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Europe » Finland » Uusimaa » Helsinki October 26th 2017

Yesterday was our last morning in Russia, and our driver was booked for 10.00am, to take us to Finlyandsky Station in Saint Petersburg to catch our train to Helsinki, Finland. Our Hotel provided us with an official document for Russian Border Control, confirming that we have stayed in their hotel all five nights whilst in Saint Petersburg. We also had with us our passports and a document provided by the Russian Consulate in Sydney, confirming receipt of a Letter of Invitation from our Hotel to stay at their place of accommodation. The young Receptionists at our hotel were all very friendly and helpful, and interested to hear about Australia. One of the Receptionists was very excited when Kim gave her some Australian coins as a gift for her helpfulness, with kangaroos on them. Arriving at the ... read more

Europe » Finland » Uusimaa » Helsinki September 11th 2017

Since John’s making the most of his sore toe I was left to take the Helsinki City and Sibelius tour on my own. I sat with the women from our Trivia Team in the World Stage while we waited for our tours. They were taking the Helsinki by Land and Sea tour. The person calling the tours is very good and having a good time this morning. Someone left their bag on the stage (a big flowered one) so he checked inside to see if he could identify anything but it contained a smaller bag labeled Big Secrets so he wasn’t about to touch it. Much later a woman did go up front to get it but she didn’t seem to understand his joke about secrets and was trying to find Bob but he didn’t show ... read more

Europe » Finland » Uusimaa » Helsinki July 14th 2017

Au terme de ce voyage, je m'arrête quelques jours à Helsinki. J'ai rejoint la capitale finlandaise en un peu moins de 2 heures et demie depuis Tallinn par l'imposant traversier Finlandia. Son nom donnera d'ailleurs le ton à ma première visite ici, ce qui saura intéresser mes amis musiciens: le monument dédié à Jean Sibelius, qui s'élève vers le ciel dans un joli parc en bordure de la mer. Cet imposant monument d'acier inoxydable a été sculpté par une sculptrice finlandaise et inauguré en 1967. L'ensemble de 600 tuyaux a été très controversé lors de son dévoilement. Le monument met le compositeur en lien avec la nature finlandaise qui lui était si chère. Certains croient, à tort, qu'il représente des tuyaux d'orgue mais c'est en fait une forêt de bouleaux qui y figure, arbres que Sibelius ... read more
Un petit sauna?
C'était vraiment bon!
La cathédrale luthérienne

Europe » Finland » Uusimaa » Helsinki July 10th 2017

We docked in Helsinki this morning right in the downtown area… to the Ferris wheel which many cities now have. There was a morning market set up not too far from the ship along the waterfront. We decided to just go for a walk and find a tourist office. Not too far from the ship is the Finnish President’s residence and there were red carpets set out and some security staff milling around the entrance… was obvious that some dignitary was expected. Helsinki is a smallish town and the waterfront is lined with parks and wide sidewalks….we found the tourist office – a free walking tour starting at 10am – and as we left we were treated to a military marching band making it’s way from the central square to the President’s residence. Apparently, there was ... read more
Red Carpet Welcome
Military Parade
Helsinki Library

Europe » Finland » Uusimaa » Helsinki July 7th 2017

We arrived in Helsinki and headed to Market Square. I bought a key chain which I will hang on my Christmas tree as an ornament. The market has food booths and booths selling a variety of items. From the square we took a water bus to Suomenlinna. There is a fort on the island. The fort was founded in 1748. Construction began when Finland was still part of the Kingdom of Sweden. Finland was part of Sweden for 600 years. Then Russia took control of Finland. In 1918 Finland gained their independencE. We got off the water bus and headed to the information center where we signed up for a English walking tour. Our guide is a college age girl who grew up on the small island and her parents still live here. Our tour took ... read more
Helsinki from the water bus
Fort, the guns were never used
Helsinki Cathedral

Europe » Finland » Uusimaa » Helsinki June 30th 2017

Un premier ferry... et nous voila en Finlande... Découverte d'une ville TRES vivante... on nous annoncera à notre arrivée au camping que ce sera le carnaval demain à Helsinki !!!! Nous avons l'habitude de nous choisir des campings qui se trouvent presqu'en ville lors d'une visite qui s'impose... C'est ainsi qu'après une bonne nuit, nous nous levons du bon pied car il fait deja magnifique ce dimanche... Plein soleil et dans la journée jusqu'à 27°.... Pour un carnaval, c'est tout ce qu'il faut ! Ce sera à partir d'Helsinki que notre antenne parabolique ne captera plus la télévision ... Ici l'excuse sera que ce sont les immeubles à appartements qui contournent le camping qui sont fautifs... mais non... Par contre en insistant pour changer de place, nous arriverons à connecter facilement l'internet... C'est déjà ca... Nous ... read more
le train qui nous mènera en ville
chin chin Helsinki
Le musée d'Art contemporain Kiasma

Europe » Finland » Uusimaa » Helsinki May 13th 2017

Hei, ystävät! Hey, friends! After a long 24+ hours of traveling, I finally arrived in Helsinki airport at 18:40 yesterday, May 12 kind of swept up in a whirlwind of thoughts and emotions. My journey had gone so smoothly up until that point that I was certain that something would go wrong once I arrived in Finland, not because I'm doom and gloom, but because I kept imagining that there had to be a universal law that said something, anything, even the smallest of things would go wrong between Pittsburgh and street Uudenmaantaku, Helsinki, where my hostel was located. It didn't though; everything went as smooth as I could have imagined. It was almost like I had done it before; IT being buying the correct train ... read more

Europe » Finland » Uusimaa » Helsinki February 9th 2017

Finland Day 1 "It's a different kind of cold.' My arse! They always say it don't they 'It's a different kind of cold.' What does that even mean before we get into the basic fact that minus 9 is still flipping cold even without the wind chill factor?? You're still chilled to the bone and at one point I almost considered putting a hat on. Okay so that was at the point when Claire threatend to tell my Mum of me but hey. Even the sea is frozen so that's pretty damned cold whatever type of cold it is. Anyway we're in Finland and the trip was a present for my latest significant birthday last year from Claire. We woke at 2am and drove over 300 miles to Gatwick before the usual dipsticks had chance to ... read more

Europe » Finland » Uusimaa » Helsinki February 9th 2017

When telling people that I was visiting Finland during February, I was often told that 'yes it is cold, BUT a different type of cold', thus insinuating that the colder temperatures of Finland are somehow more bearable than the wet and grey cold nights of England. What a load of cobblers. Let me tell you: there's cold, there's extremely cold, there's 'oh no I can't stand this much longer' and then there is a whole lot colder than that. Finland in February stings your skin and makes your eyes water, you need to spend at least a month's wages on cold weather gear to survive it - it was -7 when we arrived sinking to -9 later. And if that isn't cold enough for you, why not step into a bar where the barman is wearing ... read more
Train to Helsinki Central
Helsinki ice rink near station
Hotel Finn (on 6th floor)

Europe » Finland » Uusimaa » Helsinki January 24th 2017

Koska lento oli seuraavana aamuna klo 9.30, menin jo yöksi lentokenttähotelliin. Valitsin tälle päivälle kuvan sen perusteella, että se näkyy koko matkan ykköskuvana. Kuvahan otettiin vasta Panamassa myöhemmin.... read more

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