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Europe » Greece » Central Macedonia » Thessaloniki November 9th 2014

THESSALONIKI. November 8/9, 2014. Rain, Overcast, cold. The train left promptly. We had settled in for the 3 hours. Then about 45 mins later there was a Greek announcement. Everyone else but us, got up, got down their bags and made for the door. Found an english speaker who told us there was a train change. No advice when booking! Arrived in T, the second city of Greece, at a very small station not indicative of a second city. Lined up for a taxi, with the homeless, before deciding to go searching in the rain for a taxi. Northern Greece looks to have been hit hard by the financial dramas. Huge youth unemployment must be very demoralising, evidenced by the chronic graffiti. Sat around most of Saturday afternoon due to the constant drizzle. Sunday was much ... read more

Europe » Greece » Central Macedonia » Thessaloniki July 26th 2014

Final stop on my itinerary. I rented a place on airbnb that someone in Skopje had recommended. First airbnb this trip, as most cities had nothing much to offer in this part of the world. It was great - I rented a room and got the whole place because the woman renting the room went on vacation the evening of the day I arrived. Awesome! The town itself, though, was less awesome than I expected. It's kind of ugly, but it does have cool ancient sites right in the middle of town to visit. And some good museums. And a TGIFridays that I might have eaten at. Twice. It was so sunny and so hot, it was almost too much. I could have taken a bus into the downtown, but chose to walk 30 min in ... read more
The white tower
The white tower
White tower

Europe » Greece » Central Macedonia » Thessaloniki May 9th 2014

Bei näherem Hinschauen waren die Schwäne auf dem See vor dem Hotel Pelikane (aber ohne den Pelikan-Füller). Erster Teil des langen Tages: auf kleinen Bergstraßen durch entlegene Dörfer, malerisch, wunderschön. Temperatur von 16 ° bis 10 ° oben auf den Bergen. In der Umgebung von Kastoria gibt es offenbar Bären, auch wenn ich keinen gesehen habe. Aber es gibt an den Straßen Schilder und die Autobahn ist bärensicher eingezäunt. Dann 400 km Autobahn: wieder ganz neu und wieder leer. Ich hätte mir ja gleich dennken können, dass ich auch hier eine Autobahn finanziert habe. Die hier hat mir aber insofern richtig gut gefallen, als sie Kilometer lang an den Seiten mit dicken, blühenden Ginsterbüschen bewachsen war, die wunderbar dufteten. Ich konnte mir richtig die Massen an Bienen vorstellen, die hier an der Arbeit waren und einen ... read more

Europe » Greece » Central Macedonia » Thessaloniki November 20th 2013

When searching for flights, there are three factors in play - price, destination, and date. Usually, you can specify two of the three factors. In order to find cheap flights for example, you are able to choose the destination OR the date. In this case, we were limited to traveling during a mandatory vacation, and so the destination was ‘whatever came about’. In fact, I had no idea where Thessaloniki was on a map, but quickly found out that there is quite a bit of history and culture in the second largest city in Greece. Flying in on Aegean Airlines (quite an experience in itself), we passed by Mount Olympus, which conjured screams of excitement from our kids. Reading legends of grandeur and the Greek gods (even the Percy Jackson series) in preparation for the trip ... read more
Walking the old city wall
Crypt of St. Demetrius
Beautiful Byzantine Churches

Europe » Greece » Central Macedonia » Thessaloniki » Perea September 19th 2013

Thessaloniki and Northern Chalkidiki - Day 12 Thursday 19th September So after 10 days of self guiding ourselves around mainland Greece, Glyn an I felt no shame at paying €2 each to go on the 'Hop on' Tour of Thessaloniki bus this morning. It took about 50 minutes, whilst the guide talked about Byzantine stuff, mosaics and a statue of some guy on his house.... or so I thought, in fact he said he was on his horse. The bus was pretty empty and the guide kept making us look at photos of mosaics on the screen above his head when I was quite happily staring out the window having a bit of a day dream. Had I come to Thessaloniki on day 1, all the Byzantine Churches, random bits of falling down Roman walls and ... read more
Kittens at Bar Kyma
Our sort of secluded beach

