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September 27th 2013
Published: September 27th 2013
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Arriving in Washington DC to beautiful weather we visited the sights – the Whitehouse, Capitol, President Lincoln’s Memorial and the Monument. We also visited many of the museums, which were awesome and varied from the American Indian museum to the Spy and Natural History Museum. In the Spy museum we each paid $10 to partake in a ‘Spy Simulator.’ To start with we were all giggling thinking how ridiculous it was making up fake identities but our ‘guide’ played her part well and no kidding at the end of the experience I honestly thought I was a spy… There we were running up and down alleys, ducking behind corners hiding from cameras, gathering our ‘evidence’ in safe houses and scanning paperwork in a Office we ‘broke into.’ Definitely lots of fun.

After Tim got mild food poisoning from the restaurant next to our hotel we decided to give American food a rest (plus there is only so many burgers and chips I can handle.) We found this awesome Vietnamese Restaurant just down the road from where we were staying. It was so awesome that we didn’t just go back there twice we went back there 3 nights in a row. On our last night it was honestly like saying goodbye to old friends because the staff had been so friendly and chatty. If ever you are in Washington DC check it out. It is called ‘Present.’

Leaving Washington DC we arrived at the airport and had a few issues putting our luggage through. Now our tickets clearly state that we have ‘2 pieces’ of luggage each but United Airlines insisted it was only 1 each and we needed to pay for the extra bag. Up until then we did not have any issue at other airports. We spoke to the supervisor there who spoke to us like we were completely stupid. I know I have said in other blog entries but I will say it again - I cannot stand it when people get on power trips. Just because you work as a supervisor in an airport it does not mean that you are any more important than anyone else. It didn’t bother me about paying the money but just the rudeness of the Supervisor. Its funny how people think they can really talk down to you and can get away with it…one word needed here: karma…

On arrival in San Francisco we discovered a funky, arty city complete with a lot of homeless, drugged up people. Unknown to me San Fran is apparently known as ‘America’s homeless capital.’ On our first night we decided to go out for dinner and walking down the street I honestly felt like I was on the set of ‘Shaun of the Dead.’ Homeless people walked around literally like zombies and if they weren’t muttering to themselves they were staring randomly into space. It really is very sad and I just wonder why there are so many homeless people in San Fran. Apparently the City is throwing money into housing for them every year but many of them have mental health problems so they struggle just living day to day and go back to begging on the streets. I look at some of these people and just wonder what happened to them. Where are their families? Where are their friends?

Spending time in San Francisco we noticed there were lots of cars driving around sporting fluffy, pink moustaches pinned above the registration plates. Upon further investigation we discovered that these fluffy, pink moustache
National Gallery of ArtNational Gallery of ArtNational Gallery of Art

Outfit courtesy of Laura Heng :)
cars were in fact part of a car share phone app. After downloading the app Tim was very excited about using it so we decided to catch a lift from our hotel to China Town…Several minutes later Tim’s phone informed us a driver was heading our way and we soon spotted a car with a pink, moustache coming towards us. Tim quickly ran over to the car with great excitement, opened the front passenger door and jumped in. I reached out to open the back passenger door just as the driver put their foot down and sped off leaving me standing in the road and Tim in the car…I ran down the street after the car waving my arms…

‘Wait for me..’ I cried. But the car did not wait and zoomed off in the distance.

I called Tim. No answer. I called again. No answer. I sent him a text ‘Tim, you left me behind.’ No answer. I waited by the road for ten minutes.

‘Surely Tim will realise I am not in the car and it will turn around and come and get me’ I thought.

I then called again. No answer. I decided to go back and wait in the hotel but unfortunately Tim had the key, which let us into reception... Thankfully I was able to sneak in when other guests came through the door… So after entering reception I sat down and waited…and waited…

Meanwhile Tim was sitting in the car happily chatting away to the driver and did not realise I wasn’t even in the car. The driver arrives at the destination, Tim thanks the driver, gets out of the car and wanders down the road casually looking in a few shop windows…then suddenly he realizes something is missing…his wife! 20 minutes after Tim left me standing by the road he suddenly realizes I am not there and calls me

‘Where are you?’ he asks, sounding confused

‘I am at the hotel…the car sped off before I even got the chance to get in’ I told him

‘You are joking!’ he burst into laughter ‘I thought you were in the car with me!’

Despite the homeless people I have enjoyed San Fran, visiting the incredible 'Muir Woods' and viewing the huge trees, the Golden Gate bridge, the beautiful Japanese Tea Gardens and of course riding the ‘cable cars’ which now appear to be far more of a tourist attraction whilst the locals take the electric buses everywhere. Taking the boat we went to visit ‘Alcatraz’ the infamous prison on an island sometimes referred to as ‘The Rock.’ They had a great audio tour but I couldn’t help but wonder about the more ‘darker’ side of the prison. All we saw was about how great the prisoners had it in there, the food, education and exercise. Maybe I am being a little skeptical but I felt like they had romantised the whole place and there were a lot of deaths recorded as ‘accidents.’

Onto our last leg of our adventure tomorrow – Hawaii here we come


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Painted LadiesPainted Ladies
Painted Ladies

The Yellow house is from 'Full House' and the Blue House is from 'Kindergarten Cop.'

27th September 2013

Glad you enjoyed the U.S.
Lovely photos

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