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Europe » Czech Republic » Prague July 28th 2016

Am I dreaming or are we in Prague? Kirsten reach’s over and pinches me OUCH!! You’re not dreaming, now hurry up and take your shower and get dressed. I’ll be in the restaurant having breakfast the door slams shut as Kirsten leaves. I rollover and think I’m getting another 30 minutes….. as the door opens, I knew you would do that get up we have Prague to see. Ok! Ok! Ok! Breakfast was good all the soft eggs I wanted, along with meats and cheeses. Yummy…. Our room at IBIS had a balcony over looking Prague. It is located a block off the Wencelas Square, where the Velvet Revolution was held. Way to much history to write but well worth Googling. Look it up…. the communists were over thrown without even shooting a gun. Now that’s ... read more

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague July 11th 2016

We had gone to bed on one day, as Europeans. We awoke the following morning as British. The “Leave” campaign had mobilized the disillusioned masses and the some of the chattering classes. It seems that the problems of a nation were all placed at the door of a few guys from Poland who opened up a corner shop to serve the community and expressed in some form of protest vote. The events of the previous day’s referendum had yet to unravel. There is a strong possibility that after the various countries who make up the Union have had their say, we’ll be just straightforward English. Have the Scots got enough oil revenue to go it alone? Possibly not, but they might take the view that if Latvia and Estonia can make a fist of independence, we ... read more
Astronomical Clock
Astronomical Clock

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague May 5th 2016

I have spent the last two days in Prague. Prague always gets positive reviews from visitors and I have to say that I have enjoyed it too, although the weather has not been as cooperative as one might wish. I guess it has to rain sometimes, but it made my day yesterday rather cold and wet. I started the day at the top of the long boulevard known as Wenceslas Square. (See photo) An equestrian statue of the good king looks down over the site of the Velvet Revolution where, in 1989, Czechoslovakia declared its independence from the Soviet Union. A few years later, the Czechs and Slovaks went their separate ways and now Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic. One of the most famous sights in town is the Charles Bridge with its ... read more

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Old Town February 7th 2016

What City? As the Prague escalator descended, I felt a rush of excitement. I was in Prague! I had no idea where the escalator led. I knew one thing—I was headed to Old Town Square. Abroad students dream about it; it’s all over social media. I’d seen many pictures: a giant square with much to see and do and I was dying to check it out. The escalator ride took forever. Stepping off, I recognized my friend Danielle, whom I had met while traveling around Northern Europe. “Hey, what are you doing here”, I said. Danielle was hesitant to reply. “I’m here to explore all that Prague has to offer,” she finally said. She evoked distraught. The temperature dropped. Danielle exhaled a cloud of vapor. The smoke resembled a bubble. It circled and rose in the ... read more

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Old Town December 6th 2015

Dobre den! Jakes Mate? And I would respond Velma Dobre to the many waiters and Czech locals during our travels in and around Prague, basically answering the question how are you with Velma Dobre, very well. However over the past 24 hours I got a chance to speak over meals with a Malaysian Attorney based out of Kuala Lumpur, a Brazilian art student who moved to Prague to better his economic opportunity and randomly met one a Czech and Prague local film director for children's programs at an art university holiday party which he graciously invited me and my mates to last night. I thought it fitting to make this post about the food, and there is so much here to write about I hope I do it a fraction of the justice it deserves, and ... read more

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague December 4th 2015

Before I start my posts I think is approprivate to apologize for my lack of postings last week and sum up the operational barriers to blogging in the way I did in Georgia. If you don't want to hear me compare and contrast and just want details on travel skip this blog post. I am going in depth on Prague next. I'd like to thank a colleague of mine for sending me a message to nudge me to "do what I said I was going to do." Travel companions, the type of lodging, and other variables compared below. -Travel companions, if you travel with more than one person, or two in my instance, and you are not going to an all inclusive vacation, but more of an adventure you may find yourself adapting the wants and ... read more

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague October 26th 2015

After a full day driving 680 km from Warsaw to Prague on the 25th, I had the following day and a half to visit the fantastic Prague Zoo. A map of the zoo can be seen here. I really liked the map actually; it has contour lines to show how steep various bits of the zoo are and I think the balance of clarity and including all of the exhibits is pretty well done. I stayed quite close to the zoo. In fact, the view from the window of my accommodation was of the Indonesian Jungle Pavilion. Allowing me to maximise time at the zoo and minimise the need to get up too early. The first enclosure that I saw upon entering the zoo was the fantastic enclosure for Red Pandas which I thought made good ... read more

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague September 16th 2015

Too often I prefer to begin my travel blog with something most important i.e. a reason or basic idea behind an urge to visit that (any given) particular place. Sometimes it is an aura of that place what keeps calling me. The other times it is simply due to practical reasons (say ridiculous air-fares, etc.) In year 2013, I visited Prague for the first time out of curiosity developed lately after watching Rockstar (One of my favorite Bollywood film, aesthetically shot in Prague and showcasing the best of Prague) I had a great time in Prague during this visit. I was accompanied by a small group of friends. Weather played a bit spoiler though for half the time while we were in Prague. Nevertheless, this city had such a wide range of things to do or ... read more
Prague for foodies
Old town square
way to clock tower

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague September 10th 2015

Geo: 50.0878, 14.4205Up bright eyed and bushy tailed this am and went skipping about Prague. First stop after a 45 minute walk over the hills and dales we arrived at the Prague Castle. The initial work here was begun in the 9th century, and we saw at least one person's remains from the 10th century. The complex here is enormous, the largest ancient castle in the world. It includes several churches, a palace and a variety of other things.The Charles Bridge is below the castle taking fifty years to construct beginning in 1357. Traffic is limited to pedestrians, and folks hawking their wares. Religious statues adorn each side, most of them appearing in pain. But the atmosphere here is a bit like a carnival.We then walked to the "old town" to see an astronomical clock and ... read more

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague September 10th 2015

Geo: 50.0878, 14.4205Sorry folks, but we have been receiving complaints (can you believe it?). It seems people have not been receiving emails. Please let us know if you are receiving them by replying to this one.And, we would be remiss should we not take this opportunity to relate the dinning scene in Prague. We have been out on three occasions, and each time at least half of the patrons are smoking inside (not good). Seems they have not read the surgeon general's report. We were out tonight at a relatively nice restaurant and two dogs arrived with their owners (not a bad thing as we love dogs). But lastly a child about Grant's age (10) arrived at the bar of a restaurant and ordered a pitcher of beer. The waitress dutifully fulfilled the order and he ... read more

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