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Anima - Glen Ellyn Children

Anima means breath, life, soul, spirit and mind and reflects our mission to provide experiences of excellence through choral singing, which enliven and shape young lives.

Anima - Glen Ellyn Children's Chorus is a world class youth choral organization, founded in 1964, which is internationally renowned for the quality of choral education and performance it provides. Anima welcomes young people from Kindergarten through High School in various ensemble programs.

The heart and soul of the program is the extraordinary choral sound which is developed in a nurturing, communal atmosphere with a group of other young people who love to sing.

Europe » Greece July 8th 2018

What an amazing day. Guessing most of us will still have this on our bucket list for a return trip some day. We cruised. We shopped. We ate pistachio gelato We shopped. We swam. We shopped. We have now crammed in all our new things into our bags. Taking a 3 hour nap. Then off to the airport for our flights home. Signing off until the next tour. ... read more

Europe » Greece » Attica » Athens July 7th 2018

Today we climbed the Acropolis to stand in awe of the Parthenon. Spectacular. On so many bucket lists. These kids can check that and so many other things off. What a wonderful world. It was hot. HOT. Water water water. Worth every step. ... read more

Europe » Greece July 6th 2018

Stunning performance under the stars tonight. Very mesningful to our singers: actually singing "Stars Tonight" under the stars. One last performance on tour. One last tour with EE. One last performance for our seniors. One last tour for our rising seniors. Plenty of tears - of bittersweet joy. Lots of emotion. And all this after a day exploring the ruins of Delphi. The Oracle has spoken. Morning will come soon. Ah, sleep. ... read more

Europe July 5th 2018

Was not able to post last night - poor internet connection after a wonderful concert. A full house to hear our singers. Afterwards our two US choirs socialized with a local Greek youth choir who sang with us over pizza. Lots of laughing and smiles. It was hard to say goodbye. With a short night of sleep we departed Kalambaka this morning. After a history lesson on the Greek Persian war of 480BC we headed to a fun beach club for swimming and lunch. It was awesome. And then some. We are now tucked in to our hotel in Itea. Dinner on the water front. Rehearsal up the mountain in Delphi. We get to go up and down the switchbacks two more times tomorrow. What a view. So on we go... Loving every day of tour ... read more

Europe » Greece » Central Macedonia » Thessaloniki July 2nd 2018

Spectacular concert. What a memorable evening of music led by Emily Ellsworth with Anima,, Sarasota, and two Greek choirs. Sharing the stage, making music together is powerful. The house was packed. The audience included a group of kids from Village Philyros. What a wonderful reunion afterwards. We started our day at the pool with swimming and a a Greek pizza party. Oh what a day we have had. Packing and progress. ... read more

Europe » Greece » Central Macedonia » Thessaloniki July 1st 2018

It was quite a day visiting the Children's Village of Philyros. We learned about the orphanage and sang a fun song for them. Then we found a common song- everyone knows "if you're happy and you know it , clap your hands". We all then put a fresh coat of paint on the playground equipment. Lots of red, blue, and yellow paint applied and also on on our appendages It was a spectacular experience. Some sightseeing. Plenty of good Greek food and water. And a rehearsal with all the festival choirs Sleep will feel very good tonight ... read more

Europe » Greece » Central Macedonia » Thessaloniki June 30th 2018

Two rehearsals were bookends to a wonderful day here in Thessaloniki. Breakfast was quite fantastic. Everything anyone could ask for from eggs to crepes to 10% Greek yoghurt. Breads and sweets and fruit and yes Dolmades and many other Greek traditional foods Morning rehearsal brought our Greek choir friends to join us and Sarasota Young Voices We walked to a charming square for lunch. Many great looking plates of food consumed at outdoor cafes. A trip to the Byzantine Museum (the history of early Greece) was very interesting with enthusiastic guides. And then- dinner. Greek porkchops with ice cream for dessert before returning for another rehearsal to end the day All in all a good day in Greece. Now for some sleep! ... read more

Europe June 29th 2018

It was a long trip. We have arrived. Tired and happy. A wonderful Grrek buffet for dinner. As much rich creamy tzatzuki as anyone could want. All the favs and then some. Met our friends from Sarasota Young Voices. And finally some fresh air on the rooftop deck. It's a good start to a wonderful tour ... read more

North America » United States » Illinois » Glen Ellyn June 11th 2018

Welcome to our Anima Greek Odyssey Travel Blog. We will post as often as we can - usually each evening - which means you will see it the following morning when you wake. Please do not worry if we don't post. We will be dependent on a good internet connection and the ability to stay awake long enough to do so. We will also use Remind 101 that is an internet based system that will feed into your text messages. Pictures - no problem. Video when possible. Feel free to forward this blog link to anyone you wish. One family email will be on the list. Leslie Morgan... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin » Dublin July 6th 2016

There was an overflowing audience at St Patrick's Cathedral tonight for the festival concert. We made many new friends in all the choirs. It was difficult to say goodbye. We are packed and trying to sleep before our 5 am wake up for our flight home. See everyone soon. ... read more

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