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Europe » France » Auvergne July 2nd 2017

We guess you’ll all be wondering where our destination for tonight might be located. Read on and we might be able to help. The day starts with a hotel breakfast. There is a wonderful selection of the usual cereals and wicked delights so common in European breakfast rooms. We are entertained by the incredible orange juice machine. The oranges go in at the top, move through the halving device, get fitted to a squeezing attachment, juice goes into a reservoir and the spent halves go in the bin. The taste of freshly squeezed orange juice is divine. No additives here. Our demonstrator explains that cleaning is the hardest part. As we leave our room we discover a fridge tucked away in a cupboard we thought we did not need to open. Paying the bill is the ... read more
Wide open spaces

Europe » France » Brittany » Rennes July 1st 2017

Tag 283 – Visite guidée, Parc du Thabor & Proveganfest Am nächsten Tag machten wir uns gegen zehn auf den Weg nach Rennes. Im Parkhaus packten wir den Gepäckwagen und eine Menge Taschen aus und machten uns dann auf der Suche - wo mussten wir bloß hin? Diese Etage war anscheinend nicht richtig, doch schließlich fanden wir den Fahrstuhl und fuhren nach oben auf 0. Doch hier war der Bahnhof nicht. An der Information erfuhren wir, dass wir wieder auf -1 mussten. Da kamen wir ja nun gerade her. Doch diesmal fanden wir den Zugang zum Bahnhof. Wir drehten eine Runde, und dann rief Marie-Claire ihre Kontaktperson an. Und wir mussten wieder auf 0. Hier wurden wir empfangen und durften uns mit den ganzen Sachen in das Büro des Chefs setzen, um noch ein paar Zitate ... read more

Europe » France » Rhône-Alpes » Grenoble July 1st 2017

We wake to an overcast day, better than the predicted rain, but going by the low cloud covering the mountains we’re not hopeful of staying dry. We have the makings of an in-room breakfast but we need some milk. We can’t really go to reception for some so one adventurer heads off for some supplies. Hopefully it will only take a few minutes to find the nearest supermarket. We have a special appointment at 9:30 am. In the car park the thirty-something Porsche sports cars are heading off on their tour. It’ll be peaceful tonight. The supermarket was down the road, around the corner, down another road, and after fifteen minutes destination was reached. Pastries! What a treat. She who needs to be fed will be thrilled. A short cut is found to get back to ... read more

Europe » France » Pays-de-la-Loire » Briollay June 30th 2017

We are very sorry that we are so late with writing but bad Internet and running out of time are the problems. After leaving the Fam Kollaard in Holland we went towards Amiens as a first stop. We liked to visit the war graves we only see on Anzac day on TV but we now have the chance to look for ourselves. Was well worth it. We had a good drive and arrived late afternoon in Amiens. We did not know things were closed on Sunday and Monday. We found that out. We were told it only 20 minutes walk to town must be French for we took the car and were very happy we did. It was a lot further as 20 minutes. We found a place that would supply us with food and a ... read more

Europe » France » Brittany » Rennes June 30th 2017

Tag 282 – Vorbereitungen fürs Spektakel Am nächsten Morgen frühstückten wir gegen acht; Marie-Claire hatte Haferflocken über Nacht in Reismilch quellen lassen und wir aßen sie mit Walnüssen, roten und gelben Himbeeren aus dem Garten. Es regnete heute, aber wir gingen trotzdem kurz raus, um Mangold zu ernten. Marie-Claire machte Harfenmusik an und bereitete dann ein paar Sachen vor, während ich Erbsen ausperlte und den Mangold kleinschnitt. Schließlich aßen wir Mittag – Marie-Claire richtete uns die Teller hübsch an, und ich war beeindruckt von der Komposition aus Mangold, Linsennudeln, Buchweizen&Erbsen sowie Sauce, alles überstreut mit leckeren Gewürzen und Schnittlauch. Salat mit Blüten aus dem Garten gab es auch, und Kirschen als Dessert. Nach dem Essen faltete ich drei große Himmel-und-Hölle-Spiele und bügelte Stoff. Daraufhin bekam ich den Auftrag, ... read more

Europe » France » Rhône-Alpes » Grenoble June 30th 2017

We have had our final sleep in Italy. It has been a wonderful seven weeks visiting interesting places and meeting many friendly people. Our decision to use apartments rather than cheap hotels has so far been one of our best. Today we load the car for our trip across the border into France. We are really looking forward to our week in Burgundy near the town of Beaune. On the last trip we promised we would return. This week we will. But first we have a journey to make. The tricky part to leaving our apartment is to make sure all the doors stay open behind us as we get the car onto the street. We need to return the keys to the apartment and shut the doors and gate behind us. If one of these ... read more
Climbing another mountain pass.
That's where we have to go, up there.
Crossing the border.

Europe » France June 29th 2017

After staying up late following a fine meal (at the end of which I finallygot a chance to have creme brule for dessert) I luxuriated in sleeping in until almost 8:00 before saddling up one more time. The first order of business was determining how long it would take to get to the airport tomorrow (all of 15 minutes), after which I languidly toodled along the seaside bike path, which was already teeming with tourists, taking in the several shades of gorgeous that the Mediterranean presents here. I had toyed with the notion of riding to Monaco, but when the path ended and I was deposited into traffic again, I quickly scratched that idea. It was extremely windy and the bike section of the pathway (there is a separate pedestrian section, although some folks never seem ... read more

Europe » France » Île-de-France » Paris June 29th 2017

Tag 281 – Stippvisite in Paris Zwei Wochen später, nach vieler Feierei mit Abientlassung und Geburtstagen, ging meine Reise weiter – diesmal wieder Richtung Westen. Als erstes stand Frankreich, genauer gesagt, die Bretagne, auf meinem Programm. Als ich letztes Jahr in Italien Fabienne getroffen hatte, hatte sie mir von ihrer Freundin in der Nähe von Rennes erzählt – da solle ich doch mal hinfahren und Workaway machen. Die Idee hatte mir gefallen, und nun setzte ich sie auch tatsächlich in die Tat um. Nach etwa sieben Stunden Fahrt – ein ICE hatte ziemlich Verspätung, aber ich erreichte dann wiedererwartend trotzdem noch meinen Anschlusszug – kam ich in Paris an. Mit dem Kurzurlaub war es dann ja leider doch nichts geworden, aber wegen der Zentralisierung in Frankreich musste ich natürlich trotzdem dorthin. Hier hatte ich jetzt etwa ... read more

Europe » France June 29th 2017

After landing in Calais we headed north through Belgium towards Antwerp. The Port of Calais was the first cable ship port in Europe and is the fourth largest port in France and the largest for passenger traffic. The highway system I similar to America’s. There were 3 lane and 2 lane roads. Large modern windmills dotted the land. Lots of farm land of wheat or corn along with cows and sheep. The houses I noticed had a triangular upper story. Just before Antwerp we had to make a huge detour from our normal route due to a huge accident on the main highway. It would have been an hour sitting in traffic, so the driver decided to take another route that would take us through the suburbs of Sint-Niklass, Nieuwkerken-Waas, and Vrasene before getting back onto ... read more

Europe » France » Île-de-France June 28th 2017

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