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Europe » Germany » Rhineland-Palatinate » Rüdesheim May 8th 2017

GÜN 05 KOBLENZ GÜNLERDEN PAZARTESİ Dün gece saat 21:00 de tekrar Rhein ‘e kavuşmak üzere yola çıkan gemimiz saat 06:00 gibi Ren makası veya yerel adı ile Deutsches Eck (Alman Köşesi )Koblenz’e vardı. Koblenz halkının köşe olup olmadığını bilemiyorum ama bu 2000 yıllık şehir bir çok önemli tarihi eserlere ev sahipliği yapmakta ve dahi Dünya kültür mirası listesinde yer almaktadır. Kahvaltıdan sonra, iflah olmaz yürüyüşçüler, tekrar yola çıktılar. Bu tur nedense bedava idi ve biz bir mana veremedik. Bu nedenle tura katılan kişi adedinde ciddi düşüşler yaşandı.. Yürüyüşçülerin gemiye dönmesinden sonra gemi saat 11:00 de yola çıktı. Bu arada bu turun en güzel taraflarından biri ,okuldan ayrıldıktan sonra ,arkadaşlarımızın yaşamlarında hayal meyal ... read more
sular çekilince
işte uçan inek
dön baba dönelim

Europe » Germany » Rhineland-Palatinate » Rüdesheim May 8th 2017

Yürüyüşçülerin gemiye dönmesinden sonra gemi saat 11:00 de yola çıktı. Bu arada bu turun en güzel taraflarından biri ,okuldan ayrıldıktan sonra ,arkadaşlarımızın yaşamlarında hayal meyal anımsadığımız boşlukları doldurmamıza fırsat vermesidir. Örneğin, bu öğlen yemeğini neredeyse Dış İşleri bakanlığında yedim. Oturduğum masada ,okulumuzun gurur kızlarından Canset,Vekaa,Ülker,Fırat ve Sevgili Nabi’nin eşi Gülgün yer alıyordu. Laf lafı açtı ve Sevgili Vekaa, Paris’te alçak bir kurşunla neredeyse yaşamını kaybetme aşamasına gelmiş rahmetli ve sevgili eşinin nasıl mücadele verdiğini bizlerle paylaştı. İsmi lazım değil birisi, bu kardeşlerimi Monşer diye aşağılarken, ben, ne acılar içinde, sadece vatan aşkı ile neler çektiklerin... read more
2017G05 RUDISHEİM (30)
2017G05 RUDISHEİM (32)
2017G05 RUDISHEİM (37)

Europe » Germany » Rhineland-Palatinate » Rüdesheim September 2nd 2016

10:00pm local time at Rüdesheim am Rhein in Germany. Yesterday we thought we could walk into Strasbough, France, but it turned out we were docked on the Germany side of the river. A 15 minute walk got us to our bus and the drive was another 20 minutes. We then walked another 15 minutes to get to the main square. As we rounded the corner the Notre Dame Cathedral of Strasbough seemed to fill our view. It is spectacular in a gaudy, over-the-top way, that only those from long ago with unlimited funds and labor could have had built. The tour inside wasn't too long, as the church would be closing so those who wanted to pay admission could come back in and watch the astronomical clock run through its noon show. To start from the ... read more
Heidelberg Castle
Pharmacy Museum Sign
Rudesheim from boat

Europe » Germany » Rhineland-Palatinate » Rüdesheim June 5th 2016

Today we see two cities, two docks, and enjoy the quite of Sunday morning in Germany. We docked in Mainz, last night, and this morning, we arose, ate breakfast on the ship, and began the walking tour of Mainz. As you may or may not know, Mainz is where Gutenberg began using his invention – the printing press. Before moveable type, people copied books, by hand. They did have printing before by putting the image on wooden blocks, but you can imagine not having a backspace or delete key when you make a mistake, just recarve the entire block. With the ability to make the type, and reuse it, printing a page was so much easier, and the type was able to be reset on another page. Johannes Gutenberg was a nobody, and while there are ... read more
Movable type.
The alloy just poured for our show-n-tell.
Not your normal "player piano".

