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Europe » Germany » Brandenburg » Frankfurt October 29th 2017

Truth be known, I will spend the night here, that is all. I am tired, and it is time to go home. As Paul Simon once sang, Homeward Bound!! How many of you have changed planes in Frankfurt over the years? I have changed planes here at least half a dozen times, on the way to or from: Tripoli, Turmenistan, and Tabouli to name a few. Frankfurt Main Airport is one of the busiest international airports in the world, and of course, a hub for the state airline, Lufthansa. The airport is the biggest cargo airport in Europe. Over 342 trains daily arrive and depart for other parts of Germany, as well as Europe. But little do I know about this great German city. I recall from Uncle Murl's world history class as a sophomore in ... read more
Old town square
Party time

Europe » Germany » Brandenburg » Frankfurt December 21st 2015

Being considered a "Top 10 Most Disappointing Destination in the World" by is no claim to be proud of, but it wasn't by choice that Frankfurt earned this title. It's dubbed as "sterile and boring"--a description Kristina and I can vouch for--and if it hadn't been for a 2-hour delay on our connecting flight from Dublin, we and our friends would've never visited this town. Our trip up to this point had consisted of 5 flights, 2 shuttles, 1 bus, and countless excursions on public transit, which all ran without a hitch. But now on the journey's last leg, Kristina joked about how our luck might finally expire, which fulfilled the prophecy and landed us at the Frankfurt airport for 6 hours thanks to a strike by air-traffic controllers. We sighed of relief when our ... read more
Schnitzel Sandwich with Sauerkraut

Europe » Germany » Brandenburg » Frankfurt June 9th 2015

This morning we went to Heidelberg and to the Heidelberg Castle as well. The ruins are very cool although there was so much destruction due to wars and a fire that burned it. They have left those parts “as is” and kept them, as Harold our program director says, as romantic ruins. They now use the exterior courtyard for concerts and the interior is used for some town meetings and banquets. There are several myths and tales that go along with this castle, but the best part is, and this is no myth, that there are two giant kegs in the cellar that used to be pumped up to the main floor and deliver wine. The first keg was 180+ gallons of wine and the second one was 250+ gallons of wine as seen in the ... read more
Mary wine testing
Castle ruins

Europe » Germany » Brandenburg » Frankfurt August 2nd 2014

Today we leave for Roma but not until later in the afternoon so we have time for some visiting and touring Norway. After breakfast, Gry and I packed we moved slowly then got ready to go into Honefoss. Andy drove me around showing me his school, and several of the homes he lived in. We stopped by one of his neighboros on what He tells me is called "Andy Hill" after he introduced us, she took one look at us and said, "I see the resemblance, you look the same" of course in Norweigan. After that, we went to Oslo where Andy dropped Gry and I off so we could get on our way.... read more
Andy's elementary school

Europe » Germany » Brandenburg » Frankfurt January 14th 2014

It started with a simple text message… My good friend Barb sent me a text about her daughter Elizabeth's upcoming semester abroad in Rome. Barb and her husband Pat are long time friends and travel companions. Truth be told, Pat and I have known each other since we were children. Barb's text went something like this … "Elizabeth doing spring semester in Rome. We are taking her over and going 2 Prague first. I believe u think we should stay at the KK Hotel in Prague. Please confirm." I immediately confirmed they should stay at the KK Hotel Central in Prague, but more importantly, over the next couple of minutes, in a series of not more than 4 texts, either (i) I was invited along on the trip, or (ii) I invited myself along on the ... read more
Lufthansa 747-8
Amazing Destinations
International Airports

Europe » Germany » Brandenburg » Frankfurt April 24th 2012

We have had a good day in Frankfurt today. Wondered around for about 7hours. It was quite cool maybe around 13most of the day. Quite nice to wear a jacket and Graeme got to wear his man scarf! Off to Prague tomorrow. It is about 6hrs, train to Nurnberg and then bus to Prague.... read more

Europe » Germany » Brandenburg » Frankfurt July 9th 2011

This morning I woke up to a girl slamming her locker in my room, but I was kind of glad because it got me up early so I could tackle the day ahead of me (my time traveling is sadly now coming to a close). I went down to have a relaxing breakfast which also happened to be free; I ate slowly and was looking over my map of Frankfurt to get a plan of attack for the day when lo and behold Aussie Nathan sits down and joins me for breakfast. He had to eat quick in order to meet a tour he was planning on catching up with (thank goodness, I am glad he didn’t ask me if he could join me since he aids in me getting so lost!) After he left I ... read more
They take their soccer seriously
Mini soccer

Europe » Germany » Brandenburg » Frankfurt July 8th 2011

I had gotten the worst sleep ever! People were coming in and out all night, there was road work outside, and it was so hot the windows are open, and it was just overall so noisy. I finally did get a bit of sleep and I was so tired in the morning that I didn’t hear my alarm go off. I woke up to some girl poking me holding my iPod as the alarm is going off, oops! Sorry! (I was totally “that person” this morning.) Luckily, had gotten all my stuff together the night before so all I had to do was wash my face and brush my teeth then pack my toiletries bag and I was done (because I didn’t want to be “that person” . . . oh well, the best laid plans ... read more
The messiest dorm room I have ever stayed in
Frankfurt at night
Frankfurt Skyline

Europe » Germany » Brandenburg » Frankfurt May 24th 2011

Hello again from Germany. Janet says that she does not have a cold but is just suffering from allergies (probably triggered by the variety of pollens during yesterday’s flower show). Regardless, she is not feeling too well today, so we are taking a day off from touring and just having a final day to visit with the family. There are lots of places that we could go see, but we will just have to save some sights for another time. Yesterday, Maggie and Jessica got to skip school to come with us to Koblenz, but today they had to go back to school. But we did get to visit with them after they returned from school. Sue took David out to the AF base Laundromat this morning and now we have a full set of clean ... read more

Europe » Germany » Brandenburg » Frankfurt May 23rd 2011

Hello from Germany again. We continue to have a couple of days to visit the Mike & Sue Dolan. We are still doing tourist items, but also have some family time too. We slept in today and then had another good breakfast. Mike took David to run some errands, with the first one being a trip to the bank to get a fist full of Euros from the ATM. Then we went to the train station to buy a couple of tickets for our trip to Paris on Wednesday. Fortunately there was a very helpful person who helped us operate the machine and issue the ticket (could have been pretty difficult otherwise since everything was in German). We have been able to call the tour agency and have reconfirmed our Paris tours for Thursday and Friday. ... read more
Fortress Ehrenbreitstein
Cable Cars over the Rhine
Floral Displays in fortress

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