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Africa » Malawi July 18th 2013

Thursday After a 12-hour truck drive and crossing the boarder from Tanzania to Malawi we have found ourselves at Chitimba beach. For a mere $10 we are staying in the ‘love boat.’ It is a bright red boat complete with port holes and springs to bounce up and down and it sits right on the beach. We are staying on Lake Malawi which is the 8th biggest lake in the world (it is 300k across.) Arriving slightly early (we have gained an hour by crossing the boarder) and after being crammed up in the truck all day I have just been for a jog on the beach whilst having a friendly local running alongside with me attempting to sell me key rings…After taking a shower which I will describe as invigorating I am now at the ... read more
Leaving beautiful Zanzibar :(
Leaving Zanzibar
Shack on stilts for the night

Africa » Tanzania » Zanzibar July 13th 2013

There are 18 people on our tour, their ages range from 18 to a 76-year-old couple which are just inspirational (yes Mum and Dad you still have many years to go) We have Americans, Dutch, Polish, Italians, Australians and even someone from Bulgaria. Imagine spending your day (5am start until 9pm in a truck driving on some of the worlds worst roads because the main ones were closed.) That is how we spent all day Thursday and Friday…. As we travelled though the countryside bumping along and trying to avoid hitting our heads (no seatbelts) we noticed how slowly there was more of an Islamic feel and less of a Christian one. Zanzibar (where we were headed – an island off on Tanzania has a 95% Islamic population of a million people.) Arriving at Dar Es’ ... read more
Night market in Stonetown
Slave Market
Slave market - the chain is the original

Africa » Tanzania July 10th 2013

I wake up in the middle of the night and reach to adjust my earplugs…bad idea…just as I remove my earplug from my right ear I hear stomp…stomp…stomp. Quickly I push the earplug back in and snuggle down into my sleeping bag. A combination of feeling the drop in temperature and the loud stomping from outside makes me shiver. All there is between me and a herd of African elephants is a sheet of canvas…We have been told not to leave our tents at night but I am bursting for the toilet and I really, really need to cough but I am too scared incase I startle the elephants…too late I erupt in a load coughing fit and then quickly swallow a sleeping tablet hoping to get through the rest of the night… Here we are ... read more
Flat tyre on our dodgy truck right in the middle of a lion infested area!
Elephants crossing the road right in front of us

Africa » Kenya » Nairobi Province » Nairobi July 5th 2013

As we touched down the pilot announced ‘Welcome to Johannesburg…it is 5 degrees…’ ‘5 degrees’ I thought, ‘even chiller than I had expected!’ Pulling on our jumpers we ventured into the airport and sipping at a hot chocolate each we watched in amazement as a huge ball of red glowed from the horizon and slowly rose up forming a spectacular sunrise. After hanging around for 4 hours we finally climbed aboard our 3rd and final plane to Nairobi. As we landed stepping outside the plane we were hit by heat and humidity. ‘This is more like I was expecting’ I thought to myself. After the drag of waiting in line for a visa we were the last to leave the airport where a friendly chap greeted us called Jimmy. ‘Welcome to Kenya! It is winter here.’ ... read more
Sunrise at Joesburg
Pool outside our Nairobe hotel

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