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June 9th 2015
Published: June 11th 2015
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This morning we went to Heidelberg and to the Heidelberg Castle as well. The ruins are very cool although there was so much destruction due to wars and a fire that burned it. They have left those parts “as is” and kept them, as Harold our program director says, as romantic ruins. They now use the exterior courtyard for concerts and the interior is used for some town meetings and banquets. There are several myths and tales that go along with this castle, but the best part is, and this is no myth, that there are two giant kegs in the cellar that used to be pumped up to the main floor and deliver wine. The first keg was 180+ gallons of wine and the second one was 250+ gallons of wine as seen in the pictures. We didn’t get to try any; I think the royalty drank it all during the fire! I’m curious how you burn down a castle that’s made of stone?

We then had lunch at an old restaurant that served special ravioli type of food. It is filled with ground meat and spices so finely ground that you cannot see that it is meat. This was developed since the Catholics are not supposed to eat meat on Fridays. The townspeople thought that if it did not look like meat then God couldn’t tell and the meat eater cheaters would be ok. Very sneaky. 😊

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Guest house

Hitler's assistant kicked out the family residing there so he could work on a project.

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