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Europe » Germany » Lower Saxony » Goslar November 25th 2018

Die 7. Woche dieses Projektes in Niedersachsen ist gut verlaufen. Der Kunde hat uns auch mündlich gesagt, dass das Team in Q1/2019 gleich bleibt. Daher habe ich mir am Freitag eine Flasche Champagner gekauft, die ich leeren werde, sobald der Vertrag da ist. Am Sonntag bin ich dann nach Goslar gefahren. Obwohl ich 16 Monate in Hannover gewohnt habe, habe ich da die Stadt noch nicht besucht. Ich in der Nähe der Kaiserpfalz geparkt und diese zuerst besichtigt. Insbesondere die Kaiserhalle und die angegliederte Kapelle waren sehr sehenswert. Dann bin ich an der Domvorhalle vorbei in die Altstadt. Dort gibt es viele Fachwerkhäuser und es gab schon Vorbereitungen für einen Weihnachtsmarkt. In einem Café am Marktplatz habe ich dann einen sehr großen Windbeutel mit Kaffee zu mir genommen und bin im Anschluss zum Bergwerk Rammelsberg. Dieses ... read more
Die Kaiserpfalz von Goslar.
Altstadt von Goslar.
Weltkulturerbe Erzbergwerk Rammelsberg.

Europe » Germany » Lower Saxony » Goslar June 10th 2017

Due East today to get to the countryside on the edge of the Hartz mountains in Lower Saxony and away from the enormous industrial sprawl of North Rhine-Westphalia. Spent a few hours awake in the middle of the night following the election while we had good wifi as I suspected (correctly) that wifi might not be an option at next campsite. Felt rather despondent when we got up as did everyone I suspect as nobody won this one, all losers in one way or another. But quite enough of that, we are on a trip and politics stays at home and by the time we get home the dust will have settled. We started the day’s drive on the autobahn as too far and long a drive on normal roads. Drove past some enormous industrial conglomerations, ... read more
A  bit prettier than the industrial area we've now left behind.
Pretty buildings startig to appear
and more timbered buildings

Europe » Germany » Lower Saxony » Goslar June 10th 2017

Kisbee all excited again today as he came out of the garage. All fired up and ready to go for a ride. Actually the ride was short, only a couple of miles along the road into Goslar. What a wonderful place to visit. Designated Unesco World Heritage in 1992 all the streets are still lined with perfectly preserved timbered buildinsg. There are some real beauties among them. Wonderful carvings, painted decoration, some tiled all over in ornate slate patterns. We saw nothing out of place. No modern billboard to spoil the look, just an entire town of near perfect historic buildings. The town has a wealthy heritage dating back to the 10th century because of the mineral mines on the edge of town at Rammerlsberg where silver, lead, zinc and copper were mined in abundance. We ... read more
170610 Goslar (70)
170610 Goslar (74)
170610 Goslar (287)

Europe » Germany » Lower Saxony » Goslar October 6th 2016

Geo: 51.9045, 10.4278It was foggy and rainy today, but we had a great visit to the Rammelsberg Mines. We started the day (after brekkies at the hotel) with a stroll around the old town of Goslar … some lovely architecture and very well-preserved. We can see why it's a UNESCO site. Around 10 or 11, we drove up to the mines, just a few kilometers away. We were able to get tickets for a 1:15pm tour … so that gave us a couple of hours to explore the above ground buildings. The museum is set in the old processing plant, and the rooms still have the equipment. Fortunately, it's not as noisy at it would have been when it was all working. The mines were known for copper, silver, zinc, and lead, but a lot of ... read more
The rock tumblers
Canary cages
In the processing plant/museum

Europe » Germany » Lower Saxony » Goslar July 31st 2012

What do you do when your school asks you to if you want to, again, spend a month of your summer vacation in Germany? Of course, you say "Yes" and then spend the month while your there analyzing if this is really your reality? While not being a German teacher, I am lucky to have made this trip not just once, but twice in the past three years. It really is the most awesome and unique experience. While I have traveled to a number of places, this trip stands out as being so special because I was actually able to become apart of the community and make connections that continue to each to grow each year. This exchange between Shaker Hts. H.S. and the Ratsgymnasium in Goslar Germany has been an reoccuring event for the last ... read more
My summer town
Hiking the Brocken
My new friend, Paul.

Europe » Germany » Lower Saxony » Goslar July 11th 2010

In all my travels, I realized that I have never lived with a host family. There have been meals with natives and many connections, but never have I immersed myself in another totally random and unfamiliar family. It was harder than I anticipated, but more rewarding than I could have imagined. I found myself in Germany for most of the month of June and part of July chaperoning eleven aspiring world travelers. The Goslar Germany and Shaker Heights High School student exchange has been a reoccurring exchange that has lasted for over 30+ years. Most years, it is lead by at least one German teacher, but this year, there were two openings, so I quickly signed up for that assignment. The exchange consisted of almost three weeks living in the mini medieval town called Goslar. Approximately ... read more
The views
The famous Cinderella Castle
The group, before we take off

Europe » Germany » Lower Saxony » Goslar July 7th 2006

I hadn't been back to Goslar since 1996 when I finished my summer job there as a student at a local recycling firm, so our decision to head back there for a quick overnight stay had me wondering whether the place would still be the sleepy little town in the Harz mountains that I remembered. We arrived at the station fairly early in the day following our journey from Koeln and were pretty knackered, especially with the heat that day. Luckily, the Tourist Info office in town quickly found us some accomodation at a very central guesthouse (thankfully not the guesthouse I'd stayed in 10 years previously, which was run by a small battleaxe of a woman who thought your every move was hers to monitor..she was, in fact, still on the Tourist Info list but ... read more

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