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Europe » France » Nord-Pas de Calais » Gravelines October 18th 2019

We left the camping site early and hit the road . Eventually we left the road works of Germany and found ourselves on some very rainy Belgian roads. You know you are there when you see the traffic building up around Brussels and hear the dee dum dee dum of the concrete under Gabbys wheels. We needed diesel and stopped at the first garage . We forgot that you cannot just buy fuel in Belgium . You have to go into the cash desk and get your card authorised. We failed miserably as the cashier was disinterested and just pointed and said machine. Not much help. We still had a few miles left so it was not a problem. A few more miles under our belts and tried the second garage. Same story - no diesel ... read more
The square in Gravelines
Vauban fort walls
The path round the gardens

Fluers Market is reknown for it's flowers & fresh fruit and vegetables. Quite a colourful display! A walk to catch the 100 bus to Beaulieu sur Mer. Always a scenic drive. Off the bus & a wee look at the rich boats in the Marina & then straight down to the beach. Feet in the Mediterranean to the other end. A sit in the shade with our pre-made lunch before we walked the Pomenade around Saint Jean Cap Ferrat. Some very nice homes in this area too. The pink house used to be Charlie Chaplin's then it belonged to David Niven who painted it pink on behalf of his wife having cancer. The walk is an easy stroll & lots of people doing the same as us. We choose to take a local bus up into ... read more
Remind me

A day planned inland to St Paul de Vence. A hilltop Village..20min tram to Parc Phinox then the 400 bus to St Paul. Great bus journey into a region where there are not so many apartments but detached houses. Lots of greenery & very clean. We passed through Cagnes sur Mer which appears to be another weathly area on the Cote d'Azur. Chaghall is buried in the cemetary which sits ontop of the hill just outside the Village wall. The Village was full of art shops.... read more
Entrance through the old wall
Info Centre

Europe » France » Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur » Nice October 15th 2019

Rain & thunder...we've been so lucky with the weather! Ventured out in what we thought was in between & got caught in a huge downpour! Paying special attention now to what the locals are wearing. Afternoon eased off enough for a walk into Ville Veux (oldtown) & Jean Medecin. ... read more
Eglise Sainte Jeanne d'Arc

Europe » France » Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur » Antibes October 14th 2019

With the new tram system taking over the majority of the central city zone, all the buses that feed the 2+ zones are based at Phoenix Park. So a tram ride first 10mins out...a bus waiting to Cannes but we stopped off at Gare Antibes. Purchased a train ticket return to Niceville to be sure of our return seeing as it was now midday. And I have to say I conducted the whole conversation in French & answered Monsieur's questions too. With our accent we couldn't pass for French anyway. Monsieur wasn't surprised by my attempt because it is expected! Knowing our way into town we popped into a supermarket for some sandwhiches & a wrap to have down by the waterfront....another couple were doing just the same thing. Turned out too windy & a big ... read more
Walk to the tram - Nice
Papier Mâché
Shop sign

Europe » France » Lorraine » Nancy October 13th 2019

Am zweiten Tag in Nancy habe ich gut und u.a. mit Croissant gefrühstückt und bin dann zu meinem zweiten Spaziergang aufgebrochen. Dabei war ich an einem weiteren Platz und im Park und in der Altstadt. Danach habe ich wieder gut zu Mittag gegessen und bin wieder nach Stuttgart aufgebrochen. Diesmal habe ich die Strecke über die A6 gewählt, wo ja nächstes Jahr drei Erweiterungsbaustellen fertig werden. Davon zwei zwischen Nürnberg und Mannheim. Als beruflicher Vielfahrer und da ich die Strecke gut kenne, finde ich das sehr positiv. Meinen Projektort habe ich problemlos erreicht und bin erholt in die folgende Arbeitswoche gestartet.... read more
Spaziergang durch Nancy.
Spaziergang durch Nancy.
Spaziergang durch Nancy.

And it's Mum's Birthday 🎈🎉🎂🎶❤ Packed our towel & togs, caught the tram to Garibaldi & then bus 15 to Villefranche. Being Saturday the place was busy, plus a cruise ship in the bay. Getting off the bus & near the info centre a brass band was entertaining a crowd.... all singing & laughing. A little wander up to the Citadel 16th Century. A mosaic exhibition took my interest. A beautiful day in the bay. Lots of beach lazing & European sunbathing. We found ourselves a nice spot with some rocks & sand. We are used to more space than what was on offer here. There were more people on the beach than in the water. Everyone wants a tan. Two swims later we redressed like everyone else does on the beach. Water much warmer than ... read more
Brass Band
Above Villefranche near the Citadel
Citadel Entrance

Europe » France » Lorraine » Nancy October 12th 2019

Ich bin ja nun seit drei Wochen bei meinem neuen Projekt in Stuttgart. Am ersten Wochenende habe ich meine Mutter im Raum Nürnberg besucht. Und am zweiten bin ich zu einem Wochenendtrip nach Frankreich gefahren. Ich war ja seit 1998 mindestens jedes 2. Jahr in Frankreich. Dabei war ich 1998 von Basel kommend und 2000 von Hannover ausgehend in der schönen lothringischen Stadt. Diesmal habe ich gut am Bahnhof parken können und dort war auch mein Hotel und das Restaurant, in dem ich zwei mal reserviert hatte. Dann habe ich natürlich einen Spaziergang zum zentralen und schönen Place Stanislas gemacht. Dieser ist nach dem ehemaligen polnischen König benannt, der Herzog von Lothringen wurde. Von dort bin ich durch die Arc Here zurück. Abends habe ich im Hotel noch World of Warcraft gespielt.... read more
Spaziergang durch Nancy.
Spaziergang durch Nancy.
Spaziergang durch Nancy.

Europe » France » Aquitaine » Bordeaux October 11th 2019

Not a misspell, just to let you know this more about wine than you will ever want to know. I kind of enjoy it, and will probably keep going until someone says to stop. The year 1850, that the biggest wine-producing state—California—received statehood 169 years ago next week (September 9). Today, California has 3,900 wineries and 637,000 acres/242,400 hectares planted to wine grapes. Wine sales in California reached $40.2 billion in 2018. 95% of the $1.6 billion in U.S. wine exports came from California. I am proud to say that our family was involved in some phases of the wine industry over the years. Percentage, 50%, of rosé sold in the five months between May and September last year, according to a report in Seven Fifty Daily. Five years ago, most rosé sales were limited to ... read more
Me in Bordeaux, wine tasting
Bordeaux train station

Europe » France » Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur October 11th 2019

Up so late...that's what flights do to you! Out at 10am...we walked all the way down to the Baie des Anges on the Mur Mediterranee. THE Promenade! Around to the Porto L'ympia..a beautiful day reaching a high of 24°. We intended to go for a swim at Villefranche but decided on an easier venture of putting our feet in the Mediterranean Sea at the Promenade...just fantastic! The Med is an amazing colour on this coast (Cote d'Azur 🙄). Then a walk on around the point. I think we strolled & sat & strolled for 4 hours. We've always called Nice our home away from home. ... read more

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