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Europe » Finland » Uusimaa » Helsinki June 5th 2015

No niin... Taas mennään. Katselin tuossa vanhoja blogeja ja näköjään trendinä on usein jättää viimeinen postaus joko täysin vajaaksi tai sitten pois kokonaan. Ja osa reissuista kokonaan loistaa poissaolollaan. Oltiin helmikuussa 2015 8pv New Yorkissa. Se oli sinällään jännä reissu, että ensimmäistä kertaa harjoiteltiin kahden lapsen kanssa reissaamista. Nyt on sitten näin lapsiperheen näkökulmasta isompi vaihde silmässä ja lähdetään pe-iltana ensin Istanbuliin 4 päiväksi ja sitten 10pv Iraniin. Viisumi Iraniin oli yllättävän hankala. Kolme kertaa kävin suurlähetystössä viemässä lappuja. Helpommalla olisi päässyt, jos olisi hankkinut turistitoimistosta kutsun maahan. Mutta menihän se sit näinkin. Itse kohdetta olin lobannut S:lle jo muutaman vuoden ja nyt heti kun sain myöntävähkön vastauksen, varasin suoraan lennot. Yhtenä myyntiargume... read more

Europe » Finland » Uusimaa » Helsinki April 16th 2015

It's my last day in Helsinki, and in Finland, and I've got a lot to see still. I spend the day wandering with a purpose around the city, ticking off attractions as I hit them. First is the 'red cathedral,' really an old Russian Orthodox Church perched properly atop a hill near my hostel. I had passed it several times already, but hadn't yet taken time to appreciate the incredible architecture, or to actually go inside and check it out; both of which I proceed to do. Like any old church, it was littered with paintings, spectacular chandeliers (yes Sia, I know you want to swing from them), and silencio signs. I had never seen a church of this religion before, and it was pretty intense... Definitely glad I checked it out. The next stop on ... read more
Majestic Cathedral
It's true, I do.
My fave.

Europe » Finland » Uusimaa » Helsinki April 16th 2015

I was originally going to title this blog as “The best laid plans of mice and men – Part 3” as the first two blogs of with that title, and , dealt with plans gone airy. However, those blogs dealt with making connections with family at our final destination who were arriving on different flights from different places. Furthermore, I cannot state that my plans for this trip were “best laid” as my itinerary involved multiple transfers from Colorado Springs to Dallas Fort Worth to Charlotte to London Heathrow with bus transfer to London Gatwick and finally to Dubrovnik. The return flights also involved five transfers. The more transfers the more probability of something going wrong; e.g., missed connections, missing luggage, etc. Such is the downside of using frequent flyer miles. The more apropos title would ... read more
To get to Customs and Immigration in Helsinki...
Helsinki Airport Hilton...

Europe » Finland » Uusimaa » Helsinki April 15th 2015

I'm falling behind, I'm sorry! I'll have a lot of travelling time to post today's blog tomorrow so I'll be back on top of things then, I promise! But yesterday, oh yesterday!!! Man this was the coolest thing. So yesterday, I took a ferry to this island called Suomenlinna which I knew very little about... Something about a sea fortress, but that's all. However, it turns out that this island was absolutely 100% the coolest thing I've ever seen, I swear! Comprised of 6 different islands, and built in the 17th century, hundreds of tunnels and 8km of fortress walls make up this incredible place. It was like walking through time and a seriously awesome history in real life experience. There were still cannons mounted in every direction outwards towards the sea, and some tunnels open ... read more
One of those holes
Big guns

Europe » Finland » Uusimaa » Helsinki April 14th 2015

I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I know you've all been patiently waiting for yesterday's entry... When you only have a few days in one country, it's hard to wake up and spend halft an hour writing without doing something new! But I'm settled down for the night now, and here goes. So my first day in Finland started before Finland, and back in the Arlanda airport in Stockholm, because you first have to get in the right plane to make it to the right destination! Even before that adventure, I packed my things up at the hostel (and I don't think I've found anything I've forgotten their yet, knock on wood), and scooted a couple doors down in the rain to grab some breakfast pastries from the Bageri at which we hostel members get 10% off... Not ... read more
Coffee shop

