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Europe » Ireland » County Dublin » Dublin July 4th 2017

To view all the photos from this trip visit: After a full Irish breakfast at the B&B, we left for Carlingford in Co.Louth around 10.30am arriving at 11.30am, we went on to Greenore later and then left Dundalk around 2pm. Around 4pm we arrived at Kilmainham Jail, Dublin for a prebooked tour which finished around 5pm. Once the tour was over I headed back to Galway City, arriving home around 8.30pm. Another successful tour for thehappywanderer...... read more
belfastdubliniphone (32)
belfastdubliniphone (33)
belfastdubliniphone (35)

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin » Dublin June 23rd 2017

After Amsterdam, I got on a short flight to Ireland. :) THE HOMELAND!!!! I believe every person should go and visit where they came from, or at least their home country. So I think every O'Brien should go and visit Ireland. This was on my "must do's" for study abroad. What better way to finish off study abroad than to go to the country that the O'Brien's came from? O'Brien's originate from Cork (my dad says...) , but honestly who even knows anymore with all the O'Brien's in the world. What we do know.. is that we are in fact Irish. Very Irish. They say, O'Brien is about as Irish as it gets. Besides, we've got the pale skin, and the freckles to prove it. Haha! I got there, got settled and went to a pub ... read more
had to!
friends all made in hostel!

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin » Dublin June 21st 2017

Phil arrived quite promptly, loaded us up and took us to the airport. Lovely ride, with more news from Phil. Since we're flying back to the US tomorrow, we really didn't want to lug all our luggage into Dublin (especially anticipating another 4 floors up at Trinity...) but since we weren't ticketed through, they couldn't check it all in from IOM. When we got to Dublin, we began asking first chance we got. After Immigration, we claimed our baggage and the Aer Lingus agent told us where "Left Luggage" was--over in Terminal 1, a walk but a clear one, where we could check our luggage overnight. We had packed so we could leave everything but my back pack and we were able to do so. Bought an AirExpress two-way ticket into the city (we knew to ... read more
tea tray
Airport lounge at IOM
Views of Dublin from the bus on the way back into town

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin » Dublin June 16th 2017

Skipped a day… been enjoying the Guinness and triple distilled Irish whiskey a little too much. Bo kissed the Irish for good luck, but it's been the same set of lips he's kissed for the last 20 years. As we write this, we are enjoying our new favorite drink: Irish ice tea. Discovered it while visiting the Teelings distillery. We hope to buy some bottles in duty free to share with friends and family when we get home. Teelings is the only operational Irish whiskey distillery in Dublin. There used to be many many more, until the US prohibition combined with changes in whiskey technology obliterated the Irish whiskey industry in the early 20th century. We don't have the natural beauty of Iceland here to enjoy, so we mostly partook in the local customs: Guinness, Irish ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin » Dublin June 16th 2017

Travel day--we managed to drive to Cork and return the rental car with no major incidents. Did stop to fill up the gas tank and were bowled over by the quality of the gas station's offerings--hot and cold ready food, good-sized eating area, lovely set up. Had a bit of wait for the train but that was better than being late! Got our reserved seats this time and had a great ride back north to Dublin. The airport is 40+ minutes outside of the city so the choice was long ride Friday evening of Saturday morning; when planning, we opted for long ride Friday, short one early Saturday. Either way, there was going to be a pricey taxi ride sometime. At Heuston Train Station, got a taxi to the White House Hotel (motel, pub, depending on ... read more
White House Hotel from picnic table, enjoying a beer
Beautiful door in the bar

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin » Dublin June 14th 2017

Not much to report today. Spent the day in Reykjavik doing laundry, sending post cards and shopping for knick knacks. We were amused to find only one laundromat in Reykjavik (the biggest city in Iceland), and it only had 4 washers! I guess Icelanders think washing clothes is for wimpy tourists. Had a nice flight to Dublin and got in close to midnight. These kids are getting good at burning the midnight oil. We of course did the obligatiry Ireland task: enjoyed a lovely, well-poured, full body, frothy, creamy, dark and viscous Guinness. Ah....... In lieu of adventure blogs, we offer a few small tidbits and anecdotes about Iceland: - We never saw the night or the stars - Toilet paper is stronger - All tap water is drinkable but some has sulfur - Gas is ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin » Dublin June 12th 2017

Day 3 Jenna and Alan picked us up late morning and took us to Kildare Village which is an outlet shopping centre about an hour and a half south east of Dublin. They had lots of good designer shops with heaps of bargains, we were there for about 3 1/ 2 hours and barely did half of it. At one stage we nearly drowned as the rain came down in buckets but cleared up and disappeared like it had never happened 20 minutes later! Purchased a new suitcase to replace the one which the wheel melted on during one of our warmer train days and which we abandoned in Strasbourg. Back to the hotel for a quick shower and change before driving to Johnnie Foxes 'the highest pub in Ireland' where we caught up with Andrea ... read more
Johnnie Foxes
Johnnie Foxes
Johnnie Foxes

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin » Dublin June 9th 2017

Flight from Dulles to Dublin was good--great attendants, good food, little turbulence. Sat on the tarmac about 45 minutes but otherwise uneventful. Aer Lingus did a great job. Got our stamp and our luggage! We had a Dublin Pass for the day which included bus into the city for which Mike was very grateful especially after seeing the construction mess in Center City. About 4million people in Ireland and over a quarter of them live in Dublin. Large, old, crowded city. Thousand year old streets and buildings are rarely even or wide and do t have elevators. Found our way to Trinity College, where we stayed the night, stores our luggage and set out to discover Dublin. Took us a few tries to get off campus as it's a gated walled campus and the city construction ... read more
Mike on OConnell Bridge
First Scone
The Long Room

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin » Dublin June 8th 2017

We had to check in to our flight to Dublin at around ten to nine and we were staying Near terminal 1 so needed to get the shuttle to terminal 2, decided we wouldn't have time for breakfast so would grab something at the airport lounge as I had bought passes for ten euro thinking it would be a cheap brekkie each. Check in and the guy at the counter said oh your flight is boarding at 9.40.....what the hell it doesn't leave till 10.50 why would they be boarding it over an hour early??? Oh and your gate is at the other end of the airport so you need to's now about 9.15. Thought stuff that, we walked past the lounge so went in and grabbed a very very quick breakfast, and hurried off ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin » Swords April 20th 2017

Wednesday morning we headed to the airport via the Dublin bus system. As always, the Dublin bus is very reliable (not to be confused a with the Ireland bus system). Our plan is to go to the airport, exchange our currency, board the hotel shuttle and head to the hotel for a 'zero.' This is a day with zero miles hiking. The only fly in this ointment is we forgot to keep out enough money for the hotel shuttle. We had talked about this the night before but before we knew it, we had exchanged our money and had walked the 15 miles (Kathy said it was only a half mile but I swear it was at least two) to the shuttle parking lot. Unwilling to walk back to the airport, we formulated a ruse. We ... read more
The Bishops Personal Chapel
Kathy in the Constables Quarters

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