple Bar keeps popping up - so that may be our destination tonight. We saw some tour buses whilst walking to Bewley's this morning & saw one that takes you to the coastline. One thing I've always wanted to see is the sharp cliffs of Eire - so I'm looking forward to that one. Other musts are - Jameson Distillery & Guinness Brewery. Wish we could see Skibbereen's Drombeg Stone Circle but it's a 3h43m trek ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin » Dublin September 13th 2014

Hard to believe we've only been away for a few days - already seen so many things!! Flew out of Gatwick airport into Dublin and arrived at our accommodation around 2pm local time (in our little Citrion hire car), which meant plenty of time to do some sightseeing. After settling in to our cosy room at Harvey's Guesthouse (family run B&B close to all the action), we walked through the city centre to the very cool Temple Bar area. The streets were buzzing with music and merry people doubt with a pint or two already under their belts on a sunny Friday afternoon :) Had a lovely meal and a drink at The Old Storehouse, whilst enjoying music from a local singer / guitarist (Mylo) - check out the video of him attached to this ... read more
River Liffey
Streets of Dublin
Temple Bar area

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin » Dublin September 13th 2014

I have so many photos from tours of the Jameson Distillery and the Guinness Storehouse that I've created a separate entry...enjoy!! (We did) :) :)... read more
Jameson Distillery
Jameson Distillery
Jameson Distillery

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin September 9th 2014

Less then 24 hours before Mags board our KLM flights out to Lima in Peru and then from there on to Cusco. Mini crisis today. Mags had been appointed chief of checking us in for the flights. The first two or three times got blocked and we initially assumed it might be a website issue. About half two we realised that you need to apply for something called ETSA approval for all connecting flights via the USA (we have a short stopover in Atlanta, Georgia) As Mags reminded me, if we didn't get the approval on time we wouldn't be able to check in and hence no flights! However thankfully the whole thing got sorted quick enough and approval was back within an hour and a half so we're all set. Also picked up malaria tablets ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin » Dublin August 10th 2014

I'm not sure how we chose to go to Ireland- we thought about Kenya, we thought about the rockies in Canada and then i was sure that we had to go to the Antarctica! Yes! I needed to be between floating in subzero water between huge mountains of Ice. We had enough frequent flyer miles ( thanks to Jeff) for all of those places but we kept going around in circles if we should leave the country especially with all that is happening in the last few weeks? Two days before our flight and before we went to work- we sat in our bomb shelter, with the sirens blaring and just looked at each other - and pondered! As the plane taxied and quietly took off - I looked out of the small oval window and ... read more
 I need coffee

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin » Dublin August 1st 2014

When we arrived in Dublin on Tuesday morning, at 6:30, we were exhausted. Neither of us had gotten much sleep on the bus or ferry, and we both ended up taking naps that morning. Rebecca slept in the bus station, and Max slept on a bench on a bridge over the River Liffey in the middle of morning rush hour traffic. When we were finally ready to go we wandered around Dublin for a few hours, walking by the Spire (a big, ugly metal pointy thing in the middle of Dublin), walking through the campus of Trinity College, and spending time relaxing in Merrion Square Park. Around noon, we were able to drop our bags off at our Airbnb, and after chatting with the guys there, we headed over to City Hall to go on another ... read more
Trinity College Library
Kilmainhaim 1

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin July 16th 2014

Testing, testing! This is a preliminary blog post from Ballinteer before we head off in 10 days time for our Viking River Cruise (15 day Grand European Tour), incorporating our Golden Wedding Anniversary. Everything is capitalized like that in my head :-) We are just leaving our suitcases open on the floor and chucking in things as they occur to us and double checking the paperwork. We have our starter currency pack of 62,000 Hungarian Forints (a mere 202 Euro!), our continental style Schucko plug adaptors, 128 gigabytes of camera memory, about 20 different kinds of medical tablets, 1 Samsung tablet for writing the blog and editing the photos. Did we forget anything? Almost certainly we will do! Trying to understand the mobile phone roaming setup is doing my head in! I think you can text ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin » Dublin » Ballsbridge July 10th 2014

Farewell cycle touring Europe, Hello Ireland Our 3 months in the Schengen area were up so we had to leave. Next stop, Dublin. We found a great ride into Dublin city along the Grand canal from our hotel and rode into town a couple of times to explore and finally to catch the train to Westport and our first Irish B&B and a “full Irish Breakfast”. Loved the bacon, eggs, sausages, grilled tomato, black and white pudding (well actually, I couldn’t eat the pudding), baked beans and toast. So if we return a bit pudgier than we should be- blame the breakfasts, (and the pub dinners!) In Westport we rode the Greenway to Achil Island and then several things combined to make us scrap any further plans for cycle touring. Firstly the ride which was described ... read more
Beautiful views over the bay
Monastary on Skellig Michael
Westport- kayaking

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin » Dublin June 30th 2014

In March I decided to go on a journey to England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland for a month. Sunday morning I arrived at the airport around 7:30 for my 9:30 flight to Charlotte. We landed around 12:00 Eastern and my connecting flight from Charlotte to Dublin took off at 6:40. So I spent six hours in the airport waiting and absolutely bored. Finally when it was time to board, I got on the flight and waited for another hour before we could take off. Most of the way, the weather was really bad and the plane shook around. Although it was a bad flight, me and the girl sitting next to me, Michelle, talked for most of the 8 hour flight. We hit it off really well and exchanged emails. When we arrived in Dublin, it ... read more
On the River
Trinity College
Trinity College

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin » Dublin June 26th 2014

Into Paris out of Dublin - Power Touring. Writing this high over the Atlantic - flying from Dublin to Miami. A daylight flight, waking at 3am in the airport hotel at Dublin. We are NOT good morning people, but here we are, on our way to Florida, where the temperatures will probably be twice that of Europe! But I digress........ The last ten days have been varied to say the least! We drove to Munster in Germany for the weekend of 14/15th to help Brigitte celebrate her birthday. We were kindly hosted by Rolf and Angela, and had a great suprise to also re-unite with Hans Yurgen, who accompanied us on our day trip to Tangier (Africa) in 2007! We had a wonderful two days of eating, drinking and much laughter - we walked the streets ... read more
Breakfast in Munster
Spargal - White Asparagus
THe Birthday girl....

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