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Europe » Greece » Attica » Athens » Pláka February 23rd 2019

On my last day in Greece, I took a one-day cruise from Athens to Hydra, Poros, and Aegina. After four days of climbing and trekking through temples, I figured a day on the water would be a nice way to end the week. About mid-way to our first stop of Hydra, we were invited to the dining hall for a demonstration and lesson of traditional Greek dancing. I enjoyed watching the volunteers take part in the learning. An Australian woman talked me in to participating – she twisted my rubber arm to do it. It was so much fun even if I was the only one who fell. We arrived into the port in Hydra. Other than motorized vehicles for garbage pick-up, there are no other vehicles on the island. It was a casual spot where ... read more

Europe » Greece » Attica » Athens February 11th 2019

Cestovna horucka pokracuje aj noc pred odletom. Prakticku cely tyzden poriadne nespim, mam taky divny pocit z tejto cesty. Nieco podobne sa mi tusim este pred ziadnou cestu nestalo. Rano moj odvoz na zel.stanicu zaspal ale vlak stiham v pohode. V galante menim osobak za rychlik. Ten riadne napraskany (je rano a pondelok). Vdaka blbosti ludi sa mi uchadza miesto v kupecku. Boli tu volne 3miesta ale nik z ludi co stali v ulicke si tam nesadol. Fakt nepochopim zmyslanie ludi. V ba na ubohej hlavnej stanici tiez kopa ludi. Listok na mhd kupeny v pohode, 61tka prisla za 15min. Ta tez narvana ale cestou sa to vyprazdnovalo. Pred letiskom hliadkujuci policajti. Kedze som mal este tekute zasoby (nealko dzuse) ranajkovanie pred security. V batohu objavene navyse 2zemle. To ma dost nasralo, bo som sa tesil ... read more

Europe » Greece » Attica » Athens November 3rd 2018

Today I saw the rest of the sights in Athens that I wanted to return to (after my initial visit here in 2012). I started at the National Archeological Museum where I concentrated on the displays dealing with the ancient Mycenaean civilization. I hope to visit the actual Mycenae site at some point and I was pleased to find a scale model of the hilltop fortress/city at the museum today. After the museum, I headed out to the Plaka section of Athens. It is an area of narrow streets, mostly pedestrianized, where little shops sell everything under the sun. There were big crowds there today, maybe more so because it is a Saturday. I had lunch at an outdoor table with a great Acropolis view. And then I walked up there. It is a substantial uphill ... read more

Europe » Greece » Attica » Athens November 2nd 2018

I am now in Athens, Greece. I spent much of the day yesterday in airports or airplanes. The flight from Dubai to Athens is over five hours, but I was comfortable in my Emirates business class seat. I checked into the hotel and went out to dinner fairly soon after that. I went to a place near the Acropolis Museum and had Greek vegetarian food that was delicious and inexpensive and I don’t know the names of any of it. Then I spent the rest of the evening in the Acropolis Museum, which is open until 10pm on Fridays. I wasn’t there quite that late but I got to see statuary, metopes, friezes, scale models, and explanatory signs. I found it all quite interesting and, to top it off, the Acropolis itself was lit up and ... read more

Europe » Greece » Attica » Athens September 20th 2018

What is it that keeps us from falling in love? Is it just our initial judgment of looks? Maybe just a needed haircut or a couple fewer tattoos would have made a difference. Is it just a bad first impression? Perhaps it's just a little too loud or the crowds of people that seem to always be hanging around. Was it just too soon after a previous affair that you weren't quite over? Maybe you just couldn't stop comparing to that recent favored love. Was it just the season? Were you so burnt by the summer heat that you just couldn't motivate yourself to see beyond the obvious exterior characteristics? Perhaps it is was just bad timing. You just weren't ready to start a new relationship. Perhaps it is actually something within your own self. You ... read more
Acropolis- Athens, Greece
Roman Agora

Europe » Greece » Attica » Voula September 20th 2018

Hotel karagiani-Volos-Grecia Dupa atatea muzee ne trebuia si o relaxare si unde altfel decat la marea albastra, cristalina in alta parte a Greciei ca avem de unde alege. Asa ca un un pic de mare nu strica, un pic de balageala e binevenita. Am ales hotel Karagiani in Nees Pagases 52 euro, aproape de Volo, un oras linistit.... read more
interior camera
interior camera
plaja linistita

Europe » Greece » Attica » Voula September 19th 2018

Unde poate fi cat mai aproape? In grecia pe marginea golfului Pagastic. Oras linistit, oras port, statiune balneara. Am poposit la Vila Orion, imensa, cu gradina-terasa, perfect pentru un mic dejun, camera mare, curata, cu balcon, vedere... read more
terasa pentru mic dejun
interior camera

Europe » Greece » Attica » Athens September 16th 2018

Inca o capitala care s-a lasat asteptata in descoperirea valorilor- Atena. Locul unde se impleteste arheologia. Locul elementelor grecesti si a oratoriei. E de inteles la ce peisaje si clima au. Am ales Hotelul Nestorion, 3 zile, pret 50euro, locatia buna, TV plasma, AC, wifi perfect, parcare in fata hotelului, camera spatioasa, aproape de mijloacele de transport.... read more
interior camera
interior camera

Europe » Greece » Attica » Athens July 16th 2018

Day 22 - Below and Above Ground We were able to get our airport transfer to swing by the caves on the way to the airport so we planned to leave Athens after lunch. We filled our morning with one more set of ruins and a bit of shopping. The Temple of Hephaestus was part of an area called the Ancient Agora. This area shows evidence of habitation as early as 2000 BC. The temple was one of the most complete temples found in Athens. It makes sense that the Greek god of the forge and engineering had a pretty sturdy temple. It also helps that it was turned into a church at one point. The area below the temple was a big meeting place for locals and was where citizens could go to view decrees ... read more
Impressive Columns
The Symmetry

Europe » Greece » Attica » Athens » Pláka July 15th 2018

Day 21 - The Acropolis and Filopappou Hill (and points in between) Our plan was to get to the gates of the Acropolis early to avoid the worst of both the heat and the crowds. We also entered from the eastern gate, the one not used by all the tour companies. This took us past many of the sites lower on the hill such as the Theatre of Dionysus, several temples, caves that had been turned into churches, the work sites of various craftsmen, and a roman era theater that is still used today. We finally made it to the gates of the Acropolis and walked up the marble steps to the summit. We were able to see the Parthenon, the temple to Athena Nike, and many other smaller temples on the summit. The whole area ... read more
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