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Europe » Italy » Liguria » Genoa May 14th 2012

Left the ship with some regret - though excited about next stage of the trip. Fast train to Genova took about 5 hrs all up. hotel is great, a family room right near piazza de Ferrari. close to shops, H&M will get a work out here, but am starting to run out of room. day 1. Our mission was to find a laundromat, not easy here, took a fair bit of Internet research, armed with my notes we headed of! Success we found it, the streets are tiny, filled with shops and markets. Greg watched over the washing while the kids and hit the streets, dog spotting as usually and getting a few bits and pieces we needed. all up 2 hours later we were washed and dried. we spent the afternoon looking around and I ... read more
very tired
dinner time
viewfrom our room

Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Barcelona May 11th 2012

Day 4 Big excitement - we head to the home of the greatest soccer team in the world according to Cooper, who has become the number on fan of Lionel Messi. Caught a taxi into town, the bus queue was huge. Then jumped on the good old hoho bus (hop on hop off) and toured Barcelona - got off at Camp Nou - home of Barcelona FC. Looked around and spent ages shopping. Coop left a very happy boy - they even have Barca FC chips - which Kasey promptly ate. Then headed to see the work of Gaudi - in it's varous forms - we were all totally blown away by Sargda Famillia - maybe i spelt that wrong. Spent ages there looking around. Can't beleive it still has another 20 yrs to go and ... read more
More lions
Barca boy
finished shopping

Europe » Italy » Liguria » Genoa May 8th 2012

Interestingly all cruise ships smell the same! Our week on the Eurodam was great, a big luxury liner (not p and o or princess standard, way above). 2000 passengers and 900 crew made it a memorable experience. That and the huge cabin, no noise from cabins near us at all, very quiet. We had a queen size bed, one fold out sofa bed, yes a lounge area and one bunk that was put down at night. Policy of this cruise line is they let you buy beer and spirits by the bottle as long as you drink in your cabin - which we did most of the time - they also let you take on as much wine and champagne as you want - we just bought a bottle at different ports but some people took ... read more
The main street - La spezia
sunset from the cabin
Monaco Harbour

Europe » Italy May 4th 2012

Big day, got out of Athens and in to Rome - private tour of Rome on our way to the cruise departure.The photos say it all, must tell you NOT to try and eat a medium gelato, stick to the small - really fab eating but we all over did it at the Pantheon. On board, great cabin, a queen size bed, a foldout sofa bed and a bunk bed for Kasey - way way out of our league so we pretended to fit in. Lots of Americans who clearly expected things to be all their way - was great fun to be with them and watch things unfold!!! Food was so good, so many choices, free icecream all day kept the kids happy, they even had a theatre with free popcorn at every session. Kids ... read more
Athens for breakfast
Precious at the Colessum

Europe » Greece » Attica » Athens May 3rd 2012

31 degrees today in Athens - loving the air conditioner - though not PC in this economy but I can't sleep without it. OK - on the count down or tomorrow. Today was spent finding the post office to get rid of all souveniers from amsterdam on - kilos of the stuff - not as easy as it sounds, getting Greg a hair cut, very fetching, trying to find somewhere for my vanity waxing (no luck), waxing myself - oouuccchhhh. Then there was shopping - for blockout, good shampoo and conditioner, toothpaste etc formalish shoes for me, sunnies for me, shorts for Kasey. Then there was hours of final downloads, chucking, sorting, culling - farewell to our winter jackets! And finally packing, packing and packing. I'm sure we have less stuff but it's taking up just ... read more
looking to the terrace
packed to go
our kitchen

Europe » Greece » Attica » Poros May 2nd 2012

Joy oh joy! Poros. we love it and it forgives Athens many many sins! Pireaus however just dragged our opinion of Greece further, so many people begging, I'm glad I can't understand much Greek, so what people are telling me must flows over me, from 80 to 8 I saw all ages begging in the streets. dealing with postal services was no better, about 5 different queues to just get post satchels. Then they expected me to get in another queue to get stamps, crazy!!! Caught the flying dolphin hydrofoil which took one hour, arrived and caught a taxi to the Hotel Saga, cool and a pool!! Owners met us with a drink, juice for the kids and the owners home made raki with honey. unpacked and straight in the Pool for the next 3 hours!!!! ... read more
Hotel Saga
cooling down

Europe » Greece » Attica » Athens April 28th 2012

27/4/12 Left Istanbul, land of men and happily sat in the airport listening to Greek women arguing with their husbands it was so refreshing it made me smile. only once away from it did I notice the complete lack of women's voices and prescence in Istanbul, yes they were there, you could see them, with their children and husbands but that was about it, in the old town they didn't have visible jobs and not much of a voice. Really enjoyed where we stayed and highly recommend it, the kids also loved it. Arrival to Greece via Air turkey, they have a special families with children checkin so we were very impressed. all went well, some delays but first free food and drinks on aflight for a while!!! John was waiting to pick us up, after ... read more
last breakfast
good bye Turkey
the terrace

Middle East » Turkey April 25th 2012

Hot today, late start after Cooper sat up and watched Barcelona lose on the computer - thanks to Yusuf sending us the link, it just wasn't on the TV here. The guys that work here have been amazing nothing is too much trouble - not even at 1.30am!!! It's 5.30pm here, Greg has given me an early mothers day present and taken the kids to the park to leave me to cull and pack yet again. Have clothes in the bath ready to wash here for the last time - lookking forward to have a washing machine in Greece. Eleni has organised our pick up for us - she's been really amazing. It's our one luxury when we can to have someone waiting at the airport to take us to where we are going. We've used ... read more
local market
the dome

Middle East » Turkey April 24th 2012

Kasey has taken the the veil, she's loving it and of course creating a bit of a stir where she goes. Coopers team lost - poor Galatastray went down 1-0. Awesome guy (as we call him) was hopeful for their next meeting. He gave Cooper the great news that the Barcelona v chelsea game is tv tonite! Turkey is the only country to straddle two continents, today we decided to leave European Turkey and head to Asian Turkey. We caught the local ferry for 2 lira each for Greg and i - they couldn't be bothered explaining that kids over 6 are supposed to have a ticket. Went over to Uskudar for a picnic lunch - bought a chicken for 6 lira and bread for 2 lira. Sat in the park and watch turkish life roll ... read more
galata bridge
the ferry
leaving istanbul

Middle East » Turkey April 22nd 2012

After airconditioning problems overnight- at 1.30am visit from the guy at reception - we all had a late start. We decided to head to the sultans palace to get some culture. As it was sunday there were huge lines everywhere, we bit the bullet and paid above market rate for the tickets to get a private guide. Two hours included touring the Harem, all very interesting. It was really really packed but still enjoyable. We then headed through the park - OK we were lost abit again. The park was full of locals just strolling and used to be part of the palace gardens. Everytime we get lost Greg and I have words, usually its my fault, I just think I know the way and then am very indignant that he didn't stop me from leading ... read more
blue mosque
entry to palace
the harem

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