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The winter of 2014 in Dublin was no joke. Being from Chicago I figured I could adapt to the climate, however I came to terms that it was unbearably cold. Dublin was a very quick one day trip, so my apologies for those who expected more on this blog. Upon my arrival trinity college was my first visit, loved the architecture, but I was saddened to find that the library and the book of Kells exhibit was closed due to the holiday season. So off to a pub I went. Along the way I ran into St. Patrick's Cathedral, simply amazing! I've seen some massive churches in my day, but this one takes the crown. Outside from every angle, I tried to squeeze my body into the massiveness of the church when snapping a selfie, but ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin » Dublin August 7th 2015

Hello lovely people! It's hard to believe that this will be the final blog that I write from Scotland. As per my study abroad requirements, I will write one more blog once I am back in the states and attempting to get adjusted, but I think blogs from Scotland are much more fun. I will start by giving you an overview of what my week has been like this past week. I finished my last class Tuesday afternoon and straight after class I went to catch a train with a flatmate, and we were bound for Ireland! Actually, we were bound for Belfast but still "technically" Ireland. Our flight arrived in Belfast around 9 or so and we took a taxi to our lovely little hostel. Given that we were both quite tired, we had a ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin » Dublin August 2nd 2015

Have you ever looked at the clock and thought, there is no way I can be awake at this hour. Well, I had this thought two days in a row. The weekend started on Friday when I flew from London to Dublin, ready to enjoy my last night in Ireland! My roommates and I had an incredible time hitting up our favorite spots one more time. Lemon Crepe and Coffee for dinner, Gino's gelato for dessert, St. Stephen's green to lay in the grass; it was wonderful. We headed back to the apartment to finish packing and then, around 10 o'clock a bunch of friends came over and we celebrated our time in Ireland. It was perfect with great people, music and goodies. We all woke up around 4 in the morning on Saturday to get ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin » Dublin July 24th 2015

The Irish folk really do use the word craic (pronounced crack) a lot and I definitely started using it every day language. Being my last full week in Dublin, I made sure to have a ton of awesome craic every day! At the beginning of the week I met Micah and Salvador at the stop by their work and we went to Phoenix Park. Thankfully the sun cleared up and we were able to walk from the front entrance to the huge cross. There were many bunnies twice as big as American bunnies. The animals here are all a bit larger than back home! We tried to catch one, but none of us were fast or quiet enough. I walked the guys over to the giant cross where we sat at the top of the grass ... read more
Reliving Our Childhood
Last Day at PALS Preschool
Jameson Whiskey Tasting

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin July 17th 2015

Like any classic Monday, I woke up 10 minutes before I was supposed to head out the door for the bus. I'm not too sure how that happened, but I still made it and managed to make some breakfast to go! I wasn't about to let that start to the week determine my weekly fun. Work this week flew by! Many of the children are going to units next school year and therefore, we are encouraging them to get used to new environments by switching up which classroom they are in. Some take to it well, others not so much. Yay for more behavioral therapy! It is amazing to see the children's progress in the short amount of time I've been here. They are very intelligent kiddos that sometimes just need a little bit extra explanation ... read more
Ha'Penny Bridge

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin » Dublin July 12th 2015

Imagine the most boisterous game show host's voice in your head, such as Steve Harvey. Now, read this next part in that voice: Welcome to the game of Druuuunk of Naaaah! Today we are aboard the upper deck of bus 46A towards Phoenix Park. Let's watch our fist contestant. Here he comes walking gracefully up the stairs, BUT WAIT, the bus has begun to move and oh! He wasn't quick enough to grab the handrail and now he tries to bob and weave the corner to swing in to the closest seat. Alright audience, is contestant number one (this is where the audience would yell along with the host...) Drunk or Nah?! The background story to this made up game show is that it is impossible to stand up or walk on the bus. Sometimes your ... read more
Ireland Museum of Modern Art
War Memorial Gardens

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin » Dublin July 12th 2015

We had two nights in Dublin before flying back to Canada so we looked for some accommodation deals. We've been very happy so far with our budget travel using Intervac home exchanges but the hotel costs in-between free home stays can really add up. When we drove the Pacific Coast Highway in the USA last year we were pretty lucky at finding coupon deals for cheap rooms in nice motels and hotels but had been prepared to try out some hostels with private rooms if necessary. We didn't need any hostel stays on that trip but decided to give it a try here, booking two nights at Paddy's Palace . Not only was their private room CHEAP, but if you stay at least two nights you can get one of their day tours for free from ... read more
Dublin Castle
The Priest's House, Glendalough
Round Tower and Celtic Cross gravestone

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin » Blanchardstown July 10th 2015

"Drive faster Mommy." - When a child takes a toy from school and sneaks it into her bag, she tells her mom to drive faster hoping to get away with it. "I want words." - What a child may say after you tell them to use words (instead of sounds or hitting) to get what they want. PALS Preschool has been an absolute joy to be an intern at and every day one of the nuggets says something that makes me laugh. Did you ever watch the show, "Kids Say the Darndest Things" with Bill Cosby? My work reminds me a lot of this show! It is crazy how smart four and five year olds are. They are all sneaky and intelligent in their own ways and don't know any better when they blurt out things. ... read more
Science Gallery

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin » Howth July 5th 2015

Happy July 4th from Ireland! I woke up bright and early, put on my stars and stripes tank top, and checked the forecast which showed nothing but beautiful sunshine all day long! Tim, Cheyenne and I headed down to to the city center to check out the Temple Bar Market. There were many tents filled with books, fresh food, and live music. There is no better way to Independence Day than with good food, great music, and awesome people. We tried some fresh Guinness bread and veggie bruschetta before taking a bus to Phoenix Park. This 2,718 acre park beats anything I've see before. There were people riding horses, children rolling down hills, and people laying out in the endless green fields. We explored the park and found the American Ambassadors Residence which was a giant, ... read more
Pizza Hut

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin » DĂșn Laoghaire July 3rd 2015

The first part of the week was spent in Dun Laoghaire! I flew back to Ireland from Scotland on Sunday and my roommates and I headed out to enjoy the sunshine. Once we were in Dun Laoghaire, we headed over to the Blackrock Market which is held every weekend. People weren't kidding when they said it was huge! There were food vendors, farmers selling fresh crops, live music, artists, and more. We accumulated a variety of snacks and sat by the coast to enjoy the waves crashing on the rocks as we people watched. After a bit, we went to he carnival. It was really cute and probably only for little kids Monday morning I woke up bright and early, and took the first bus back out to Dun Laoghaire. I walked all the way to ... read more
Blackrock Market DunLaoghaire
National Leprechaun Museum
PALS Preschool

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