La Vuelta um die Welt


Staring Elisa die Marder and Diego el del Chiste

Hello everyone! We are a Spanish-German couple travelling round the world for at least 12 months and hopefully hitting Canada, USA, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Laos, India and Sri Lanka...uff (breathing)

Do not hesitate following us, writing us, meeting us, joining us or whatever

We work very hard and actually too many hours with Kevin, so he urges us to finally go and experience the island a little bit. Tofino is our destination but as always we start late in the day and therefore it gets dark pretty quick. We decide to stay at the coast and find a place next to the water. Easier said than done. All along the coast are houses and long private properties. We drive very far up the coast, on very dark gravel roads only to realize, that we have a better chance in the little village Qualicum Beach. So finally we drive back there and find a spot where we can have breakfast on the water front the next morning. At Port Alverni we pass the last houses and gas station, but our ... read more

As we are finished with building we have to say our fare well to all the animals, who we got to love dearly, and also to Wendy and Silvy, who we got close to as well. We take some final group pictures and drive off the property with many good wishes and a book for Elisa. However the drive ahead is not long at all. Only ten minutes later we arrive at the Kerstens house where we will stay for the next three days. Helping Kevin with preparing the basement for his parents visit in two weeks. We have to finish putting up tiles in the bathroom area and also the dry walls need to go up on the sealing and on the walls. Diego and Kevin get started on the drywalls and Elisa is working ... read more

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver Island » Victoria September 10th 2015

At night we think about what happens next. We got some more money than expected so we think about renting a car for a week and see the Island. BUT it is crazily expensive!! So we end up looking at cars in Craigslist again. We make a trip to Victoria on Wednesday the 9th of September to check some adds. A dealer offers us a 3.600 cad minivan, with not much space but it could do if we get cozy. We decide to buy it, but not today, let us come back tomorrow with the money. Diego checks the net once more and… there it is, a big, nice and cheap GMC Safari from 1992. It is 23 years old, in very good shape though. We get it registered incredibly easy and head back to Cobble ... read more

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver Island » Duncan September 6th 2015

Silvy and Wendy make us feel more and more at home. We also finally move into the house because it rains so much J When the rain stops we go out riding after we finish our chores. Diego practised enough so that one day Silvy decides, that we all go out riding together. So we saddle up Palido for Silvy, Ruen for Diego, Hero for Elisa and Strider for Wendy. And out we go. When we arrive in the forest we go faster, trotting and for a little way even cantering. This ride made us aware, that we haven’t been around the property so much so the next day we take the bikes and drive to a little lake. Oliver comes with us all the way to the lake, but he doesn’t want to come near ... read more

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver Island » Duncan September 1st 2015

As already said, many animals live in the farm. The horses are nice to us and enjoy some cuddles and brushing from time to time. The cats wonder around our tent and even sleep in front of it, always begging for attention and tasty bites of our food. The dogs have very different personalities: Oliver, the oldest and biggest dog, and also the only male, is not interested in cuddles and uses to lay down without making any noise. Rosy, a young Puddle girl, always enjoys scratching on her back and barks to any new visitor on the farm. And last but not least the two puppies: Blaze and Tia Maria. Blaze is like a storm, jumping, flying from place to place and calling the attention of everyone. Tia Maria, is less impulsive but equal so ... read more

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver Island » Duncan August 26th 2015

We step out of the car, say goodbye to Kevin and start looking around in the place where we are spending the next three weeks. Wendy, our WOOFing host, is not yet back. She texted us that she has visitors and that they went for a ride. We walk around the place and meet all the other inhabitants of the farm. Apart from the horses there are some chicken, two goats, 4 dogs and three cats. Tango, one of the cats, friendly welcome us, and makes herself comfortable on Diego’s backpack. She stays there for the next 15 min! Finally Wendy arrives and we also meet her joyful wife Silvy, as well as her daughter and her son in law, who spend their holidays in the farm. The first days are quite cold comparing with the ... read more

Kevin lives with his family in a house that he is rebuilding by himself. It is located more or less directly at the beautiful Shawnigan Lake. We are not the only visitors staying with the Kerstens. Nathalie and Nathalie from Germany and Switzerland are also there. They are like us travelling through Canada and met Kevin through the Website Work Away. Kevin makes us feel welcome right away. Natalie from Germany prepares Apple Crumble for dessert and the other Natalie starts preparing dinner. We just join. After some time Karina, Kevins wife, comes home from work and we have great dinner. After dinner we set up our tent next to the pool. The next morning we offer to help Kevin mixing concrete for his pizza oven and the base for a new shower in the basement. ... read more

We touch land in Swartz Bay, and jump into the bus taking us to Victoria downtown. Just stepping out of the bus and we already like it. Victoria has a strong British atmosphere with it's own special taste. Finally the decision is made to spend our money on booking two nights in an expensive Hostel and some rental bikes. We soon discover that everything in Victoria is expensive :S All in all, the good city-feelings we couldn’t find in Vancouver are here around every corner. After two days of exploring the area and finding deer in the city parks, we try to get north to our WWOOFing place in Cobble Hill. It is a day early and we want to make a stop in Mill Bay. As we are on a low budget we want to ... read more

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver August 19th 2015

We want to meet some native Canadian people. So we try to find a host with Couchsurfing. We send a bunch of requests and we get finally accepted by a couple our age. Lizz and Vaughn are very nice people, BUT THEY AREN’T CANADIANS! In fact they are frome Melbourne, Australia. Whatever, at the time we arrive they are even hosting someone else, Lukas from Germany. We all get on very quick and enjoy the time together. On that weekend Lizz and Vaughn take us to a hike to Garibaldi Lake. Fortunatly we don’t know that it is going to be 22 km up and down, because we wouldn’t have made it to the top. But it’s good we did it: the Garibaldi lake is amazing blue, just like in one of those magazine pictures you ... read more

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver August 17th 2015

Our first impression from Vancouver isn’t the best. We start dragging our heavy backpacks through Chinatown and the big buildings don’t make any big impression on us. As we happen to visit Stanley Park we finally find the city a bit friendlier. All in all, we are happy when we get to get out of the concrete jungle and head to Lynn Canyon. Everything changes, the air is pure, trees are everywhere, the houses look nice and even the weather helps. After an nice hike day we must find a place to spend the night. We ask a ranger if we may camp in the Park, he says it is not allowed. We don’t want to pay to sleep, so we decide to get as deep into the forest as possible to avoid any fine. And ... read more

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