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Europe » Ireland » County Dublin » Dublin September 12th 2019

Met de Hop-on bus die om 9.30 klaar staat naar Trinity College in Dublin, waar de geboekte gewezen-student-gids zich wel excuseert om ons te laten wachten. De jeugd van tegenwoordig jammeren de gepensioneerden. Hij wou ons Vlaams gezelschap wel gidsen in het Frans, want had zes jaar in Brussel gewoond en in Parijs gestudeerd. Leuk voor hem, maar voor niemand van ons echt nodig. Uitstekende gids overigens. Trinity College werd als universiteit in 1592 door Elizabeth I van Engeland opgericht als bolwerk van het Protestants geloof. Tot 1793 Verboden voor de Katholieken, Ieren. Daarna mocht het, volgens onze gids, nog meer dan 100 jaar niet van de Paus. Deze oude universiteit herbergt wel een schat aan 200.000 historische boeken in de 'Long Room' van de oude bibliotheek, waaronder het 'Book of Kell's' een door monniken rond ... read more
Trinity College - Onze gids in zijn vroeger studentenplunje
Trinity College - De 'Campanille'
Trinity College - lange wachtrij bibliotheek en het Book of Kells

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin » Dublin September 11th 2019

Woensdag 11/9/2019 Rondrit Dublin met de Hop-on Hop-off Bus Een speciale Hop-on/Hop-off bus komt ons 's morgens oppikken aan de camping voor een bezoek aan het Guinness Experience Center in Dublin. Na de lunch kiezen we voor een complete rondrit van de stad met zo een Hop-on bus. Zo krijgen we een idee van de drukke grote stad en de mogelijke interessante plekken die we morgen kunnen aandoen voor verdere exploratie met dit bussysteem. Om 16.30 u kunnen met een speciale rit terug naar de camping. 50 min voor 16km zelfs langs de speciale buslanes. Het verkeer loopt hier in Dublin ook muurvast.... read more
Dublin - Guinness Experience Center
Dublin - Guinness Experience Center
Dublin - the Spire, 120m hoge naald

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin » Dublin » Ballsbridge September 9th 2019

If you are thinking of spending a seven days holiday then you must visit Ireland as it is one of the most beautiful and beloved islands in Europe, if not the world. Ireland may be a small country but its natural beauty, stunning scenery, famous hospitality, and fascinating history will captivate your heart. There are many things to do in Ireland and seven days are enough to explore the whole island. But the first time visitor must have a little guide otherwise the journey may not be as fascinating as it should be. That is why in this article we have come up with an ultimate 7 days Ireland itinerary that will help you to get the best of it. The best itinerary trip for visiting Ireland in 7 days The following is the complete itinerary ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin September 9th 2019

Up bright and early, it is time for another country, heading to ROSSLARE, IRELAND. We board the Stenna Lines ferry in Fishguard Wales for the trip across to Ireland. Filing onto the ferry, a senior woman stumbles and falls in front of me. She has cut her nose, and broken her arm. Chris calls for help. Pool soul. Once in Rosslare and under the threat of rain, our B & B owner Billy offers to drive us to WEXFORD. Our friend from Vernon, Mike McGrath hails from Wexford so we plan to see a little of the area. This quaint town has medieval lanes, and the Selskar Abbey. It is believed that Henry II did penance for the murder of Thomas Beckett here. Wandering around the cemetery, it is shocking the young ages of which many ... read more
Rosslare Ireland
Cathy & John....Worked 32 years in Toronto!
Anything grows here....even metal flowers!

