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Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Santorini August 8th 2011

Before I continue with our amazing stay in Santorini... I need to tell you one more story about our bus tour in Greece. This story is specifically for Cheyenne, Jesse, Amy, Matt, Tyler, Mom, Dad and Rachel and it is about my "but people say these glasses make me look like a movie star"... sunglasses... sigh, my perfect 20$ sunglasses. So despite my attempts to keep my sunglasses only in the safest locations (which meant wearing them the entire flight from Vancouver to Paris), I had them in the seat pocket on the bus and Rob in a mad rush to get to the bathroom before the multitude of people on our tour he raced out of the bus and I was left with my broken sunglasses in hand and a crushed look on my face. ... read more
Hotel Apanemo
Our view
Apanemo hotel

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Santorini » Imerovigli July 26th 2011

Santorini was incredible it was such a beautiful island, what we liked was that it had so much more to it than the other two islands we had visited. It is a huge volcanic island that erupted thousands of years ago and was supposedly one of the largest eruptions the world has ever seen (we debated this as we think that Taupo might take that one out). It is thought that this was the eruption that sunk Atlantis and that Akrotiri (the red beach) is the site of Atlantis They are currently excavating a huge site which is due to open in September (the guide told us however that it was supposed to open in September three years ago). Where we stayed in Imerovigli was at one of the highest points on the caldera and it ... read more
View from Casa Bianca
Profitis Illias

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Santorini July 21st 2011

I was a real little shit the first time I travelled - Not interested in anything, not even a glimpse at one of the worlds most iconic landscapes could change my initial thoughts of overseas travel. My true hatred, my belief was that travel sucked. So when on my first morning I was served up a Greek style Continental breakfast I officially gave up. That was until half a day later I drove around the volcanic remains of the Greek Island Santorini. 16 years on and I returned to look back with fondness of the ungrateful 14 year old little shit that was I. There is a build up of appreciation of what that 1 month with my mum and dad gave me. Within ½ a day I realised that there was life outside of Australia ... read more
2 - Oia the sunset town
3 - the black beach
4 - Red Beach

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Santorini » Fira July 20th 2011

Santorini Greece is on the Aegean sea. The villages of the island, built on tall cliffs, offer a breathtaking view over the submerged volcano. ... read more
White buildings, blue roofs
Village of Oia

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Santorini July 18th 2011

July 12th - 18th Have you ever been on a plane next to a panicked screamer when there is turbulence? Well I was next to four of them. However, when I landed I finally got to see a familiar face from back home, my friend Sarah was waiting at baggage claim for me. We plan to spend the next three weeks traveling Greece and Turkey together, starting in Athens, island hopping over to Turkey and ending in Istanbul. Right before heading to the airport, I looked up a hotel that I had booked weeks earlier and I read some reviews and it turns out it is in a shady neighborhood within Athens. When I booked it, all i looked at was the price and the location, both I thought we were real lucky to get. So ... read more
View from the Parthenon

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Santorini July 17th 2011

July 11 –July 13 Well, let’s just get it out of the way in the beginning and say that Santorini was our least favorite island--by far. Now, don’t get me wrong, it is really and truly beautiful. Full of great unique scenery and fantastic views, it’s just like in all the incredible pictures you’ve seen. If you’re in the area you have to go. That’s just the way it is and it was totally worth it. But just for that reason, because everyone goes, it was less fun than the other places we visited. We got in in the afternoon and were picked up at the port and taken to our hotel. We had booked a private room in a hostel in the beach town of Perissa which really meant that while we checked in at ... read more
Arrival in Oia
At the top of the volcano
Free ouzo after the meal...

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Santorini » Perivolos June 28th 2011

Hey everyone, this is greece... we went to Santorini :) It was beautiful and we had alot of fun! :)... read more
Photo 3
Photo 4
Photo 5

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Santorini June 26th 2011

We overslept on our first full day in Santorini and woke up at 9:15 in a panic. The volcano tour was leaving at 10:15 so we called the owner who made arrangements for a quick breakfast on our terrace and a drive to the port from where we were leaving. Delicious greek yogurt and honey again for breakfast which we relished. We joined the others on the cok and left right on time for the 5 hour tour. It was a beautiful wooden ship that transportated on the high waves to our first stop-the active volcano which was an hour and half from Oia. There were about 100 of us on the tour and our guide who spoke 4 languages met us on the island. She led us on a 40 minute hike up to the ... read more

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Santorini June 26th 2011

We had enjoyed Mykonos more than we had expected too so though we were sad to say good bye, beautiful Santorini was waiting for us. First, we did yoga on our balcony with our focal point being the Med Sea. Then, we enjoyed a delicious breakfast with Greek yogurt and honey that was out of this world in the glass encased room with views of the sea. With some hours to spare, we walked the old town and stumbled upon sites off the tourist path like an elementary school. Can you imagine going to school in paradise? Several hours later and feeling as if we had walked the entire island, we stopped near the harbor from where we were departing for a quick lunch. This is where we had the best olive oil ever. The olive ... read more

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Santorini June 19th 2011

A dream, a conquest an experience. When I dreamt of seeing Santorini I thought it would be one of those places that the post cards made look so good, but in fact it is better than what any post card can depict. When Phil informed me this was the ideal place for the legend of Atlantis I was keen for a look! We flew from Athens to Santorini, staying in Thira, on our last European trip we pre booked bare minimum accommodation, Santorini was one of those places we hadn't pre booked and in the middle of summer expected to have some sort of trouble. The Irish luck was on our side and the campground (at the bottom of the hill) was soon to be our home and soon to known as the 'Dust Bowl'. Santorini ... read more
Fruit Stairs

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