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July 31st 2012
Published: December 27th 2012
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Watermelons + ReichstagWatermelons + ReichstagWatermelons + Reichstag

Best end to an amazing day. Berlin.
What do you do when your school asks you to if you want to, again, spend a month of your summer vacation in Germany? Of course, you say "Yes" and then spend the month while your there analyzing if this is really your reality?

While not being a German teacher, I am lucky to have made this trip not just once, but twice in the past three years. It really is the most awesome and unique experience. While I have traveled to a number of places, this trip stands out as being so special because I was actually able to become apart of the community and make connections that continue to each to grow each year.

This exchange between Shaker Hts. H.S. and the Ratsgymnasium in Goslar Germany has been an reoccuring event for the last 35 years! Our students go to Germany every June and the Germans come to Shaker every fall. The connection made between the students and the faculty is something that is unprecedented in my education experience.

This trip was marked by unexpected twists and turns, but as it is always with life, that is what makes things so interesting and amazing. In my
My summer townMy summer townMy summer town

Goslar, Germany
alternative life, I think I would live in Germany, Berlin to be specific. Everytime I go this country, I just admire it more and more. Tschüs! Auf Wiedersehen!

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Hiking the BrockenHiking the Brocken
Hiking the Brocken

Tallest peak in the Harz mts. The old boarder of east/west Germany
Cinderella's CastleCinderella's Castle
Cinderella's Castle

Always amazing. It's about a 30 minute hike up, but the views are always worth it. It is officially called Neuschwanstein Castle and is located about an hour south of Munich.
Local CelebrityLocal Celebrity
Local Celebrity

Euro Cup Public Viewing. Where's Amanda?
The ones in charge.The ones in charge.
The ones in charge.

Andrea, Susan and I were responsible for making sure all 10 kids not only made it back and forth from Germany, but also have a good time along the way.
Another NewspaperAnother Newspaper
Another Newspaper

Another picture.

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