Originally from the UK, I left the snow covered runway of Heathrow for Cambodia in January of 2010 to volunteer as a Teacher. Whilst teaching and finding myself exposed to a huge culture shock I met my now husband - Tim. He was originally from Cambodia and had returned to volunteer as a Pharmacist. I moved to South Australia with him and during a return visit to Cambodia Tim proposed to me at the spot he was born - a hut next to the river. The following year we returned to Cambodia and held our wedding there - family and friends flew out and we had a mixture of English, French, Australians and Khmers present.

Now back in South Australia we are about to embark on a new adventure together - a round the World trip...follow our stories on here...

North America » United States » Hawaii » Oahu » Honolulu October 23rd 2013

So I just spent about an hour typing up a very interesting and humorous final blog entry to try and top the rest. I left my computer for about an hour and when I came back to publish my entry travelblog.org had automatically logged me out of my account and my epic blog entry WAS NOT THERE! Turns out I didn't press the save button....So now I am going to attempt to rewrite what was originally written - remembering to press the save button every so often. We arrived back to normality about two and a half weeks ago. In fact it almost seems like we have never been away. I have been meaning to type up my final blog entry since I got back as I was hoping to print all my entries off and ... read more
Helicopter ride
Cruising on the paddle board
Beautiful sunsets

North America » United States » California » San Francisco September 27th 2013

Arriving in Washington DC to beautiful weather we visited the sights – the Whitehouse, Capitol, President Lincoln’s Memorial and the Monument. We also visited many of the museums, which were awesome and varied from the American Indian museum to the Spy and Natural History Museum. In the Spy museum we each paid $10 to partake in a ‘Spy Simulator.’ To start with we were all giggling thinking how ridiculous it was making up fake identities but our ‘guide’ played her part well and no kidding at the end of the experience I honestly thought I was a spy… There we were running up and down alleys, ducking behind corners hiding from cameras, gathering our ‘evidence’ in safe houses and scanning paperwork in a Office we ‘broke into.’ Definitely lots of fun. After Tim got mild food ... read more
Lincoln's Memorial
Capitol, Washington DC
National Gallery of Art

North America » United States » New York » New York » Manhattan September 20th 2013

During our stay in Italy and Greece we were really lucky and enjoyed beautiful, tasty continental breakfasts each morning with fresh Greek yoghurt, delicious cut up fruit, bread, freshly squeezed orange juice, olives and lots of feta cheese. Arriving in New York we went downstairs for our complimentary ‘continental breakfast.’ A continental breakfast obviously varies in America to what it is in Europe and we were greeted with boxes of huge donuts smothered in thick, brightly coloured icing and orange juice which was artificially sweetened all served in polystyrene cups and on polystyrene plates. Seriously, no wonder there is such an obesity problem over here the portion sizes are ridiculous and so much of the food is processed it makes me appreciate what we have back in Aussie land. Today we went into a place called ... read more
Cycling around Central Park
Statue of Liberty

Europe » Greece » Attica » Poros September 7th 2013

After spending 5 days in Athens wandering around the sights, taking in the 37 degree heat and even exploring the city on Segways we found ourselves aboard a hydrofoil to Poros in order to begin a weeks sailing trip. Half way across the sea Tim turned to me and said, “Where are the passports?” We both looked at each other in horror and realized that our passports were in fact still in the hotel safe back in Athens… Thankfully after a few phone calls the passports were retrieved and we were told we could collect them from the hotel on our return to Athens in a week’s time – phew! Arriving at Poros we wandered along the bay gazing at the boats bobbing up and down to the gentle breeze. We came across a small kiosk ... read more
View over Athens
Ancient Acropolis
Acropolis at night

Europe » Greece » Attica » Athens August 27th 2013

Walking into the Vatican I was honestly gob smacked. Now I understood that the church in the Vatican (St Peters Basilica) is obviously very beautiful but actually being there and looking around it was stunning. In fact I would go as far as saying that St Peters Basilica in the Vatican City has to be the most beautiful building I have ever been in. Every surface was just decorated beautifully and what got me the most was after closely inspecting some of the huge beautiful lifelike paintings they were in fact mosaics – made up of tiny pieces of stone – wow. I honestly could have spent the whole day just wandering around the huge church and admiring it. Climbing up 550 stairs around some of the smallest, windiest staircases I have ever walked up (you ... read more
Outside the Vatican
This is in fact a mosaic...

