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Europe » Greece » Attica » Poros July 14th 2014

La météo étant favorable, nous traversons vers le golf Saronique question aussi de se rapprocher d’Athènes et de ne pas se faire prendre par la météo à quelques jours du retour. Ayant entendu beaucoup de bons commentaires sur l’ile de Hydra, nous aurions aimé la visiter. Toutefois, tous nous ont déconseillé de s’y rendre avec nos voiliers; un peu comme pour Santorin, le port est petit, toujours bondé et les alternatives difficiles. Nous décidons donc de retourner à Poros pour y prendre le traversier demain en direction de Hydra. Aujourd’hui, le vent nous permet de faire une grande partie du trajet à voile. Mario et Daniel en sont bien contents. En passant près de la ville de Sounion, nous admirons un temple dédié à Poséidon situé au sommet d’une pointe rocheuse. Après 7 heures de navigation, ... read more
De retour à Poros

Europe » Greece » Attica » Poros July 1st 2014

Nous nous sommes fait attaquer par les maringouins cette nuit. Mario a même décidé de terminer la nuit dans le cockpit. Ce matin, malgré nos efforts pour les éviter durant la nuit, nous en écrasons des dizaines qui nous ont piqué et comptons nos piqûres ;-) Au levé, nous allons visiter le petit village de Égine. C’est notre premier amarrage à la méditéranéenne que nous réussissons avec brio. Nous arrêtons acheter des pistaches, spécialité de l’ile. Nous voulons visiter les ruines d’un temple dédié à Apollon mais il est malheureusement fermé le lundi. Zut, nous nous contenterons de l’admirer de loin. Lorsque nous décidons de quitter l’ile, nous découvrons que notre ancre s’est emmêlée avec celle d’un bateau voisin qui est elle-même prise avec celle d’un troisième bateau. Ouf ! Heureusement, Daniel était là avec son ... read more
Ruines d'un temple d'Apollon
Rue d'Égine

Europe » Greece » Attica » Poros September 7th 2013

After spending 5 days in Athens wandering around the sights, taking in the 37 degree heat and even exploring the city on Segways we found ourselves aboard a hydrofoil to Poros in order to begin a weeks sailing trip. Half way across the sea Tim turned to me and said, “Where are the passports?” We both looked at each other in horror and realized that our passports were in fact still in the hotel safe back in Athens… Thankfully after a few phone calls the passports were retrieved and we were told we could collect them from the hotel on our return to Athens in a week’s time – phew! Arriving at Poros we wandered along the bay gazing at the boats bobbing up and down to the gentle breeze. We came across a small kiosk ... read more
View over Athens
Ancient Acropolis
Acropolis at night

Europe » Greece » Attica » Poros June 12th 2013

The most recent Mama Mia movie inspired me to travel to Greece. Maybe inspired isn’t the right word here, more along the lines of started a small spark of intrigue that turned into a massive raging fire of longing by the end of the movie. I’m not sure what it was about this country that drew me in. Maybe it was the likeness to New Zealand. Maybe it was the atmosphere portrayed in the movie. Maybe it was Meryl Streep. Either way, for some reason I led myself to believe I would find true love on a Greek island, have a beautiful summer fling, and feed each other olives and dance on the sand in the moonlight. For this reason I put ‘sailing in Greece’ at the top of my bucket list. Greece for the above ... read more

Europe » Greece » Attica » Poros May 2nd 2012

Joy oh joy! Poros. we love it and it forgives Athens many many sins! Pireaus however just dragged our opinion of Greece further, so many people begging, I'm glad I can't understand much Greek, so what people are telling me must flows over me, from 80 to 8 I saw all ages begging in the streets. dealing with postal services was no better, about 5 different queues to just get post satchels. Then they expected me to get in another queue to get stamps, crazy!!! Caught the flying dolphin hydrofoil which took one hour, arrived and caught a taxi to the Hotel Saga, cool and a pool!! Owners met us with a drink, juice for the kids and the owners home made raki with honey. unpacked and straight in the Pool for the next 3 hours!!!! ... read more
Hotel Saga
cooling down

Europe » Greece » Attica » Poros July 2nd 2011

Warning: The following is a blatant advertisement for the island of Poros! After doing some research about Greek islands that were close enough for a 1 year old to survive the boat trip, yet far enough away to provide a 'real' island vacation, we decided to take a 3 day trip to Poros. Since many things are closed on Mondays in Athens, we decided to leave Monday and planned to return Wednesday. Right before we left we found out there was a 48 strike planned for Tuesday and Wednesday so we figured it was a great time to leave Athens as the strikes tend to involve teargas these days. We double checked and the ferry unions were not planning to participate. Monday morning we made our way to the port and boarded the high speed catamaran ... read more
stairs to the clock tower
Poros town

Europe » Greece » Attica » Poros March 20th 2008

Once back on the boat, we enjoy the entire upper deck to ourselves. The one day island cruise is a super quiet and relaxing way to spend a day. Plus, exploring a little of Greek Island life. There is a very narrow canal between the island of Poros and the mainland of the Peloponnese coast. We see a bit more activity here, and the boat stops for a shorter visit. We enjoy an ice cream and stretch our legs. The harbor is lined with outdoor cafes/tavernas which are mostly empty this time of year, but we imagine how this place could really get hopping in the summer. ... read more
Peloponnese Coast
Peloponnese Coast
Pam on Boat

Europe » Greece » Attica » Poros August 13th 2005

We got up at a resonable hour to hire some mopeds and cruise around the island. We headed straight up untill we reached some ancient ruins and a monestry and we could look out over the ocean. We headed back down the hill and fill the moped up with fuel (3 euros, what a cheap mode of transport). We stopped for some lunch, then drove to a beach for a swim. We went back to the boat for a bit and latter on Matt and I went for another cruise on the moped. With the wind in our hair, the views and the experience was the best. We stumbled across many beaches and at one stage had to take a detour on the opposite side of the island where the coast line was spectacular. On the ... read more
Matt & Elle on mopeds

Europe » Greece » Attica » Poros May 9th 2000

Poros is such a short trip from the capital and is worth it to get away from Athens and to see the white rocks of the hills peeking through smattering of vegetation and contrasting with the heavy blue water and the bare firmament in the Mediterranean breeze.... read more
Poros - Gypsies and Isthmus 2000
Poros - Shrine 2000
Poros Is. -  I rented a room from him 2000

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