Nic Ballarin


Nic Ballarin

Europe » Denmark » Region Hovedstaden » Copenhagen April 25th 2015

So I guess I have to post just one more update. Awaken and kept from falling back asleep by some more snorers, I decided to go on a morning walk around 7:30 to get out of the stuffy and annoying room. I walked around the surrounding neighbourhood once more, really taking in my surroundings as this would be the last time I would be wandering alone in Europe for, I would imagine with school and everything, quite a while. Feeling a little hungry (or maybe still a bit full from dinner the night before, I couldn't really tell) I eventually went down the street to the bakery once more. I had calculated that I had exactly enough Danish currency left for my bus ride to the train station, a Danish and a raisin bun for later. ... read more
More Iceland

Europe » Denmark » Region Hovedstaden » Copenhagen April 24th 2015

So it finally arrived, and I am still alive and well. Yesterday was my last full day on my adventure and there are definitely some bitter sweet feelings. But I still have a full day ahead of exploring, so I don't dwell on the future too long. Thursday I decide to take a short train trip out of the capital, and visit a place on the northern tip of Denmark, called Helsingør, to escape the city atmosphere and see some more of rural Denmark. This trip has solidified the fact that I really really don't want to live in a big city, and that the outskirts of town are definitely where I belong. So I took the train, only about 45 minutes north (isn't it great how everything is so close over here?!) and got off ... read more
Kronborg AKA Elsinore
Kronborg Selfie
Kronborg again

Europe » Denmark » Region Hovedstaden » Copenhagen April 23rd 2015

The beginning to the day yesterday was beyond perfect. I was awake earlier than normal and decided it would be nice to make the short walk to the bakery on the corner about 200m from the hostel. I took my number, waited in line (it's like 8:30am, but they opened at 5am and I'm sure have been busy since then!) and ordered my cappuccino and whatever a traditional Danish breakfast pastry would be. The lady behind the counter laughed and said she'd think about it while she made the coffee. I ended up with a round pastry with icing around the edges and a cream filled centre... Honestly one of best things I've ever had for breakfast, seriously. I walked back to the hostel with my purchase and ate and drank on a bench by the ... read more
Selfie with my boiz the Emporers
Kristiansomething Palace

Europe » Denmark » Region Hovedstaden » Copenhagen April 22nd 2015

Shit, so I already wrote like 3/4 of this and then accidentally pressed the back button and lost it all, so don't expect the same enthusiasm as usual. Uuuughgfndnsnbsjsj. Jk, I'll do my best. Yay, I get to select a new country today for this entry! Yesterday marked both my last half-day in Sweden, and my first half-day in Denmark. I woke up, packed the rest of my stuff in my backpacks (and trust me, it was a struggle to get all that leftover food in there... I'm lucky I didn't pull out a loaf of bread on the train instead of my Eurail pass ?) and had my breakfast before going to check out. I dumped my sheets and towel and handed over my key card, to which I got in return, a letter... From ... read more
I like turtles.
Backyard view at the hostel

Europe » Sweden » Skåne County » Malmö April 21st 2015

I had a semi set wakeup time on Monday morning, as I had to make sure I got to the MFF shop right as it opened to insure my ticket for that evening's game. I made my breakfast, got dressed and boogied down to the Stadion wear I got a seat in the last section available, ahhh! Promises to be a good game with that sort of attendance. I also, don't ask how much it was, bought a jersey, because if you know anything about European soccer, you can't go to a game and not be supporting a team, and more importantly, you really want to be supporting the home team. So I got the ticket and the jersey, and then that was pretty much all I had planned for the day other than the actual ... read more
That Sky Though
Swedbank Stadion
Nighttime pic

Europe » Sweden » Skåne County » Malmö April 20th 2015

I slept in again yesterday... As a result of the aforementioned snorefest that was going on in my room. But I got up, had breakfast on the patio because it was another gorgeous day, and then got ready to head out and explore Day 2 of Malmö. With a few things on my list to check out, I first headed to the Malmö Konsthall, a pretty big exhibition hall for contemporary art. It was free, yay, so I wondered inside, a little reluctant because I was going inside and it was such a beautiful day, but I did. And it was, well, contemporary art to say the least. I've never really had an appreciation for random stuff thrown together and sold for millions of dollars to posh buyers, but I gained a little more respect for ... read more
Cool Structure in Park
Cool dome-shaped thing in park
Malmö Stadion

Europe » Sweden » Skåne County » Malmö April 19th 2015

Malmö! Ahhh Malmö... From the moment I stepped off the train from Gothenburg, I knew I was really going to love this city! I slept in relatively late yesterday, which was ok because there was a train to Malmö every hour on the :40. I ended up catching the 11:40, this time with a slightly more scenic view out the window. We passed mostly countryside, quite resembling the Canadian Shield, but there were a few really nice coastal villages we ripped through that looked like gorgeous places to live. Again, about 3 hours later, I arrived in what I think now, is my favourite city, city so far. Like I said, I stepped off the train and instantly was hit by the sun and the positive vibes of a Saturday afternoon in this place of just ... read more
And another
Malmö Castle

Europe » Sweden » Västra Götaland County » Gothenburg April 18th 2015

I am becoming very good at coming up with stuff on the fly, and finding interesting things to do with my time. Like yesterday for example... I was going off the suggestion from a German in Norway about what to do in Sweden! Mirjam stressed that I HAD to check out the southern archipelago off the coast of Gothenburg; so I did. I took a tram to the ferry terminal on the edge of town, and spoke with a very helpful lady at the ticket office who set me up with the perfect pass for me and pointed me in the right direction to the island that I should visit, if not any others; and she was absolutely right! I found myself aboard a ferry making all island stops to the most southern island of the ... read more
So pretty!
THAT neighbourhood

Europe » Sweden » Västra Götaland County » Gothenburg April 17th 2015

I'm up at 3:30 Thursday morning in order to grab a taxi to the train station where I grab a bus to the airport to grab a plane back to Sweden.... Boy that sounds like a long day and when I arrive, because of the time difference and the length of the flight, it's actually before I left! In fact I'm almost ever back to the Central Station in Stockholm before I left! I was lucky enough to realize a few days before, that my eurail pass includes the Arlanda Express train. This is a direct train from the airport to the train station in about 20 minutes, maxing out at 205km/h, at least that's what it reached today. I wrote yesterday's blog in the station waiting for my connecting train to Gothenburg (in Swedish: Göteborg, ... read more
Dat View Tho
The Lighthouse?
Ya we're gonna go with lighthouse.

Europe » Finland » Uusimaa » Helsinki April 16th 2015

It's my last day in Helsinki, and in Finland, and I've got a lot to see still. I spend the day wandering with a purpose around the city, ticking off attractions as I hit them. First is the 'red cathedral,' really an old Russian Orthodox Church perched properly atop a hill near my hostel. I had passed it several times already, but hadn't yet taken time to appreciate the incredible architecture, or to actually go inside and check it out; both of which I proceed to do. Like any old church, it was littered with paintings, spectacular chandeliers (yes Sia, I know you want to swing from them), and silencio signs. I had never seen a church of this religion before, and it was pretty intense... Definitely glad I checked it out. The next stop on ... read more
Majestic Cathedral
It's true, I do.
My fave.

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