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Europe » Greece » Attica » Athens October 24th 2014

It was our last day at the Astra Suites hotel; I kept looking out the window so I wouldn’t forget the beautiful view before us. The time went far too quickly in Santorini. At Astra Suites, we were in one of the units closest to the Aegean and to the ever-present Skaros. Because we were so close to the sea, our room would get a bit humid. Deke could never get used to it, but didn’t want to move to a unit higher up on the hill of our hotel because the accommodations were so good; we had a large room. I asked Anne Marie, one of the concierges, if there were units available that were possibly available for my parents—where the guests didn’t have to walk so many stairs. Anne Marie told me that they ... read more
Arriving in Athens 014
At the Santorini Airport
Sunset Near the Acropolis

Europe » Greece » Attica » Athens September 12th 2014

Well, here I am and I'm actually at home in NZ now. We arrived home a few days ago, Di with a bad cold and both of us jet lagged. So just been getting back into the swing of things and getting our feet back on the ground. I would have done a blog earlier but as my lap top decided to go on a little adventure by its self. and it has only deemed it necessary to return to me yesterday, I couldn't. Di and I left Athens and flew to Heathrow, London, and while on the tube shuttle between terminals 2 and 5, I discovered that I didn't have my lap top anymore. {Sudden Exclamation, actually several of them}. Silly me. The security at Athens was very demanding and when picking everything up out ... read more
Iced Coffee.
Good Food.

Europe » Greece » Attica » Athens September 6th 2014

I don't like to leave a day out when travel blogging but there's not so much to write about our final day. We flew out Kos at 6.30am to Athens where we had almost a day to spend there. The thing was that we'd spent three days in Athens only last year and had already seen the big stuff and previously wandered around many of the streets. Had I planned in advanced, I would have booked us on the Alternative Athens Graffiti tour, but trying to book on the way there was leaving it too late, they did respond at least but were booked up. We had also hoped to research online from Kos about things to do that we hadn't before but our hotel wifi didn't work. Having gotten up at 4am we were tired ... read more
Wild tortoise in Church grounds near Cemetery.
Flea market Monastiraki
Cafe cat steals chair

Europe » Greece » Attica » Athens » Pláka September 4th 2014

The journey from Perth to Athens takes 24 hours with a 7 hour stopover in Doha. We were greeted in Athens by a warm young lady with a happy welcome to Athens communicating confidence that ‘everything has been taken care of’ for the transfer to the Palace Electra Hotel. It was close to dusk and just time for a quick walk through the narrow streets and laneways around the hotel before it was time to call it a day and catch up on much needed sleep. Two glorious days of shopping and revisiting favourite locations from our previous trip to Athens called us to wakefulness well before the early sunrise. I discovered that I needed to adjust to the rhythm of Athens. Forget early morning gym and swim – these open at 9:00am. Breakfast is a ... read more
Close Up Changing of the Guards
Changing of the Guards
First Outing with my New Hat

Europe » Greece » Attica » Athens » Pláka August 22nd 2014

Greece Wednesday 23rd July Up early this morning and Keith very kindly dropped us off at the harbour in Fethiye so we could get our water skiing boat across to Rhodes. The 'Flying Poseidon' took about 90 minutes to cross the water between Fethiye and Rhodes Town. We disembarked the boat and headed off with rucksack into Rhodes town where we got breakfast and a cold drink whilst working out where the bus station was! After sussing this out we headed over to the bus station and grabbed a bus to Archangelos where we would be staying for a week, its a small sleepy laid back town on the southern coast of Rhodes about 50 minutes bus ride from Rhodes Town! Unfortunately we had the pleasure of going through Faliraki to get there! delightful.... After all ... read more
Courtyard at Archeological Museum Rhodes

Europe » Greece » Attica » Athens August 18th 2014

First of all I would like to apologize for the corny title, but I simply couldn't resist. Secondly, I know it's been a while since I posted, but I want to write about Greece all in one go! Our first stop in Greece was on the island of Rhodes at a hotel called Vivian studios. It was a decent hotel, made up of different kind of rooms. Privates, dorms, apartments etc... We stayed in a four bed dorm. The room were very plain, the kitchen was sparse and it was very very hot at night. But it was also quite cheap, so value for money it wasn't all that bad. Additionally, Vivian and her mother go to all lengths to accommodate you and make you feel welcome. They are very kind people. Every morning her mother ... read more

Europe » Greece » Attica » Athens August 14th 2014

It was after midnight on our last night in Athens and we had just left our new 'favourite' restaurant for the second night in a row, where my lovely husband had found his new love - Greek food!! He was in his happy place again, savouring new tastes and textures ..seriously. Yiasou! We are very fortunate to visit Greece with a Greek, he knows the best places to go, where and what to eat and he speaks the language! Otherwise the title of this post would have been 'it's all Greek to me'! We arrived in Athens at lunchtime and immediately set off to find something to eat! We found a little taverna, it felt like we were in a Greek village, not a capital city. George and Jen quickly took control ordering our food for ... read more
A Greek feast
The Parthenon
Remains of the temple of Zeus

Europe » Greece » Attica » Athens » Pláka August 12th 2014

Today we are in Athens. The city is about 5million people, roughly the Ame size as Dallas. Nalynn and I took the climb up to the Parthenon. It was a tough climb over slippery marble, but well worth the effort. I also climbed the hill where Paul preached to the Athenians in Acts 17. Attached are a few pictures of the day.... read more

Europe » Greece » Attica » Athens July 19th 2014

Dernière journée sur l’eau. On n’est pas très pressé de rentrer mais il le faut bien. Nous repassons au même endroit où nous avions vu les dauphins la veille; nous surveillons l’horizon avec attention mais rien. Tout à coup, un peu plus loin, on en aperçoit un qui approche. Il remonte à la surface 2-3 fois près du bateau pour respirer, puis disparait. J’ai un drôle d’impression mais je la garde pour moi. Quelques secondes après Pascale dit : «on dirait qu’il vient de nous dire au revoir». Exactement ce à quoi je venais de penser ! Avant de replonger pour la dernière fois, il s’est retourné sur le coté et a sorti sa nageoire. D’accord, il y avait peut-être un peu d’imagination de notre part mais bon, un peu de fantaisie fait toujours du bien ... read more
De retour à Athènes

Europe » Greece » Attica » Hydra July 15th 2014

Nous prenons le ferry à 9h00 en direction de Hydra. Mario est bien content; notre bateau est l’un des hydroglisseurs qui nous ont si souvent dépassé lorsque nous étions à voile. Hydra est une très belle ville sans aucun véhicule moteur. Tel que décrit dans les guides touristiques, des mulets sont disponibles pour se promener dans la ville. Une fois sur place, on se rend compte que c’est plutôt une attrape; 10 euros pour faire le tour du pâté de maison avec le guide qui tient le mulet en laisse ! On préfère se promener à pied et découvrir l’arrière ville. Les petites rues blanches qui offfrent des surprises à chaque intersection. Quand au port, il est tel qu’on nous l’a décrit : complètement bondé, les bateaux y sont même amarrés sur 2 rangées ! À ... read more
Les ânes de Hydra
Le port de pêche
Des nuages !!!

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