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jo walker

An Australian family of four following the SCG youth IX cricket team touring England, Darth Vader joins the family in the absence of our son who is in the team.

Europe » Germany » Berlin » Berlin July 10th 2015

A huge day, am posting photos without captions but will hopefully get back to it tomorrow. We did a great walking tour of Berlin, but it was a really exhausting walking for 4 hours, the kids were great, tired but no complaints. schnitzel and pork knuckle for dinner, traditional food and beer (still not as good as Karen's schnitzel!, feedback from cooper). The city has so much to see and do, three days doesn't do it justice. Amazing buildings and history.... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London July 7th 2015

London, Kasey and I went to see bend it like beckham, the musical, sooooooo fantastic, highly recommended. It was really well done and true to the movie, nice bit on daughters growing up that rang true for me! Unfortunately, yes, we went to Primark, it's like an addiction! I must stop or will be paying for excess luggage. There was a tube strike, so getting out of London and back to Enfield was a challenge, it was like how I imagine a zombie apocalpsye!!! People pushing and shoving, crammed in like sardines to get on the last trains out, looking back funny, at the time a bit stressful. We survived!... read more
25 dollars for the knock off soccer strips
The new nikes

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London July 7th 2015

Today after being dumped by cooper (he spent the day sight seeing with the team) we headed to London, British museum and lunch at the princess Louise. Lots of walking and browsing but suprisingly no shopping! Well done me. London spent the day marking the 10th anniversary of the bombing of the tube and bus. Was a bit freaky reflecting on it all while riding around on the tube, we ended up on a bus on the way back to Enfield due to a train problem, interesting but not fun at all. Default dinner was supermarket, this time morrisons, takeaway.... read more
Enjoying the scenery
British museum
Kasey and the Rosetta stone

Europe » Belgium » Brussels-Capital Region » Brussels July 3rd 2015

Ok, I know we get hot weather at home, but this is WAY different. Consider it starts to get light about 4am, sunrise proper at 5am, temps at 25+ by 8am, and then the day just drags on and on, until sunset, at 10pm!!! I believe this makes the heat less tolerable than home, that and the fact there's not many retailers with airconditioning, for example Kasey and I went in to a shopping centre, sort of the size of Westfield fig tree, and found most shops didn't have air conditioning. In the British home store they just turned off most of the lights, an interesting way to shop, saying it helped with the heat. Lots of shops seem to do this. So back to the trip, Brussels has been over 30 every day, very stressful ... read more
Amazing architecture
Tin tin
The Brussels icon

Europe » Belgium » Brussels-Capital Region » Brussels July 2nd 2015

Up early for a travel day, Kasey and I off to Brussels. Greg is staying for more cricket but moving to High Wycombe tonight. We caught the train from Oxford to London and then joined the Eurostar for the trip from London to Brussels. I was very excited, but then I'm always excited about travel. I must admit that the whole thing was a little underwhelming, yes very easy and convenient, but just another train trip really, nice to say we've done it but wouldn't say its something you really must do. arrived Brussels midi station and then had to figure out how to get to Central station , luckily a student helped us, but that was only after I took us to the wrong train (the metro) not the regular train, so I ended with ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Oxfordshire » Oxford June 29th 2015

what the what, a long day begins with birds, jetlag and coffeelag (which I call a 3am headache). so not long after we wake at 3, I notice the sky lightening! The Sun is rising, it isn't up until 5 but that is full light. We park and ride in to the city by about 8am, on a double decker bus, which Kasey loved. We orientated our selves to the city, starting at the castle, then the Blackwells (yippee, an amazing book shop), grabbed a chocolate croissant for Kasey, ( I miss these supermarkets so much, good old tescos, , sainsburys and M&S- so cheap even at a 2 for one exchange rate, we are juat so ripped off in Aus. Anyway we then headed to our free tours of Oxford for two hours, it was ... read more
Christ church college, spectacular
One of the grounds Cooper is playing on at Oxford.
Greg and Kasey

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Oxfordshire » Oxford June 29th 2015

it's been a long time since I flew without a stop over and I did have many concerns but overall I would do it again. I was underwhelmed by MAS, though we did get here! (Too soon?). Air Asia is so much better in every way so I will keep recomending them. First leg of the journey was ok, in a 2 3 2 configuration on our own So Kasey could stretch out, I should explain that Cooper and Greg flew QANTAS and Kasey and I flew Malaysian Airlines, all about the cost really. You can follow Coopers trip via SCG youth IX england tour on Facebook. the international airport in KL was very basic, nicer than the low cost terminal but missing a newsagent or book shop so Kasey and I just tried to keep ... read more
KL and Twin towers by night.i

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Wollongong June 26th 2015

Too excited to sleep, didn't get a few things done last night due to last minute commitment to bloodline on stupid Netflix. Up at 5 and last minute sorting, cleaning. Off to get Kasey from a sleep over, hoping she is tired enough to sleep this afternoon so we can start working on UK time sooner rather than later. Hoping for weary tired not obnoxious tired! It's really like three trips in one this time as we all pretty much have very different plans once we get to the UK. Michelle freaked me out last night when she commented a few of her bloggers in the UK are rugged up, but after concern my second thought was PRIMARK!!! Always a UK highlight for us ( well Kasey and I). Long haul and no stop over, what ... read more
Introducing Lord Vader,

Asia » Vietnam » Southeast » Ho Chi Minh City September 27th 2013

Exhausting day, we had a late start in preparation for the next 4 days which will all be early starts. Taxi to the war museum, which was disturbing to say the least. Lot sand lots of questions from the kids, like lots of place we go it's a beginning for them in understanding the world is a bigger place than Aus. More discussions about war, the difference between WWII and the Vietnam war and then the current conflict in Afghanistan and ending discussing what is ahead for Syria. After the museum we went to the huge tourist markets, fought with store holders - who called me crazy, another woman yelling at me because after I bargained her to my price I changed my mind. Eventually Kasey got a flat top hat, I got a cap and ... read more
Outside the museum
Tank at the muesum

Asia » Vietnam » Southeast » Ho Chi Minh City September 26th 2013

What a day, and what a learning experience. I've previously commented about the driving here and use of horns, but today from the back of the bike I finally got it. People here have absolutely no road rage at all, it's all about giving, bending and flowing, huge amount of awareness of others and not putting yourself first, not being selfish, could this work so well due to 80% of the population being Buddhist? It really is amazing to see and never would work in Aus - everyone at home has to go first and the is no giving or forgiving at all when it comes to cars, bikes and traffic. It certainly has been a highlight so far. Today our drivers were a group of 4 young Vietnamese women, very good drivers and great guides ... read more
Map of Saigon from the post office
the orginal phone boxes
calling home

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