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19th September 2013

Deep Fried Frogs Legs - Yum
The Bates think that your Frogs legs look delicious except for Karen. She thinks its a bit weird. Sooooo uncultured!!!! Hope your having a great time.
25th September 2013

Great to hear from you, eating at the footpath places is another highlight, Hope you some down time in the holidays!
17th September 2013

Hello trippers hope you are having an amazing time and that Kasey is feeling better. Love us x
25th September 2013

so nice to hear from you!
7th June 2012

Hi Guys. Just had a quiet day at work and read your blog from the beginning to now........ WOW WEE What a great read!!! and what a brilliant time your having. You missed your calling Jo- should've gone into travel .. you've got the nack. travel safe and look forward to hearing more exciting stuff on your blog and when you get back. I'd scype you but I haven't a bloody clue how>> techno retard and proud. love Kate Indah and Jaya
7th June 2012

We made it to Paris - cute apartment but HELL day of travel
So good to hear from you Kate, will bring you up to speed for your big trip - you know how much i hate technology!! if I can do it you can too. Took us longer today to get from the airport in Paris to our VERY upmarket lodgings - in arrondissement number 1, so very hip and happening than it did to fly from Venice to Paris. - we feel very daggy in our travel gear - but will shop soon. Will update the past few weeks in the next few days. Am still speaking my bad italian keep forgetting I'm in France. Love to the kids and you Jo
18th February 2012

I wanted to be the first to sign your guest book.
I was here. And I am not first but second. You are a technoligical whiz, don't doubt yourself. Can't wait to see the photos when you return that you have stored in Cyberspace for six months to be downloaded on return, lol.

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