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Europe » Czech Republic » Prague August 29th 2014

Our 2014 Central Europe adventure began when Kathy and I arrived at our hostel on the castle side of the Charles Bridge in Prague late Wednesday afternoon. We were both weary after our separate, but equally sleepless, transatlantic flights from Boston. The plan for the next six weeks is to go to Regensburg by train after a few days' rest in Prague, cycle down the Danube to Budapest with a several days' stop in Vienna, spend some time in Budapest and environs, train back to the southeastern Czech Republic, and cycle back to Prague on the Vienna-Prague Greenway. We'll be back by the Vltava River in early October and after a few more days in Prague head back to Seattle and home. As usual, it will be interesting to see how closely the reality matches the ... read more
Old Jewish Cemetery.
St John of Nepomuk statue
Municipal Hall with Powder Gate on left

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague August 24th 2014

Sorry for the late posts. Our internet has been out for the last day or so. Anyway, the bar crawl last night was wonderful. We all had a lot of fun, and it would be incorrect to say that we went to bed early. As such, we didn't really get out and movinguntil noon today. We first went to get food, which, for the second time in 2 weeks, ended up with a full fish on the table in front of me. To be fair, it was trout. And delicious. After that, we headed up to Prague Castle, which is one of the most important parts of Prague. Partly because the various countries and empires that occupied this region have been ruled from there for several centuries. It has a huge cathedral, along with a village ... read more
Inside the cathedral
The rose window
The Great Hall

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague August 23rd 2014

This city is truly gorgeous, I have to admit. I found that out even more by waking up at 5:30 for the sunrise from the Charles Bridge. After going back to bed for two hours, we headed to our tour, which took us around the city for 3 hours. We hit every section of town, from the Old Town to the New Town to the Lesser Town (rough name). We toured with the same company that I toured with in Barcelona, and it was entirely worth it. Not only was the tour spectacular, but we got some great food advice. Our guide mentioned a place called the Beer Museum (which is actually a bar), where you can try a flight of five different 0.2 liter beers. He also recommended a few foods to try, especially svičková, ... read more
More sunrise
Astronomical Clock tower
Astronomical Clock

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague August 22nd 2014

Hello, Prague! The city where beer is cheaper than water. The city also known as the most beautiful city in Europe. Some say it's for the sights, some say it's for the beer. Take your pick. Both are great. As for the most beautiful city bit, I completely see where those who say that are coming from, even after only about 15 hours here. I'd be hard pressed to agree, simply because there's so many different kinds of beauty. Sarajevo was beautiful because of its Turkish architecture. Barcelona had the modernism movement that took over the city. They're both beautiful as well. However, in terms of the 18th- and 19th-century look and feel, I can agree that Prague wins in that category. It's an absolutely gorgeous city. So, after getting up at 4:00 this morning to ... read more
Our apartment
Prague from the mountain
The castle

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague August 17th 2014

We have already had a full day in Budapest and I'm only now getting round to writing our Prague post! Usually we write the posts on the train journey out, but this time we had a sleeper train including the full luxuries of a private bunk bed, sink and croissant & coffee bought to us in the morning, all the couchettes and cheaper beds had already been reserved - I had a mini panic that we were going to get kicked out of our compartment as, despite reserving the room I didn't believe our inter rail tickets covered first class, fortunately the inspector didn't seem to look too closely, and we resolved to keep the door locked after that! Our accommodation in Prague was very different to the hostels we had gotten used to. We stayed ... read more
Prague Castle at night
Beautiful Prague
The Astronomical Clock

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague August 15th 2014

Our unexpected night in Dresden meant we had to come up with a plan of action to fill a bonus day. We decide on a look round Dresden then an extra night in Prague. Dresden is a really pretty city and I'd recommend a visit if you're near. We wandered into town and found somewhere for food. Munching away on our schnitzels and chips, the day then began to take on a surreal nature..... First off, two people wandered out of a shop dressed as Supergirl and superman. Full proper outfits and yet not a single person batted an eyelid. Then two girls dressed as Bert and Ernie and carrying Bert and Ernie dolls walked the other way. Again we seemed to be the only people bothered by this. By now I was beginning to think ... read more

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague August 9th 2014

Travel Blog Prague 4 - 8 August 2014 4 August Monday Our hotel room on the fourth floor looked over a road to a huge park with many paths leading up the hill. After so much timetabling and early starts on the cruise, we took our time to get going today, doing emails, working out the currency and banking situation. Dave was pretty keen to do some laundry, so after some research and also a check with the front desk, we headed off to find and check out the laundromat. We walked the 1.6 kms, on an empty stomach I might add, starting at quite touristy areas, which progressed into quite grotty looking market area, and then into even more grotty flats and bridges. And this is where we found our laundrette. Quite an unusual set ... read more
Beer heads or is that hats
Statues re Jewish holocaust
Not another Funicular

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Vinohrady July 28th 2014

Sunday 13th July After two fantastic days in Paris I was on the move again and this time headed for Prague, Czech Republic. I had looked into the costs of flying but with my luggage the prices became way too expensive and trains are pricey too. It was going to cost me a minimum of €125. So I looked into the idea of ride sharing. My Airbnb host in Montpellier, Mohamed had told me about this website called BlaBlaCars which is basically the travel version of Airbnb. People advertise where they are travelling, the different drop off points they can make and then you ride with them on their journey. I admit that it does sound a little dodgy but as I looked at the website and read peoples reviews I felt more and more comfortable ... read more
Astronomical Clock
Prague Centre
Pregnant Woman Sculpture

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague July 25th 2014

Prague has most definitely become my new favourite city. Part of this love comes from the volume and quality of extremely cheap beer the city has to offer, but mostly I just can't get over the absolute beauty and splendour that is prague. It is a city that was mostly untouched by the war, so many of yhe buildings are very old, but restored. The hostel that I stayed in (Jay stayed separately) was called Adam and Eva hostel. It is a small hostel geared towards backpackers who don't necessarily want to party. It was very tidy, quiet and definitely adequate kitchen space. The only downside was that it wasn't right in the center of the city, but it wasn't very far to walk to the old town. Plus it was close to the castle, and ... read more

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague July 21st 2014

Set off at allocated time with the extra stop at the cow bell shop think the owner was pleased to make a 20 euro sale at 9.10. Passed through some lovely towns on way to motorway but hit traffic problems on the a8 putting an hour onto our journey. Realised along the way we needed a toll sticker for czech but we can get at services -:you can hardly see out the front window for stickers. Weather is at 34 degrees and it is extremely hot queuing outside at services for toilets. Czech motorways very quiet once we escaped roadworks in germany. Sat nav took us straight to hotel door . We were allocated room on 14th top floor in executuve suite air conditioned suite with 2 mini bars 2 40 inch tvs bed that would ... read more

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