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Europe » Ireland » County Dublin » Dublin July 9th 2019

Je voyagerai en train d'une ville à l'autre. Dublin est une ville très intéressante et je voudrais rencontrer des gens différents. Les bars et la nourriture sont célèbres et j’essayerai de tout manger. Je visiterai le château de Dublin et le parc Phoenix.... read more
Le Château de Dublin
Le Parc Phoenix.

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin » Dublin June 7th 2019

“Keep love in your heart. A life without it is like a sunless garden”- Oscar Wilde We had the morning in Belfast, as we were taking the train back to Dublin in the afternoon. We woke up quite early (no crazy 8:30 sleep in like yesterday😀). We made coffee in the room, and had some orange juice from the “grab and go” bagged breakfast the Bullitt delivers to your room if you want (we thought we might as well get it, and have it on the train later). We headed down to the hotel restaurant for breakfast. Susan had the vegetarian Irish, and I had poached eggs with smoked salmon on buckwheat pancakes, with avocado. Another very good breakfast. We both had Irish breakfast tea rather than coffee. I’m quite liking the strong Irish breakfast tea. ... read more
Us on the open top bus
Belfast clock tower
Lagan River

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin » Dublin June 3rd 2019

“Your feet will bring you to where your heart is” - Irish proverb We started out the day with a nice breakfast at Anchor House B&B. I had a vegetarian Irish (scrambled eggs, beans, and toast) and Susan had a traditional Irish (egg, ham, sausage, beans, and toast). I had a slice of my favourite, soda bread, and we had coffee and juice. There was also cereals, fruit, and yogurt available. We chatted with a couple from New York at breakfast. I had researched a potential walking tour prior to leaving home, and we decided to do it this morning, so we booked it online after breakfast. It is a Pat Liddy walking tour called ”Dublin Highlights and Hidden Corners.” We left our B&B about 10 ish, so we’d have time to visit the GPO - ... read more
Statue of James Connolly
Me and a friendly Garda outside the GPO
O’Connell Street and the Dublin Spire

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin » Dublin June 2nd 2019

”May your joys be as deep as the oceans, your troubles as light as its foam. And may you find sweet peace of mind, wherever you may roam.” - Irish proverb We started the day with a good breakfast at our B&B in Annascaul. Susan had the mini Irish and I had the vegetarian Irish (fried eggs, beans, and toast). We also had coffee, juice and yogurt. I was very happy because the rain had stopped, and there were even breaks of blue sky. We left Annascaul about 8:30 and began our drive in the beautiful Dingle peninsula. The scenery was really lovely, with green fields alongside the Atlantic Ocean, mostly with small herds of cows. We first stopped at the Torc waterfall, because it gets quite busy in the afternoon and Alex didn’t know if ... read more
Scenery on the drive
The Atlantic Ocean, Dingle Peninsula
Dingle Peninsula

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin » Dublin May 30th 2019

“The most important things to do in the world are to get something to eat, something to drink, and somebody to love you”- Brendan Behan I was lucky enough to be able to celebrate my birthday today with a Guinness, fresh from the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin! We started the day with a very nice breakfast in O’Neill’s. Susan had a full Irish breakfast (egg, back bacon, sausage and white pudding), and I had a vegetarian breakfast (egg, tomatoes, and beans) plus toast. There was also cereals, fruit, yogurt, juice, and soda bread. I really liked the soda bread and look forward to enjoying it during the rest of our time in Ireland. And we had coffee of course, though I may try tea next time as I’ve heard the Irish tea is nice and strong. ... read more
Susan’s full Irish breakfast
Trinity College
Trinity College Campanile

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin » Dublin May 29th 2019

“However long the day, the evening will come.”- Irish Proverb Hello from Dublin! It has been a VERY long day, starting with heading to the Vancouver airport about 9ish yesterday morning. We enjoyed a nice breakfast at the airport, along with mimosas (our favourite way to start holidays, if we are flying in the morning). Our flight to Toronto would have been quite pleasant had it not been for the two small children sitting behind us, who either emitted ear spitting screams, or fairly continually kicked the back of our seats. Sigh. Luckily the flight wasn’t too long, at just over 4 hours. It was quite a new airplane, I think, with the windows that dim instead of the shades that pull down. The entertainment system was good and both of us watched a couple of ... read more
My breakkie - Eggs Benny with smoked salmon
Sculpture at the Vancouver airport
All flights delayed

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin May 26th 2019

Flying to Europe from the East coast is so easy! Flight time is less than six hours, and it can be a direct flight; no long layovers wasting time walking through airports just waiting for the second or third flight to board. One stop when you're at the airport and that's it. Much less stress, and the likelihood of seeing your luggage again is infinitely increased. This must be part of the reason why more people from our part of the world don't visit Asia, or Africa, or China. Long air travel can be nerve-wracking. But going from BOS to DUB was simple, even somewhat enjoyable. My flight left Saturday night and arrived in Dublin early-ish this morning. I even slept a bit on the plane, always a pleasant surprise. My seatmates were quite peacefully friendly; ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin » Dublin April 29th 2019

Day 01 Today we expected to be a long day, since leaving mid-day, and traveling for 14 hours or more, would be tiring, even for young folks. Well, we started on April 29th, going to the airport around noon, and getting to Dublin around noon on April 30th. We switched planes in Frankfurt, to make our final destination in Dublin. The plane ride was on the large Airbus 380. We had a dinner, and a breakfast served. Not much sleep, but some. While not individually plated by a chef in the galley the food did not taste like airplane food that I was accustomed to. We met my brother and his wife at the airport. We coordinated flights to be there close to each other. The initial wait time was going to be around 30 minutes, ... read more
The Oldest Pub in Ireland
Gail and Richard

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin April 14th 2019

We made it! We left Saturday morning at 6. We travelled 9 hours by ca, made it through airline security and boarded a plNe for an overnight flight! We were tired, but arrived at 7 am Dublin time. (Around 2am for you guys) and hit the ground running. The most perilous part of the trip was Craig getting used to driving on the left side of the road in narrow city lanes and traffic, but he did it! Today was the Guinness store house and exploring Dublin. Guinness was a part of Craig’s long time bucket list goals! He loved it! We walked a lot in the city and saw lots of cool stuff! I am typing from my phone today , so I will mainly just post pics for today. Tomorrow we see ode of ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin » Dublin September 23rd 2018

What a lovely day! We woke up gradually, knowing that it was Sunday in ireland and nothing much would happen before 11am. We went to brekkie in La Terraza and found that there were actually thousands of bike riders in the streets outside for the annual Great Dublin Bike Ride. We then retired to the observation lounge and read whilst our suite was being made up. Just after 12 we left the ship and boarded the shuttle for the 10 minute drive to the city centre and explored the streets around Trinity College. We found an Irish Pub (in Ireland!) and went in for lunch. We had Irish stew washed down with a pint of Temple lager, followed by an Irish coffee. We then continued shopping (well, I shopped, Tom carried) until we were ready to ... read more

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