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin » Dublin September 2nd 2019

Well, we ended this trip in Dublin where we started. Sunday, we slept in... finally, had breakfast, and ran off to Dublinia, a medieval exhibit about the history of Dublin and parts of Ireland. I caught the nice receptionist with a co-worker for a fun “Monty Python” pic and then we did a quick tour of this really well thought out museum complete with sound effects. (There was a Viking by an ancient potty... I won’t go into any other explanation!) This was the last thing we did before we left for the plane and an appropriate send off for a country that has far more castles and ancient stone structures than I ever dreamed.... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin » Dublin August 31st 2019

Saturday- this was the day we were supposed to fly out of Dublin returning home but our flight got cancelled and we were rebooked 24 hours later. Kerry took a nap and Cindy and I went to Grafton street for a little shopping. Walking the narrow cobblestone streets, brought us upon a cheese shop and I couldn’t pass up the Irish cheese and chutney .... a little Goat Gouda and a yummy light goat cheese named “Killeen Goat Fenugreek”. Cindy found a cool Dublin mug and I a bag, and then we headed back to the hotel, she, to take a tour of the Book of Kells, and Kerry and I had some cheese and then took off for a trip around Dublin. We ate an early dinner at a tapas place and then toured the ... read more
Only lacking a cup of tea
Dublin Castle

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin » Malahide August 27th 2019

We start our trip on a bit of a kerfuffle. Checking in online the night before, we discover that the extra-leg-room seats on the Toronto-Dublin leg that we had reserved and paid for back in April have disappeared. A call to Air Canada reveals the we were side-swiped by the Boeing Max 8 debacle. The plane had been changed from a Max 8 to an Airbus, which caused the seat reservations to evaporate. Why Air Canada couldn't have alerted us to this problem so we could have reacted earlier is a mystery to me. Anyway, the agent on the phone is able to assign us some other seats with extra leg room, although they are inferior in our opinion to what we had originally reserved. Bummer. At the Ottawa airport, we relate our sad story to ... read more
Guinness Truck

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin » Dublin August 23rd 2019

August 19, 2019 – Dublin, Ireland – Weather: 62°F/17°C, mix of sun and cloud, chance of rain 60%, wind 16 mph, humidity 66° We arrived in Dublin early this morning as the Captain had announced last evening that he wanted to be able to do his maneuvering at the dock while there was a high tide. While this portion of the habour can accept deep draft ships he wanted to ensure that there was enough water under the keel to turn the ship around as he moved into the pier. Due to the fact that the River Liffey is crossed by many low level bridges cruise ships are forced to dock out in the container port area, which is also shared with the ferries that head over to England. Dublin is both the capital and most ... read more
2_Linen wall art
3_The Long Room
4_Books to the ceiling

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin » Dublin August 21st 2019

Our third day in Ireland found us among the city dwellers in Dublin. We were able to taxi and walk near the city center and discover a lot Dublin has to offer. Our Airbnb near Newmarket Square provided us with convenient options: a trendy hotel nearby for quick access to taxis; near the on and off bus, close to a distillery and the solitude of not being on the main drag. We began our day at Trinity College to see the Book of Kells... but much to Kerry’s dismay, on our way to the exhibit I found a young artist‘s studio 😍 Jamie handcrafts felt animals and I had to buy a bird! FYI you too can by a bird from Jamie at just a thought... Okay, back to the story... The Book of Kells ... read more
Irish Blessing.
Jamie, artisan at work.
Felt bird and ale.

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin August 18th 2019

Flying into Dublin proved to be full of the luck of the Irish... duh...I knew that my husband’s first name ”Kerry” would surely give us some leverage. Our first hurtle came when our booked flight was delayed and it looked like we were not going to arrive in Atlanta in time to catch our connecting flight. Enter Okeimo (a kind African Delta Airlines attendant), he was able to quickly get us onto a different flight at the gate, already boarding ... whew! AND... he found Kerry’s checked bag and rerouted it too! Once in Atlanta, our scheduled departure was about two hours off because the plane didn’t have anyone to clean it... so we waited, and met a nice couple - John and Margaret O’Connor who was returning from visiting family in LA - John, an ... read more
Newmarket Square
our Airbnb
Yummy Lebanese cafe

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