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Europe » France » Midi-Pyrénées » Toulouse September 23rd 2022

Dinner last night was had at L‘Atelier Gourmande, or for those of us whose French is a bit rusty- non existent - it’s the Gourmet Workshop. It is located up an alleyway, away from the bustling cafe scene around the Place Plumereau, the plaza a few doors up from our apartment. We were greeted at the door by the two main men of this operation, and seated at shiny tables topped with a solid, finely scuffed piece of stainless steel plate. The seats were clear chequered plastic, and that’s where the funky look finished. Water and bread slid onto the table before we had our coats off. It was replaced often during our meal, once the cane basked looked low; it was never empty, and either there was a huge bin of wasted bread out the ... read more
Hotel de Ville, Tours
Waste and Recycle Bins, Tours
Medieval Bordeaux Gates

Europe » France » Midi-Pyrénées » Toulouse April 10th 2022

After our morning with aeroplanes it was time to travel from the North East of the city to the South West and the Halle de Machines. Crossing the city we came across the usual bag of deviations, of routes baree and strange instructions from Silly Sat Nag. We had already bought our tickets for the Halle de Machines and for a ride on the back of a Minotaur. They were booked for tomorrow and we were here a day too early. We had two choices . Hang around and visit tomorrow or risk trying our luck and seeing if we could exchange the tickets for today. We felt positive we could get into the Halle today but the Minotaur ride might be more problematic . So decision time . We struggled to find the Halle . ... read more
Facing up to each other
The Long Ma
The Spider

Europe » France » Midi-Pyrénées » Toulouse April 9th 2022

And now for something a little different to yesterday . After the cloisters our first stop was to dump our grey waste, empty the chemical toilet , fill up with water and try to find a petrol station. One that worked . We were heading for Toulouse and Aeroscopia which sells itself as interactive, entertaining , an exhibition of legendary aircraft such as Concorde , the Caravelle and the Super Guppy. We drove back to the LeClerc supermarket . Parked in front of the machine and followed the instructions which started off in English but reverted to pictures and french . Insert card. Follow the instructions on the keypad. Pop your PIN number in. Take card out. What next ? The machine then told us that we should pick our pump. Pump 4 picked . Did ... read more
Inside the cockpit
the ugly old Super Guppy
On the tarmac

Europe » France » Midi-Pyrénées » Toulouse November 1st 2021

Ich habe mit meinem Blog die Marke von 100.000 Wörtern und 10.000 Fotos überschritten. Das freut mich sehr. Heute frühstückte ich wieder gut und machte mich dann zu einem Spaziergang durch Toulouse auf. Es gibt hier eine Basilika, mindestens eine interessante Kirche, einen großen Platz und ein Konvent. All das sah ich zumindest von außen und fotografierte es natürlich auch. Danach ging ich ins Starbucks und machte erst einmal eine Kaffeepause. Es gäbe noch ein Luft- und Raumfahrt-Museum, aber das ist relativ weit draußen und ähnliche Dinge habe ich ja schon mal gesehen. Bei meiner Internetrecherche stellte ich fest, dass mein Restaurant 3 U-Bahnstationen von meinem Hotel entfernt liegt. Da der nächste Haltepunkt gerade aus unerfindlichen Gründen geschlossen ist, kann ich heute Abend zumindest etwas den Weg verkürzen, wenn der Ticketkauf einleuchtend ist. Im Hotel bereitete ... read more
Spaziergang durch Toulouse.
Spaziergang durch Toulouse.
Spaziergang durch Toulouse.

Europe » France » Midi-Pyrénées » Toulouse October 31st 2021

Heute konnte ich wieder lange frühstücken, bevor ich das Hotel in Bilbao verließ und mich auf den Weg nach Frankreich machte. In Spanien tankte ich nochmals voll, denn das Benzin ist hier etwa 20 Cent pro Liter billiger als in Frankreich. Mein Zwischenziel des Tages war die französische Baskenstadt Bayonne. Hier fand ich gut einen oberirdischen Parkplatz vor den Wallanlagen der Stadt. Diese sind ja eine der Sehenswürdigkeiten. Die anderen bestehen aus der Kathedrale und der Altstadt allgemein. Ich fand ziemlich schnell ein nettes Café, wo ich einen Cappuccino und ein Eis bestellte. Natürlich nutzte ich die Gelegenheit für einen Toilettengang. Diese müssen bei ganztägigen Reisen ja strategisch geplant werden. Die Stadt sieht eigentlich ganz nett aus. Sie liegt auch an zwei Flüssen. Es gab in der Fußgängerzone einen Souvenirshop, aber ich sah keinen Nutzen darin, ... read more
Spaziergang durch Bayonne.
Spaziergang durch Bayonne.
In Sichtweite der Pyrenäen.

