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October 4th 2021
Published: September 29th 2021
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Most Germans prefer beer and wine. But Frankfurt's favorite drink is apple wine. Frau Rauscher was a rather feisty woman who achieved legendary status thanks to her love of apple wine. According to legend, she stole apple wine from unsuspecting patrons drinking their wine outdoors. If and when she was caught, she would spit the wine back into the glass, and proceed on a drunken rant saying their was not need for hassle since the drink was already "returned." Head over to Klapperglasse lane for a spitting statue of Frau Rauscher.So, what is apfelwein? It is not cider, but very close. And it is the official state drink. A rather cloudy and tart drink, it can be found all over Frankfurt.Perhaps famous for better reasons, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (born in 1749) is Germany's most famous poet and author. His birthplace is an 18th century building stuffed with period furniture and artwork. He spent his childhood there (until 16), amidst this mess. Next door is the Goethe Museum, next to the monument that was his home. He singlehandedly led a revolution in intellectual thought.Artist Friedrich Karl Waechter decided to give a tree at Lake Jacobiweiher a voice to express itself. Though a perfectly normal looking tree, the Pinkelbaum tree sprinkles on whoever gets close to it! A nearby sign attests to the fact that "for 300 years I was peed on, starting today, I peed back." Only in Germany, right?Three real characters in the Frankfurt area. Funny, whimsical, sad. Speaking of whimsy, the Opel factory is also here.On the plus side, perhaps a visit to the Money Museum will brighten your spirits more than being peed on. It actually explains the functions of the European Central Bank.But to find the real soul of the city, head to Kleinmarkthalle market (156 stalls) to check out the sausages, and other food. You may find the stinky cheese made with curdled sour milk. It is one of the oldest markets in Europe, and has everything, including wine bars. And much like many German cities, Frankfurt is known for their Christmas market.Just a few days here, headed to warmer weather in Athens.

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