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Europe » France » Brittany May 29th 2015

Thursday 28 May 2015 Today was our last day in Rennes. We have driven past a very large homewares shop several times this week and as we had time to explore we paid them a visit. The store was enormous and what was on display was very inviting with modern styles and vibrant colours. Fortunately our baggage allowance prevented us from buying up large and they did not have free delivery. Perhaps when we purchase our little chateau in the Loire we might give them a call. Our good friend at the Tourist Office in Rennes recommended a visit to Vitre so our journey continued. Vitre has an Arts and Historical Town designation, similar to Dinan. Our first surprise was the free parking, the machine didn't work and it was lunch time. The second surprise was ... read more
La Roche-aux-Fees

Europe » France May 29th 2015

Today was a driving day. I traveled from Beaune to the outskirts of Paris and spent a number of hours on the motorway to do it. France has a good freeway system and it is pay-as-you-go, ie I take a ticket when I enter the freeway and then pay when I get off. It is all automated and some of the machines accept my credit card, but most don't, so I have to be sure I have small bills and coin with me. The trip today cost a little over €25, which is close to $30. I stopped for awhile at the MuseoParc Alesia (see picture). It is a very good museum telling the story of how Rome's legions, under the generalship of Julius Caesar, conquered the Gauls in 52 BC. I particularly liked the full ... read more

We are on our second day of the cruise and I think I have finally figured out this computer/internet/my fumblings and jetlag! Time flew by in Barcelona and we didn’t get to see ¼ of the things on my list. But what we did do was incredible. We will be back and stay longer next time. On day one we went to the Casa Battio. I lost Kyle somewhere on the back porch ½ way through and just thought I would catch up with him at some point. Nope!! I went all the way to the rooftop and no Kyle. I hung out there taking lots of pictures thinking he would show up. Nope!! Waited forever in the gift shop. Nope! Made my way down 5 flights of stairs to the outside. Nope! Hiked back up ... read more

Europe » France May 29th 2015

The morning started back on the tourist bus as we headed for the district known as Montmartre. This area of Paris is where the original Moulin Rouge is held and Other such estashbliment. The streets are lined with sex shops,no wonder we were told not to come up here at night. The main purpose is to see the church 'Basillicar of Sacre-Coer' It is a fairly new church in comparison as it was built in the 1900'S. It houses the worlds biggest bell weighing in at 26 tonnes and only gets rung once a year on Easter Sunday. We tour the church in silence and no photos.The detail inside is magnificent. Catching the little train up to the church we learn there have been many famous artists living in this area and past Van Gough's house. ... read more
Little train at Montmartre
Street artist at Montmartre
Michael Angelo "the dying slave" 1513

Europe » France May 28th 2015

After two big days we have a bit of a sleep in. Today we are on a hop on hop off bus ,which takes four routes around the city. We learn more about past kings of France and how they have shaped history over centuries of time. We also discover how big the city is and it all starts to look similar whichever corner you turn. Lazy on the photos today,easier to sit and relax. Tonight we have booked a French Resturant, picked for its locality to us and the best rated on TripAdvisor. The restraunt "Le Tournebievre" is near Notre Dame and quiet small seating only about 30 inside and a dozen or so outside. There are a few French dining here which is a good sign and it's quite unnerving to watch grown French ... read more
Entrance to Notre Dam built in  1163
Church where Napaleon's tomb is
Statue of De Juliette  circa 1830

Europe » France » Île-de-France May 28th 2015

Packing our bags and planning our sortie from Paris is hardly the state of mind for good blooging but I'll give it my best. We racked up thousands more steps today. Didn't use the metro once! And boy we covered some cobbles. Standard breakfast of croissants and pain au chocolat and we are off to the Bastille Marche (Markets). Predominantly fresh food markets with a few clothes and souvenir stalls for good measure. There seemed to be a mix of tourists snooping and locals going about their regular fresh food shop. The quality of the food looked good and we kinda wish the markets were open on our first day and not our last. Fresh fruit and veg, fish and shellfish, butchered meats and offal, crepes, olives galore, a patisserie and a fromagerie, it had everything ... read more

Europe » France May 28th 2015

28 mei: Voormiddag nog wat aan de boot geprutst en na de middag gaan fietsen. Wel te verstaan de kapitein alleen. De tweede in bevel heeft een boek gelezen op het achterdek. Prachtig weer vandaag. Van Roanne tot Briennon. 30 km (totaal heen en weer). Onderweg een beverrat kunnen fotograferen. Ze was niet bang voor de eenzame fietser. Verleden jaar zat er hier een koppel in de haven. In Briennon rechtsomkeer naar huis toe. Briennon is een kleine jachthaven maar je kan er ook als bezoeker aanleggen. Er is ook een scheepvaartmuseum ondergebracht in een echte vrachtboot. Maar die ligt dan wel op het droge. Tot morgen.... read more
niet ban voor de fotograaf, de beverrat
stukje kanaal

Europe » France » Burgundy » Beaune May 28th 2015

This morning I went to the nearby boulangerie to buy a croissant and pain-et-chocolat for my breakfast. I couldn't see paying €20 for breakfast at the hotel. That is over $22. I enjoyed my fresh pastry and then drove south to the Soane River. I had it in mind that I might go there if I had time on this trip, but I hadn't counted on it. In fact, my plans only took me as far as Troyes, so everything I do from here on is "bonus"! I wanted to see the Soane because I was here once before, in 1990, on a barge trip with Maggie and our friends the Colwells and Butzers. It was a memorable time as we cruised upriver through the French countryside. One of the places we stopped was Auxonne whose ... read more

Europe » France » Brittany » Saint-Malo May 28th 2015

Wednesday 27 May 2015 Each day as we turn on the GPS we have these thoughts about Polly, our live in guide. We are sure she says, "Good morning, what wonderful place am I taking you to today?" It might even be, "Oh no not you two again, thought I left you at Saint-Michel". Those who know us know we are not GPS savvy so all sorts of wonderful experiences happen. We ended up in the psychiatric hospital in Bayeux on one of our trips. Where to next? We just have to remember Polly is a machine and has no feelings. So today we start our day in St Malo. Shorts or jeans? The sun was shining and it felt good so shorts it was going to be. We seem to be having a great spell ... read more
St Malo
St Malo

Europe » France » Île-de-France May 27th 2015

Le Marais has so much to offer, you could spend a week in this arondissement alone. We are walking to the Paris History Museum - Musee Carnavalet - and the girls are drawn like moths to a flame by a shop called Cos. The kids and I wander around the streets nearby and notice armed soldiers outside a standard looking building. We go for a closer look. It is unmarked but across the road from a synagogue. No signage whatsoever, but the noise of chlidren playing behind the walls and steel gates cries out school - ecole. It appears that the soldiers are a hangover from the Charlie Hebdo and Koscher supermarket shootings and security is still very tight in the Jewish part of Paris. It's easy in such a beautiful city to forget that ugly ... read more

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