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Europe » Greece » Attica » Athens June 25th 2015

Of course you know I have been home now for almost two months. But I'm still trying to finish some of the highlights of my Turkey/ Greece trip. Because of all the angst going on in the Eurozone over Greece, I've been asked several times if I saw any unrest or heard anything about the situation. The short answer is no. Our guides told us that the unemployment rate is very high, that public education is not very good and that some schools had to close because salaries couldn't be paid. They also said that the Greeks don't like to pay taxes ... as if any of us do... So they have become experts at getting around the system - particularly the weathly.... hmmm , that sounds familiar. There are no local taxes only federal. They ... read more

Europe » Greece » Attica June 4th 2015

Hi, after the usual airport waiting and too long in the air we arrived about an hour late yesterday. Athens is in part no surprise but for the capital seems a bit bit tried and in need of a lot of capital spending in public and private infrastructure. Both flights were full, service from to Brisbane to Dubai was ordinary and the Dubai to Athens leg was great. Driver we arranged was at the exit and we were into our very central Hotel in no time, bit plain but OK. Walked the streets until dark including having dinner out doors on the corner of a lane. Mary had an ice cream and then a waffle for tea. I went for my usual soup and meat. Give the waiter the gluten free story in Greek that we ... read more

Europe » Greece » Attica » Athens May 30th 2015

As of writing this it is Saturday, 30 May. While I will be overseas for the summer as part of my study abroad element to my degree I chose to visit Athens for a brief two-day trip. I arrived in the evening on Thursday, 28 May. In order to reach my hotel in central Athens I hopped on the Metro at Eleftherios Venizelos Airport to the Monastiraki area of the city. The ride from the airport to this area was approximately 35-40 minutes. One of the most fascinating features of Athens in my opinion is its topography: soft green mountains fill the horizon in many directions from the city. Areas around central Athens are hilly so naturally many streets are quite windy without uniformity or symmetry. My two-full days, Friday and Saturday, were spent exploring the ... read more
Roman Agora
Church of the Metamorphosis
Lycabetus Hill from the Acropolis

Europe » Greece » Attica » Athens » Pláka April 23rd 2015

We got into Athens late on Easter Sunday. We were a little worried that nothing would be opened on Monday but luckily there was a lot to do, just with limited hours. The weather was beautiful as we walked from our hotel to the Panathenaic Stadium. The city was the same as I remembered - grey, dirty, and graffitied, but the big marble stadium looked beautiful as we approached. The entrance included an audio guide so we grabbed one and started off on our Olympic tour. We walked the perimeter before heading into the Athlete's tunnel towards the hall filled with Olympic torches and posters of many of the past Olympic competitions. A quick mini race on the track and hike up to the top of the stairs and we were on our way to the ... read more
Athlete's entrance to the stadium
Changing of the guards

Europe » Greece » Attica » Athens April 6th 2015

Finally somewhere sunny! After ten weeks in the Netherlands and travelling though Northern Europe, we headed south to the Mediterranean for Easter. +15 Celsius - Sunny Skies - light breezes - fantastic :D The locals probably thought we were a little weird, since we were in T-Shirts and they were in full winter jackets. Lots of pictures this time, so take a look through. The general order is: The Acropolis Hill The Agora Parliament Ruins Mount Lykabetus National Museum of Archeology Panoramas of all of the above Cheers, Joel... read more

Europe » Greece » Attica » Hydra January 13th 2015

Somehow I never found time and / or had telecoms difficulties to write about my travels in the latter half of 2014 and some folks might have thought I had given up and handed in my passport - of course not !! So urged by some friends and followers to catch up I find I have some time ( I am actually having a month in Dubai) and a new iPad so no excuse now. I did not intend to fill up the year with trips but they just seemed to happen - there was a glorious English summertime in July and August and lots of visitors kept me amused enjoying the delights of Sussex. Then September rolled in and I was off to the Greek island of Agistri a one hour ferry hop from Piraeus. ... read more
Shopping in the Plaka district

Europe » Greece » Attica » Athens December 18th 2014

After waking up early to make it to my red-eye flight, I arrived at the Rome Ciampino airport to depart for Athens. I arrived in Athens a bit early, and made my way to the metro which departed from the airport. After having a bit of a hard time figuring out which line I needed, I was able to figure out which platform my train departed from and it was waiting on the platform when I finally arrived. I took the metro, which took about an hour, into Monastiraki which was a square near the hostel I was staying at. I walked to the hostel, which was a bit hard to find since my directions were in English and all of the street signs were in Greek. Once I arrived at the hostel, I dumped my ... read more
Ancient Greek Theatre
Nighttime Acropolis

Europe » Greece » Attica » Athens November 2nd 2014

October 28th was our last full day in Greece. Deke continued to convalesce at the Electra Palace Hotel (not easy to be convalescing in a hotel room on one’s vacation after breaking a bone). Deke and I found out that October 28this a holiday in Greece. From what a couple of Athenians told me, it was the day at the beginning of World War II wherein officials from Italy asked Greece to turn over some land. Greek officials proclaimed a resounding “no,” and Greeks continue to celebrate the bravery exhibited on this day. There was a parade in the morning, which I was not able to attend. I was able to get out for a bit later and walk through The National Gardens not far from the hotel. I found The National Gardens akin to Central ... read more
National Gardens 035
National Gardens 028
National Gardens 055

Europe » Greece » Attica » Athens October 28th 2014

Last night, we had another hotel visit from an orthopedist to follow-up on Deke’s condition and ability to travel. We have been very impressed with the willingness of medical professionals to attend to a patient in the hotel room. We have found our travel insurance to be critical in handling this situation. Deke didn’t feel well in the morning so I waited until afternoon to take a short tour of Athens via bus (a hop-on hop-off bus which stops at Athens destinations). Unfortunately, I didn’t take any pics on the tour because I never got off the bus because I needed to get back to Deke. It was cold in Athens with highs in the 50s. I was impressed with several Athenian buildings. The University of Athens is beautiful! Now there’s what a University should look ... read more
Acropolis from Hotel Roof 2
Maiden from Greek Picture in our Room
Electra Palace Hotel Lobby 2

Europe » Greece » Attica » Athens October 27th 2014

Deke continues to hopefully heal in the Electra Palace Hotel. The poor man is splinted and ready to go home; we depart for Salt Lake City in a couple of days. Deke encouraged me to get to the Acropolis since it is so near. As I began my ascent up the hill, I felt a heavy sadness. My husband, with whom I came to celebrate our anniversary, was in the hotel room with a fractured patella; there was no seeing the Acropolis up close together. I have no Aristotle quote today; I guess that I am grumpy. I took a lot of photographs; I hope that you enjoy them. Yasas, Monique... read more
Parthenon 4
Athens Sky
Acropolis 038

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