Europe » Finland » Uusimaa » Helsinki August 14th 2014

I am not sure where to start, I packed my bag and headed down to the harbour just a short walk through the old town. I was a few hours early so I just sat and watched people arrive an hour later it was time to board the ferry. It was a big boat so grabbed a table by the window and ate a bagel washed down with my last, ridiculously expensive beer. The journey was short, just a few hours and the ferry was moving through the islands scattered around Helsinki harbour. Helsinki is an extremely attractive city the harbour area is attractive as are the streets around the city centre. I chose to take a taxi to my hotel which wasn't far from the port or the city centre, arriving after a short time ... read more
Pretty lane
Susisaari bridge

Europe » Finland » Uusimaa » Helsinki August 12th 2014

Helsinki the capital of Finland 10 to 12 August 2013 Helsinki will be our last 'port-of-call- in Finland. We have thoroughly enjoyed visiting the country. It is certainly very different to Norway and Sweden, not to mention the flattest of them all. We arrived in Helsinki via more excellent roads and freeways at about 3.00pm, in time to visit the Tourist office right in the central area of the city. We left the office armed with all the material that we needed to do our planning for our visit to this lakeside city. Founded in 1550, the "Daughter of the Baltic" has been the Finnish capital since 1812, when it was rebuilt by the tsars of Russia along the lines of a miniature St. Petersburg, a role it has played in many a Cold War movie. ... read more
Helsinki Dom Cathedral Finland (3)
Suomenlinna Fort off coast of Helsinki Finland (12)
The tourist in Helsinki Finland

Europe » Finland » Uusimaa » Helsinki August 8th 2014

Arriving in Helsinki after a smooth 2 hour crossing from Tallinn our guide Marta took us on an orientation walk of the city. We had really been enjoying these walks as they helped us to get our bearings for when each evening we explored on our own. While strolling down a lovely tree lined boulevard Marta explained the street filled with shops and cafes was the Helsinki's equivalent of the Champs Elysees, certainly somewhere we would explore later. We walked towards the bustling harbour to a colourful market selling fruit, vegetables, crafts and local fish, the favourite being smoked herring. In the afternoon we toured the local sites which included the Olympic Stadium, the Olympic games were held here in 1952. We also stopped at Sibelius park to see the world famous composer Jean Sibelius monument ... read more
Olypmic Stadium
Sibelius Monument
Dining with a view

Europe » Finland » Uusimaa » Helsinki July 28th 2014

After 14 days our visa was expiring and it was time to leave St. Petersburg. Our last stop after leaving the marina was to fill up our diesel tanks. We filled up both tanks with diesel for $3.65/gal, an extremely good deal (in Europe you pay almost 8 dollars a gallon) plus the diesel in Russia has no added ethanol. With 200 gallons of diesel onboard we are set for quite some time! The weather while we were in St. Petersburg cooperated very nicely and even better the winds came out of the east so they were perfect for our westward trip back to the border and on to Finland. We forgot to mention in our St. Petersburg blog entry that it was quite a process for checking into the country. It wasn’t the process itself, ... read more
The Stadium Being Built in St. Petersburg
These Airfoils Sure Are Fast!!
Cruise Ships Come to St. Petersburg Regularly

Europe » Finland » Uusimaa » Helsinki July 5th 2014

Hello Friends! I am pretty busy this weekend, so just another quick post today. Last weekend I went to Helsinki with my new best friend from Estonia. Usually when I travel I feel pressured to make sure I see and do everything possible, which is great but sometimes stressful. Last Saturday we took our time walking around exploring the city, were relaxed and still saw more incredible things than I'll have time to write about here. To get to Helsinki we took a two hour boat trip across the Baltic Sea and slept on the way because we both stayed up way too late the night before. When we arrived we walked around a bazaar where the shopkeepers were selling pretty much the exact same souvenirs they sell in Tallinn, but they all said Finland instead ... read more

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