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Europe » Finland » Uusimaa » Helsinki July 19th 2018

We arrived in Helsinki 20 minutes before midnight. It had just become night - the light fading from the west as we flew into the airport. It would be light again here in less than 4 hours. If you like daylight, this was the place to be on your summer city break. Helsinki is actually the second most northerly capital city in the world behind Reykjavik in Iceland and just pipping the capital of Norway, Oslo, into third. Close neighbours, Tallinn (Estonia) and Stockholm (Sweden) complete the top five. Helsinki Airport was humming even at this late hour. Flights arriving and bodies lying around waiting for the early morning departures. The queues were long at immigration and I was just about to curse Scandinavian efficiency or the lack of it, when the automatic facial recognition passport ... read more
Helsinki Central Railway Station
Helsinki Cathedral
Olympic Stadium Tower

Europe » Finland » Uusimaa » Helsinki July 19th 2018

The circus was coming to town on Monday. I paused to watch the Finnish police unit carefully extracting the drain covers near the Presidential Palace. Mirrors descended in to check for explosives, before a security seal was applied. I had seen something similar in Belfast when Clinton was trying to add some American input into the Northern Ireland peace process, but the security on show here was in another level. The city was to be the venue for a summit between the 2 world super powers. Trump, fresh from keeping his new mate "Little Rocket Man" getting too pushy with his demands and getting right up the noses of most EU leaders on his recent visit and Putin, gloating over the success of his World Cup in which the Russian team actually exceeded all expectations. The ... read more
National Museum of Finland
Sibelius Monument
Alvar Aalto House, Helsinki

Europe » Finland » Uusimaa » Helsinki July 17th 2018

13th July This was a change to the itinerary, Mr Trump decided to visit with Mr Putin so we had alter the dates!! Finland Helsinki Finlands capital, daughter of the Baltic its a city that has many Neo Classical buildings, loads of museums. Their very big on museums in the Baltic!! An easy city to walk, the Market Square at the end of the Esplanade where there are loads of stalls selling local produce and souvenirs. The imposing Uspenski Cathedral overlooks the area and the a short walk brings you into Senate Square where unfortunately all the tours from everywhere congregate. A short walk brings you back to the railway station with another austere facade.... read more
Helsinki 2
Helsinki 3
Helsinki 4

Europe » Finland » Uusimaa » Helsinki July 17th 2018

We have now been in Helsinki for a couple of days before departing tomorrow evening on a ferry (Bird says surprise Vicki and Carol Ann) for St. Petersburg, Russia. Even bumped into our ship as we departed Tallin, we'll show you. Helsinki doesn't have a great number of sights. For the considerable majority of it's history Finland was the property of someone else (Sweden and Russia). It was not even founded until the mid sixteenth century (by the Swedes who owned the place and wanted to compete with the trading city of Tallin). It remained a speck on the map until the nineteenth century. Thus, there is little history here. However, the people are wonderful. There were a number of times someone noticed airhead tourists struggling and spontaneously offered assistance. Just nice. Yet they clearly think ... read more
Lutheran Cathedral
Temppeliaukio Church

Europe » Finland » Uusimaa » Helsinki July 9th 2018

Bonjour à tous, En peu de jour, j’aurais vécu plusieurs expériences, dans les hôtels. Hier c’était un centre de vacances, familial, donc un environnement d’enfants. Au petit déjeuner, comme au souper hier soir, les cris, les pleurs, les parents, etc. Avant hier à l’hôtel de l’hôpital, c’était un car de vieux, au petit déjeuner, comme c’est toujours un buffet, il suffit de regarder lepur comportement un peu comme les chinois, la peur qu’il ne preste rien pour eux. Si les gens pouvaient avoir des assiettes plus grandes ce serait super, parce que c’est compris dans le prix, on charge un maximum. Ça a le don de m’énerver. Je remarque que ce comportement est plus flagrant chez les gens d’un certain âge. Je me demande ce que je préfère, les enfants, ou les vieux. Réponse les jeunes ... read more
Le côté  Soviet
Uspenski Cathédrale
La Gare centrale

