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Europe » Germany » Brandenburg » Frankfurt October 10th 2010

I started my trip by flying into Frankfurt, Germany where I used a european underground for the first time and managed to find my hostel which ws situated in the redlight district. I was quite nervous about this because I had no idea what I was getting into, however, it really wasnt so act I would say vancouver is way more sketchy. The only difference is that dildoes are advertised thru glass windows and prostitution is legal!... read more

Europe » Germany » Brandenburg » Frankfurt October 1st 2010

So lucky we were. After making rafts and biking in the Swiss countryside, we were then sent to Frankfurt to attend ASG's (Austria-Switzerland-Germany) Financial Summit 2011. This is a bigger event as this pools the resources from the 3 European countries. Promotions for this even have been consistently creative. We were addressed as "Secret Agents" , who receives mails and updates from Ms. Moneypenny, telling us that we have a secret mission and that we must go to a secret location (only the coordinates were given). We met a few minutes before 10AM at the Zürich Hauptbanhof (Main Station) and then boarded the train to Frankfurt, Germany with one station change in Basel, Switzerland. The train ride was smooth, the train itself was modern (ICE train) and the scenery was postcardy. Very neat, green and very ... read more
Welcome to Germany!
At the city square

Europe » Germany » Brandenburg » Frankfurt August 13th 2010

On the way to Heidelberg, we stopped in Frankfurt for a visit to the European Central Bank. One of the great things about the Eurovision trip, is how well organized and planned it is. Our visit to the ECB is a good example of this as it broke up a very long bus ride, with something interesting and worthwhile and made it so a whole day wasn't lost traveling. Frankfurt is a very modern city with a business like attitude. The ECB, is Europe's version of The Fed, and have there own beautiful skyscraper in the heart of downtown. To get in, you would swear you were visiting a nuclear bomb site... the security was intense! They took us five at a time to check our passports and give us badges. Then we had to line ... read more
The EU Flag
Entrance of the ECB

Europe » Germany » Brandenburg » Frankfurt June 27th 2010

Our last full day: woke up in Dinkelsbuhl and came to find that it wasn’t 38e/night - it was 38/e/person/night. Jeremy then broke it down by how much we paid per limb and per digit. We walked around a bit and somehow found our way back to the “big cheese” plate for another dose of happiness before leaving on the 12:40 minibus which ended up costing us nothing for an hour’s ride - nice. My calculations were right on the nose for all the connections, danke. After 1.5 travel hours and a quick snooze we landed in Schwabisch Hall which is a town that dates back to a time when Celtics produced salt there, something like 500bc. This too was a cute-beyond-belief town on a very steep slope with hundreds of steps everywhere. St. Michael’s church ... read more
Just take the picture
He's better at it

Europe » Germany » Brandenburg » Frankfurt June 11th 2010

Friday, June 11th: All packed and ready to go to the airport!!! Had to leave a few non-essential items behind, but no big deal!  My mom and dad were scheduled to leave the same day because the trip to the airport, in Frankfurt, is a three hour drive (both my aunt and my uncle took us there…they probably wanted to make sure we really were leaving…LOL…kidding!)! Kenya’s and my flight was scheduled to leave at 10:00 a.m., and my mom and dad’s flight at 2:00. We got to the airport around 8:30, and saw that the security lines were really short, so we all decided to go eat our last breakfast together. We all got the exact same thing to eat: a platter that had a roll (with butter, orange marmalade and Nutella), a croissant, ... read more

Europe » Germany » Brandenburg » Frankfurt May 7th 2010

So it's travel time again. This time I'm not alone. I am making this journey around the world with a french translator in tow. For those of you who don't know, the translator is Audree, my girlfriend from Montreal. She's good at french, and is small, so she fits well in my backpack. Since my trip to Japan and New Zealand last year, I have been to Belize and Guatemala, also with Audree. It was on that trip that she passed the test, and I figured it would be safe to take her with me around the world. We arrived in Frankfurt, Germany on Wednesday morning and leave tomorrow morning (Saturday) for southern India. We will be in India for a month, then to China, Mongolia and finally South Korea. We're due to return to Canada ... read more

Europe » Germany » Brandenburg » Frankfurt January 13th 2010

It’s funny, but after five years of traveling, I’ve gone from loving airplane journeys to despising them. It occurred to me the other day that perhaps I’ve never loved flying per se, but have instead been enamored with airports. Particularly when I’m flying to Europe and can sit in a terminal, listening to the cacophony of languages being spoken. It’s like background music that suddenly relaxes me and reminds me of being in Europe itself. That being said, I have decided that I hate the process of flying, and so I was dreading putting myself on a plane for seven hours to Frankfurt, the first leg of my trip to San Vigilio in northern Italy. I just had a bad feeling. Maybe my negative thoughts attracted a bad flight to me or maybe it just happened, ... read more

Europe » Germany » Brandenburg » Frankfurt October 2nd 2009

October 2 and 3 After such a great time in eastern Europe in 2008, I am back for another trip, this time to countries a little further south than the Baltic countries I visited before. After changing planes in Iceland I landed in Frankfurt. To save about $150 in airport taxes I had agreed to pick up my rental car in downtown Frankfurt instead of the airport. It seemed easy enough while checking it out from the comfort of my living room. But it proved to be a bit of a challenge. I got there at 1:00pm which is 3:00am at home so I was tired. I couldn't figure out which buttons to push at the ticket machine to get a train ticket downtown so I stood back and watched a few others and eventually figured ... read more
Ich bin auf der Autobahn fahren

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