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Europe » France » Lorraine » Metz October 10th 2016

Well, its been a day or two but we're still enjoying the ride! We left Toulouse and got to Marseille in rush hour so the last 8k's took 45 minutes, but that's OK, the hotel and the meal out were typically wonderful. The next day was interesting to say the least. When we do it again we will stay longer in each place to take in the cities more, but we wanted to say "we've been there" so decided on a quick trip to Cannes, then Nice and up to Lyon. This resulted in quite a stressful negotiation of Nice on a busy Saturday afternoon, then an arrival of 8:40pm in Lyon and a disaster of a communication in an Italian restaurant in Lyon. We can laugh now, but it meant a very rushed tour of ... read more

Europe » France » Lorraine » Metz April 23rd 2016

Day 2 With a temperature dropping overnight my little legs were cold. I tossed and turned and was glad when the alarm went off at 5 am. We missed our oil filled heater. It had proved too heavy and cumbersome and took it out replacing it with an electric fan heater which we didn’t fancy leaving on all night. After breakfast of token coffee and croissants I did the shimmy under the fence to detach Suzy from the mains and off we went. Past the Tottenham Hotspur training ground. No we did not see any players it was too early for that. The M25 was heaving despite it being early. We crossed the Thames at the Dartford Crossing which glistened in the early morning sun. On closer inspection it was rather grubby and the sky had ... read more
what is it about rose windows ?
One of the many rivers in Metz
Of course the clock

Europe » France » Lorraine » Metz August 1st 2015

The 2 days we spent in Hageville, near Metz, France, were a rush of impressions. The view of hundreds of hot air balloons starting at the same time was pretty impressive, but to jump in one of them and see it all from the air was amazing. The sun raised from east and the sky got full of little and big balloons of different colors. The pictures attached speak for themselves, but believe me that they can’t tell the thrilling joy we felt inside that basket.... read more

Europe » France » Lorraine » Metz July 11th 2015

Saturday 11 July 2015 It wasn't surprising that we slept in this morning. Our fellow guests next door haven't yet learnt the etiquette of hotel accommodation. The drive along the upper reaches of the Mosel River took a long time because of the meandering nature of the river. So with noisy neighbours and a long drive we really needed the sleep. We are a bit naughty when it comes to travel. European hotels don't provide tea or coffee facilities in the room so we have to provide for ourselves. The result is we have our regular morning coffee before we start each day. Today as the jug came to the boil the TV went off and the jug stopped boiling. Oh dear! We're going to be found out. Have showers, no shave, no hair dryer, hide ... read more

Europe » France » Lorraine » Metz April 21st 2014

It is by wonderfully sunny afternoon, this Sunday December 1st that I boarded the regional train towards the City of Metz and its Christmas Market, Christmas Markets should I rather say as they are 6 in total spread around the city centre, but all within a walking distance. As soon as I arrive in the historic train station I was greeted by the towering silhouette of the giant Vosgian Christmas Tree dressed in silver and white which welcomes you in a City that knows to celebrate Christmas with warmth ! I know the centre of Metz quite well and yet it was a a wonderful surprise to discover all these familiar Streets and squares dressed in festive colours starting with the Place de la République with its Big Wheel and its Ice Skating Rink then to ... read more
Metz Christmas Market
Metz Christmas Market
Metz Christmas Market

Europe » France » Lorraine » Metz April 21st 2014

Metz the discreet ! This is how I would describe this City... As opposed to its famous neighbour city Strasbourg, immediately recognizable through its black and white buildings, its Christmas Markets, gastronomy and traditions, the Capital of the Lorraine region is not featured much in the news or even in the documentaries highlighting the beautiful régions of France. And this is a shame really as the Lorraine region has so much to be discovered and enjoyed by the Visitor, much more than the recipe of its namesake "quiche" or even the famous Mirabelle plum I am of a curious nature opened towards the world, but this is only last winter while I was watching the "Come Dine with Me" show set in Metz, that I was finally able to discover the Capital of Lorraine and its ... read more

Europe » France » Lorraine » Metz July 23rd 2011

My resources are one 14-kg backpack, one month and half, 800€ in the Pocket, and friends all over Europe. I will try to outline a vertical view of Europe by exploring its two cultural poles -the north (baltic and nordic countries; especially Estonia, Lettonia, Sweden and Finnland) & the south (Spain and South of France)- with Italy and Fance as transition countries. I would like to get a better understanding of the two different approaches of the individu to society while contextualising them in the respective historic past. Is there an antinomy between the individualistic societies of northern countries and the more social-oriented societies of the southern one? Are these differences irreductible? ... read more

Europe » France » Lorraine » Metz June 13th 2011

We started our excursion to France very early and after driving through western Germany and Luxembourg, we crossed the French border. Our first stop was the city of Metz, in the Lorraine region. We had almost the whole day to discover this rather small, but very beautiful city. The first sight we visited was the Cathedral of Metz (Saint Etienne de Metz) from the 16th century. The inside is very impressive, but reminded us a lot of the Dom or Cathedral in Cologne as well. We continued from there and walked through the mayor part of the city, passing stores and houses. Finally we reached our destination: the main railway station (Gare de Metz-Ville). We went inside and passed the main hallway and visited the tracks as well. The station was build by the Germans and ... read more
Opera in Metz
Port of the Cathedral
Port of the Cathedral

Europe » France » Lorraine » Metz December 27th 2009

This morning after breakfast, Ben suggested we take a tour of Metz. The girls opted to stay at Anthony's place as they were very cold, so it was just Ben, me and another CS friend of Ben. Our first stop was a church. We parked the car and walked - the weather was awful. It was snowing and there was an icy wind blowing. Good thing the girls decided not to come with. After the church, we visited the most magical christmas markets. Even though I was frozen solid, I loved meandering through the christmas markets. We went back to Anthony's house, picked up Isa and the girls and then the long drive back to Verdun where the girls helped Lorraine to decorate the christmas tree and Ben made us pasta and chicken for lunch. After ... read more
A beautiful christmas market
Streets of Metz
Inside the chruch

Europe » France » Lorraine » Metz October 21st 2009

Its Moving Day October 1st. I have now met all of the assistants that I’ll be living with. Its really nice having them around. Evelina who is this gorgeous assistant from Italy has been staying with her parents in Metz for the past couple of days. Her parents are so cute and her mom pinches my cheek when she sees me and says touta bella. I dont know why I always speak French to them knowing they speak Italian. Maria from Cordoba, Spain is unpacking at I type. She has an amazing Spanish accent and is beautiful as well. Oh all these european girls. I can’t wait to post pictures. She is nice so far and seems welcoming. And then my there is Sabine, the assistant from Germany. I think her and I will become good ... read more

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