Europe » Italy August 21st 2013

So Tim ended up playing in the Grand Finals for the Reading Roo’s. The final was held in London and they beat the Ealing Emus by 3 goals. Tim was excited beyond belief that he has now won a finals in Australia and one in England especially after he had so much grief about missing out on half a season with his team in Australia. I unfortunately could not be at the big match because one of my close friends had her hen show that day also in London, which had been arranged for quite some time (and I cannot make the wedding.) We had a very enjoyable day drinking cocktails, eating at an Italian restaurant and going to see ‘Thriller’ in the West End which had us all up singing and dancing along to Michael ... read more
Theatre and restaurant at The Mill
Anna's hen do

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Oxfordshire » Henley-on-Thames August 12th 2013

Arriving at London Heathrow we attempted to declare Tim’s beef jerky only to find no one at the desk, walking towards arrivals we were stopped by a lady... “You are not allowed to bring meat products into the UK” She said in a loud voice. Looking quickly over her shoulders she added quietly “Okay…go through quickly then…” Mum, Dad and Sam were waiting at arrivals - they were very excited to see us and informed us all about the two-week heat wave that they had experienced. After a quick drive arriving back home we discovered that the lock from Tim’s bag was missing. Opening his bag we saw that it had been riffled. Lucky nothing had been taken as all our valuables were in hand luggage. At the bottom of the bag under his clothes was ... read more
Post box in the middle of the River Thames - it actually gets collected every day!
Going out for Sam's birthday
Sam's birthday

Africa » Zimbabwe » Victoria Falls July 27th 2013

Crossing the boarder from Zambia we entered Zimbabwe. It took quite some time to get over the boarder, as it was extremely busy. Being British I was informed I had to obtain a visa myself rather than with the rest of the group. I then had to pay $25 extra for my visa than everyone else because I had an English passport. I felt slightly discriminated against but I put it down to the political situations in the past. Apparently for someone from Zimbabwe to enter England it costs them $400 for a visa – so I cant really complain! That night we went for dinner at a place called Mama Africa with the rest of the group as a goodbye dinner. The food took a very long time to come but we were entertained with ... read more
Victoria Falls
Stunning Victoria Falls
Victoria Falls

Africa » Zambia » Lusaka July 25th 2013

Arriving at South Luangwa National Park we had a beautiful place to camp for two nights – right beside a large water hole where we could watch elephants and hippos. The sunsets above the water hole were just spectacular and as the moon appeared the dust in the air made it look like it was glowing a red/orange colour which was amazing to see when we had a full moon! It was awesome watching the animals all come together in the evening. I could not believe how loud the hippos were and had to make sure I had my ear plugs firmly in at night as they would roam between the tents. There was also lots and lots of monkeys, we had to make sure our tents were firmly zipped up as they had a habit ... read more

Africa » Malawi » Lake Malawi » Kandi Beach July 21st 2013

Saturday Leaving our ‘love boat’ we travelled further down into Malawi, stopping at a place called Zoozoo where we purchased some of the most beautiful wooden carvings I have ever seen (hoping I can get them into Australia – we have bought quite a bit of stuff already so when we get to the UK we are going to get it shipped over.) Arriving at a place called Kande Beach we stayed in a little bamboo shack which steps literally right down onto the beach – perfect location (we have found on this trip that often we are driving through the most random village in the middle of nowhere and then suddenly we come across a beautiful place to camp or sleep.) We met many travellers from around the world also staying at the same place ... read more
Giant tree - every human arm span is worth 500yrs! We fitted 11 arms around this huge tree!
Our shack on the beach
Kande beach - view from our shack

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