Europe » Finland » Uusimaa » Helsinki June 23rd 2018

Our trip to Helsinki was a brief one unfortunately. We left Tallinn and boarded the ferry, Business Class of course. Free food and drink for the entire trip. As it was early morning we started with coffee. A smooth ride and a look in the duty free store. We had lunch before we left the boat, as we started our city tour from the pier when we arrived. We visited the abstract Sibelius monument which was very controversial as it looks like organs but Sibelius wrote very little music for organs. The artist placated people by adding the face of Sibelius next to the sculpture. Next we visited the Temppeliaukio “rock” church which was quarried out of the ground. No gold, no icons, just a copper dome, exposed rock walls and concrete beams. It is used ... read more
Sibelius monument made up of 600 pipes
Copper dome of rock church

Europe » Finland » Uusimaa » Helsinki June 6th 2018

Helsinki 04.-09.06.2018 Wenn es auf der Fähre bereits eine Sauna gibt, das Hostel eine Morgensauna anbietet und man mitten in der Stadt in einer Kultursauna entspannen kann, dann ist man in Finnland angekommen. Und da ich ein begeisterter Saunagänger bin, habe ich die Sauna-Welt in Helsinki voll ausgekostet. Mit durchschnittlich ca. 15C hatte ich jetzt auch nicht unbedingt den Hochsommer in Finnland erwischt, aber es war trocken und sobald die Sonne scheint, ist Helsinki eine wunderschöne, strahlende Stadt. Helsinki ist eine Kombination aus Hamburg, mit seiner Speicherstadt, St. Petersburg mit den Zwiebeltürmen und Stockholm mit seinen vorgelagerten Inseln. Man sieht viele junge Leute in den Straßen und die Nähe zum Wasser lässt die Stadt sehr entspannt wirken. Neben einer Bootstour auf die umliegenden Inseln habe ich mir eine Felsenkirche (Church in the rock) und das Sibell ... read more

Europe » Finland » Uusimaa » Helsinki December 22nd 2017

Finally we are back to first world airlines that aren't owned by the King. As you'd expect Copenhagen has a smicko airport (which you'd expect given it costs $200 just to see it). Taking dogs on the plane (or maybe just walking them at the airport is a thing. There is a nice Jack Russel on our flight. Just before we board he has to go in his little soft crate. We arrive in Helsinki (taxi fare not quite as bad as Copenhagen), but it is very cold. Helsinki seems really small compared to Copenhagen (and very cold). Our hotel is right in the centre and there is an ice skating rick across the road in the square. First up we have lunch at a burger joint. I know its cheating but I feel justified as ... read more
Natural History Museum
Aerial view of Helsinki

Europe » Finland » Uusimaa » Helsinki December 17th 2017

r Sunday 17 December 2017 Helsinki – Tallinn - Helsinki An early start, meant that breakfast this morning was a buffet on board the ferry. The ferry to Tallinn left punctually at 6.00am. We were taken by b... read more
Ferry trip to Tallinn 3 hrs (18)
Tallinn Old Town (45)
Ferry trip to Tallinn 3 hrs (13)

Europe » Finland » Uusimaa » Helsinki December 16th 2017

Sat 16 December 2017 Rovaniemi / Helsinki Early this morning, we transfer to the train station and boarded an all day train south, to the Finnish capital of Helsinki. This was after a 4.45am early morning call through the hotel TV as well as a phone call. We were all punctual, meeting in the foyer at 5.20am. Heck we were all good travellers!! We had a 5 minute bus trip to the train station only to have to wait 10 minutes before the train doors were unlocked. It was a bit cold at -8 degrees! Once on the train and after packing away all our suitcases, we settled down to the 8.5 hour train trip. The train was very comfortable with a dining carriage for plenty of coffee and lunch. Some of us caught up with ... read more
Between Rovaniemi and Helsinki 8 (23)
Catching train to Helsinki from Rovaniemi (1)
Helsinki (36)

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