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Europe » France » Nord-Pas de Calais » Lille August 28th 2004

Sue's official hen weekend trip on the Eurostar to Lille with the chosen few ! Beaucoup de vin rouge and moules mariniere. ... read more

Europe » France » Nord-Pas de Calais » Lille June 22nd 2004

Geo: 49.5059, 2.63746My Moroccan adventure started in Lille, where I was studying for a term at the uni. Lille's a great place and 'the Leeds group' real and adopted were fantastic. It was a lovely relaxing few months. Lille was City of Culture that year and there was loads going on. There was a beautiful park where we used to chill after lessons with a free zoo and porcupine. But by far our favourite past time was sitting under the 'foret suspendu,' sipping coke (!), waiting for the group to gather :)... read more
French Countryside
French Moulin
La Piscine

Europe » France » Nord-Pas de Calais » Lille September 5th 2002

It was in 2002, and me and a friend had decided to backpack round Europe. We got ourselves a couple of rail passes and headed off with the basic plan - start from Paris and head counter-clockwise round Western Europe. Now, you may think that a plan so cunning in it’s simplicity as this one could not possibly go wrong. However, against all odds we managed to mess it up.We got the Eurostar from Waterloo and sat admiring the countryside of France whizzing past. Now perhaps I should warn you, both of us are typical Brits, in that we cannot speak a word of any language other than that of the Queens (And even then we mess it up half the time). We knew that the station we were to get off at in Paris was ... read more

Europe » France » Nord-Pas de Calais July 3rd 1997

Day 3 What a trooper am I? I jumped out of bed at 7 and marched down to the train station to disembark on the next leg of my journey. It was bright and early and I was already up-and-attem. Pride surged through my body. I thought it was pride. Turned out to be pain. However, at such an early hour, it is difficult to tell the difference between the two. My destination was a small town situated in northern France called Cambrai. Cambrai is where I went to find my great-grandfather. He was buried there after falling in combat in 1918. This was my first and only item on my “Tour Europe” itinerary. Check out this sequence. I took a series of trains that took me from Brussels to Ghent to Lille, France and then ... read more

Europe » France » Nord-Pas de Calais » Calais February 7th 1996

Geo: 50.9579, 1.85214abc... read more

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