Europe » Germany » Rhineland-Palatinate » Rüdesheim August 24th 2014

Rheinstein Castle was erected in 1323 under Archbishop Peter vos Aspelt. The castle was known in the middle ages as Fautsberg and was built because there were disputes between the Archbishopric of Mainz and the Palantianate regarding the Reichensteina and Sooneck castles. It is one of approximately 10 castles built along the Rhine to protect the Mainz territory and was never destroyed by attack as many of the other German castles had been. During the 17th century it gradually fell into disrepair. In 1823 it was purchased, renovated and restored by Prince Friedrich of Prussia to be used as a summer home by him and his wife Wilhelmine Luise, after Fridrich’s death in 1863 the castle once again fell into disrepair. In 1975 the Duchess of Mecklenburg of the House of Prussia, sold the castle to ... read more
P8241381 (2)

Europe » Germany » Rhineland-Palatinate » Rüdesheim May 23rd 2011

This panorama shot of our boat, 'Avalon Felicity', may appear a little bent, but I liked the result - a long vessel, perfect for river cruising! Heidelberg to Rudesheim was not a long haul but we had great venues to explore, day time cruising and nights in dock - that meant peace, calm & quiet ... zzz :) The river level was clearly low - we passed many boat ramps that fell short of the water and this helped us appreciate the ordeal we went through with all the bus travel at the start. Hope you're enjoying the blog. Cheers from Jan & Garry... read more
View from the Castle
Theodor Bridge
Souvenir Stalls

Europe » Germany » Rhineland-Palatinate » Rüdesheim August 19th 2010

Our whole morning was spent sailing along the Rhine seeing castles every few kilometers or less. The day was sunny, starting windy and cool but finishing with a warm afternoon. Yvonne, the Cruise Director, delivered a live commentary so we could follow the list she gave us and get good photos. Fortunately I ceded all the videoing on the cruise to Ian, so Deirdre and I were free to concentrate on still photos. (My Pentax camera is in AE-lock and I can’t remember or discover how to unlock it, so I have to take auto photos, a bit frustrating. The little Nikon is working well, however.) An early lunch started immediately after the last castle, and we soon docked in Rüdesheim. Little tourist “trains” took us a short way into the town to the museum of ... read more
Siegfrieds Mechanisches Musikkabinett
Player Piano

Europe » Germany » Rhineland-Palatinate » Rüdesheim August 15th 2010

Rudesheim am Rhein We docked at Rudesheim and took a little "train" up to Siegfried's Mechanisches Musikkabinett, a mechanical instrument museum in a 16th century house. The floor tiles of the chapel were 15th century. There we saw and heard some amazing mechanical music machines - a whole orchestra in a box. It must take a lot of time to tune the instruments, especially the piano with 6 (or 8) violins. Perhaps the building was as interesting as the instruments. The part of the museum that we were in had stone walls and vaulted ceilings. There were very old paintings on the walls and ceilings with knight's coats of arms on the ceiling in the Knights Room. A short distance along the road from the museum was the cable car that took us up to the ... read more
Guide and a complex music cabinet
 Piano with violins
Knights room ceiling

Europe » Germany » Rhineland-Palatinate » Rüdesheim August 13th 2010

Rhine Gorge The cabin steward decorated our bed with a swan made from towels and enjoyed our reaction. The Rhine Gorge was narrow with mountains on each side. It had been wealthy from the taxes that the robber barons imposed on all ships passing their territory. To protect themselves the barons built themselves castles above their towns. Most of the castles were destroyed by the French and many have been rebuilt (sometimes more than once) and are still in use while the others remain as ruins. There were well patronised electrified rail lines on each side of the gorge. If you look carefully at the photo of the Rheinstein Castle you can see a basket at the top of the left tower. The baron used to suspend prisoners there as a warning to others. This is ... read more
Katz Castle
Rail tunnel

Europe » Germany » Rhineland-Palatinate » Rüdesheim February 15th 1972

February 15th - day 3 St Goar was an ideal place to have stopped overnight because it was opposite the Lorelei Rock which is the narrowest point of the Rhine. We admired the view before hitching South to Bingen and from there by ferry across the Rhine to Rudesheim. I travelled with Heather today. This region is certainly a beautiful part of Germany with the Rhine running through a long narrow gorge and the hillsides full of old buildings. Rudesheim was notable for its historic buildings and a couple of castles. Unfortunately we arrived on a Bank Hoilday and most of the shops and the cable car were closed. After a shortened look around we decided to press on towards Heidelberg. However it was not a good hitchhiking day. The first car took us close to ... read more

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