Europe » Greece » Central Macedonia » Thessaloniki » Perea September 18th 2013

Mount Olympus to Thesssaloniki - Day 11 Wednesday 18th September I'd set the alarm for 6.30am as we had a mountain to climb, but bed was so comfy that I didn't get up quite that early. After breakfast and telling our hotelier, Alex, that we'd left the key in the door as he shouted goodbye to us from his room, we were on our way. I drove us just under 10 miles to Prionia, the place you can drive closest to the top of the mountain and parked up. It was just after 9am and eerily silent with just a handful of cars, one grotty squat loo, a closed cafe and a couple of guys organising bits of lumber. The only sounds were barking dogs and the ringing of bells on the collars of a pack ... read more
Glyn enjoying the walk up Mount Olympus
The Gods farting

Europe » Greece » Central Macedonia » Thessaloniki June 1st 2013

Gelato now seems to be a thing of the past but I will report again once we reach gelato area again. Breakfast this morning was included in our room rate and a very good Greek style breakfast it was too with creamy yogurt and a half cooked peach,egg,salami,beetroot etc. The day was fine and sunny and it had the feeling it was going to get very warm as the day progressed. The unusual sandstone 'hills'were formed 60 million years ago and are quite extraordinary as we have seen nothing else like them in our travels around Greece either this time or before. What is more remarkable about this World Heritage site is that on the tops of the 'hills' six monasteries have been built to follow the teachings of the Greek Orthodox church.The first was built ... read more
The pillars of Metora at sunset
The sandstone pillars at sunrise,Meteora
A little later after sunrise.Note the line of stones in the sandstone face

Europe » Greece » Central Macedonia » Thessaloniki May 8th 2013

We left sad to leave the rolling hills and sadder to say goodbye to the engaging people we had met in Serbıa but also excited to be heading towards the sea, which we both hadn't seen in well over a year. On the bus leaving Plananıcıa we met Soran, we enjoyed sharing stories and he recently sent us an inspiring poem describing our meeting. We arrived in Nisa few hours later and started investigating how we would get to Greece. There were two trains leaving early the next morning. One to Skopje, Macedonıa and the other to Sofıa, Bulgarıa but still we had no idea if we could easily get to Greece from either of those places. Erıc had a gut feeling that Sofıa would be our best bet so at 2am we boarded a very ... read more

Europe » Greece » Central Macedonia » Thessaloniki » Perea March 6th 2012

24th Feb Mama’s jonquils are starting to come out and we noticed some blossoms on the almond tree en route to the street market this morning. But the temperatures are still winter like. Sat 25th Feb We get up at 4.30am to catch a taxi to Salonika for our 3 day trip to Patra and Nafplion and leave the CBD at 6.30am. There are 33 people on the tour bus. We stop at the towns of Tempe and Lamir for toilet stops and then drive to Corinth down near the Pelopannese and get there around 3pm. We stop and have something to eat near the Isthmus Canal. There were 2 big restaurants closed near Isthmus Canal, and the same near Tempe. Perhaps the people are not travelling by bus or car as much, and the restaurants ... read more
Corinth Canal
Pruned trees near Corinth Canal
Gum trees lining road

Europe » Greece » Central Macedonia » Thessaloniki » Perea February 11th 2012

Wednesday 1st Feb A white cat was sitting on the pergola, waiting for some little birds to come along and eat the left over grapes still on the vine. Except I went out with a wooden pole and sent him on his way. Thursday 2nd Feb We went to Athens on the Train at 10am today and got to Athens at 6pm. The trip was supposed to take 5.5 hours, but with nearly snow all the way to Athens, had to get new train loco to clear tracks, etc. So an 8 hour trip. There was actually snow covering everything when we left Perea at 7am to catch the bus to take us to the railway station. Looked lovely, and we were the first ones to walk on it- amazingly no cars had driven in it.Apparently ... read more
Our hot house, Perea
Kiosk roof with snow
Litchohori Railway Station

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