Europe » France » Midi-Pyrénées » Toulouse January 9th 2020

Comme le dit un proverbe de chez moi (c'est où chez moi maintenant? Lol), le voyage de 1000 km commence toujours par un premier pas! Pour moi le premier pas s'est passé ici à Toulouse, le 6 janvier à 14h05, quand mon tout nouveau passeport de citoyenne française m'a été remis! C'est bon, le voyage va être possible, le monde m'attend, 2 coupes de Moët brut sur la place du Capitole, et c'est parti pour les plans de voyage. L'Australie brûle, les fumées voyagent (elles aussi), et couvrent les paysages de Nouvelle Zélande 2000 km plus loin... ce n'est pas la meilleure idée d'aller dans ce coin, on va carrément changer de continent, quitte à revenir en Océanie en fin d'année prochaine. La mappemonde tourne dans nos têtes.... et hop c'est parti pour l'amérique du sud, ... read more

Europe » France » Midi-Pyrénées » Toulouse May 6th 2019

Leaving Toulouse Back to the train station to rent the car. The staff was very friendly and helpful giving us directions on how to get out of town. We only made one small mistake which was amazing considering the road works at the station and the narrow, winding streets. Luckily, the drive out of town went along streets we had walked the day before. This was helpful because there were a couple of unusual intersections and I am glad I didn’t have to drive through them unprepared. The drive was only just over an hour and we were heading towards the Pyrenees which made for great views. Aurignac The couple we were house sitting for were a lot of fun. They introduced us to Caramelle, the cat, and the three chickens. Wait a minute, I thought ... read more
Lettuce be friends
Meal time

Europe » France » Midi-Pyrénées » Toulouse May 5th 2019

Here we are again, travelling in France on a Saturday. The day started well with our trip to the market in Arles (see last blog). It got even better as we approached Toulouse on the train and I noticed we didn’t have to cross the river; it was the Canal du Midi we had to cross. Frequent blog readers will know the only thing I like better than churches and aqueducts are canals, especially the Canal du Midi. Toulouse The not so good news was that they are doing a bunch of road work right outside the station where the canal passes and it was quite an ordeal getting away from the station. But that was nothing. What we hadn’t realized was that Toulouse was the city that had been selected as the main target of ... read more
Gilets Jaune protests
Aftermath of Gilets Jaune protests

Europe » France » Midi-Pyrénées » Toulouse July 17th 2018

(for Igor) The usual fear and loathing Trouble began when the flight from San Francisco to Manchester was over an hour late taking off. I arrived at the gate for my connecting flight to Toulouse just as the door to the plane closed. Realizing I would not be able to find another flight out of Manchester that night, I bought a business class ticket to London where the connections to Toulouse would be more plentiful. A travel tip: fly business class, bring a canteen. I was at a bar in the British Air Business Lounge at Heathrow (one of the perks of flying business class) waiting for a bartender to appear, when a woman stepped behind the bar and filled a canteen with Tanqueray. She looked at me staring at her with my mouth agape. "For ... read more
Chateau Peyrepertuse I
Chateau Peyrepertuse II

Europe » France » Midi-Pyrénées » Toulouse February 8th 2018

Here we are, back on the Old Continent....and a trip over 3 the cold...for the next coming days. It will be all about food, wine, old buildings, and yes, even some sport! Imagine, I never made my way to the City of Toulouse. I have to admit, not only the Old Town is gorgeous, but the people are some of the friendliest you will find in the all of France. Tourists have not really made it to Toulouse. Trying to find a post card was a challenge! The city is actually hosting a huge University. So there are young people all around the place. Toulouse is also hosting the seriously well know Airbus. The airport is surrounded by factories of Airbus. We saw A380 and A350 with colors from all over the world. This is ... read more
Visiting Airbus, sadly not that many places to take pictures...
It's food and bubble time...

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