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December 22nd 2017
Published: January 3rd 2018
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Finally we are back to first world airlines that aren't owned by the King.

As you'd expect Copenhagen has a smicko airport (which you'd expect given it costs $200 just to see it). Taking dogs on the plane (or maybe just walking them at the airport is a thing. There is a nice Jack Russel on our flight. Just before we board he has to go in his little soft crate. We arrive in Helsinki (taxi fare not quite as bad as Copenhagen), but it is very cold.

Helsinki seems really small compared to Copenhagen (and very cold). Our hotel is right in the centre and there is an ice skating rick across the road in the square. First up we have lunch at a burger joint. I know its cheating but I feel justified as I don't think Finnish cuisine is up there. We have a look at the Orthodox Church and the Lutheran Church, no prizes for which one looks the best. There was a great Christmas market down the stairs from the Lutheran Church. Many of you may not realise but Finnish knives are up there with Japanese knives. If we'd had more time I would have gone to the Martinni Outlet Store. Lots of the stalls had knives (hunting, fishing, service station robbery). Then we walked up to the Natural History Museum. The beauty about natural history museums is that they often give you a good historical perspective of the Country/City. Finland was hit hard by the GFC and 25% of the population was unemployed. The food queues were everywhere. They are also (as noted by Barak Obama) big fans of heavy metal. In my youth one of my favourite bands was Scorpions. With the old classic "Born to be Wild". Don't think they were Finnish though. What I didn't find in the museum was a room about the Second World War. I'm still a bit confused about who the Finns fought for (a bit like the Russians). It seems that they fought for everyone at some point.

Before we left Copenhagen we had asked the hotel to book Gron which is supposed to be a nice restaurant in Helsinki. We had some difficulty getting there as the cold killed my phone on the way but eventually we found it. Unfortunately the hotel had only booked for 2 so we were stuffed. In stead we found a nice restaurant where we had a pleasant meal. On the way home Constance was keen to ice skate. There were no takers ( a broken leg at this stage seemed premature).


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