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Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Zizkov April 14th 2017

Gestern habe ich schön ausgeschlafen, gefrühstückt und bin dann mit einem Zug des privaten Anbieters "Alex" nach Prag gefahren. Das hat eine Weile gedauert und diese Strecke könnte man ruhig mal ausbauen. ICE-Verbindungen von Dresden und Nürnberg nach Prag wären wirklich toll. Auf der tschechischen Seite hat dann auch noch das WLAN gut funktioniert. Auf der deutschen Strecke leider nicht. Das ist noch so ein Punkt. Das Publikum auf der Strecke war international. Von angelsächsischen Rucksacktouristen, die dort mit Erdnussbutter gefrühstückt haben, über die üblichen Asiaten und auch anderen war alles dabei. Es ist eben doch eine Touristenstrecke. Vor allem an diesem verlängertem Wochenende. Am Bahnhof in Prag habe ich dann Geld getauscht. Ich wollte es zuerst an einem Automaten machen, aber da war der Kurs schlecht und vielleicht hätte ich zusätzlich noch eine Automatengebü... read more

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Zizkov April 29th 2015

I can't believe my time in Prague is over so quickly! There really is so much to do, and so much that I didn't do. Of course, that doesn't mean that I slept the whole time, though. The last 36 hours have been VERY full. Just sit back and let me tell you a story... First off, I didn't write a blog post yesterday, though it was certainly a full day, because most of the day I spent finishing my final paper for TCU this semester. I submitted it around 1:30PM, which may not seem like most of the day, but it is when you're writing a paper and get up at 5 AM. The rain had died down enough by 3 PM for me to venture out of my hotel room. I was hungry, so ... read more
Marionette Theater presents Mozart's "Don Giovanni"
Old Town from the Old Town Hall Tower
Old Town Square from above

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Zizkov July 15th 2014

It's my last day in Prague, well official last day and then I jump on a plane tomorrow and head back home. I am genuinely excited, Prague has been an eyeopener and an amazing experience but I miss the little things like hearing Aussie slang and the little traffic we have. On Sunday Tamar and I checked out Prague Castle, I had seen it during my time here but never thought much of it, really once a castle always a castle. It was only about 45 minutes outside of Prague by tram but the weather was stinking hot making it almost unbearable given how stuffy it was. I have been reading the Belgariad series by David Eddings and I will admit I found my mind wandering and imagining the hall of the Rivan King, to the ... read more

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Zizkov July 10th 2014

Been a little slack with the posts but up until today I haven't had much to write about, except lounging in my hotel room and reliving the wonders of David Eddings books. My goal at the beginning of 2013 was to say "yes" to every opportunity or dare that someone threw at me, my only condition being that as long as it didn't involve doing something decidedly stupid like "hey, let's go look for Redback spiders in your shed at night" then I was all for it so when I was offered an internship at the Canberra Times I took it, when I was asked to publish an article for the Isaacs Law Society Summons magazine, I took it and so on. I always seem to have walked away from something when things got too hard ... read more

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Zizkov July 9th 2014

I love catching people out in a lie, it's one of those sick satisfying things I secretly enjoy and today I caught a big one. I've been playing cat and mouse games with two companies for the last three weeks now, I came back from Berlin early to interview someone in Brno (the Czech Republics second largest city) who then said they couldn't make the interview. I politely told them that I had come back a day early and this had been organised weeks in advance so if there is another time it would be appreciated, after several emails and phone calls I officially started the cat and mouse games. Both with this lady and her colleagues, this morning I received an email from one of the tutors saying to me he had gotten in contact ... read more

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Zizkov July 4th 2014

I've been a little slack on the blogging, I'd love to say it's because my days are full of adventures but really it's because I have been relatively lazy, plus I had an interview last night which was supposed to go for an hour but ended up going for 4.Let me start on my trip back from Germany.I interviewed Dirk and Sabine on the Wednesday before I left and asked them what it was like living in the former West when the wall was up. Sabine gave me a lot of information and some fascinating facts which again contradicted what I had been reading about in museums particularly about the Stasi. Dirk would often chime in with a comment here ... read more

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Zizkov June 20th 2014

I'm not the biggest fan of soccer by any stretch but it seems to be all the rage over here, everywhere I go there are people talking about and I have found myself vaguely following along with who wins and loses. Today we had a multimedia class and admittedly I found it overly boring, apart from the short documentaries we watched to have a look at the graphics and what not there really wasn't anything to write about. I met two interns from TOL who are around my age and have as wicked sense of humour as I do. We all went to a pub/ lunch place and I had my first traditional Czech meal and beer which while I totally am regretting it at the moment it really was amazing to drink. Lunch was a ... read more

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Zizkov June 17th 2014

For the last 2 days in Old Town every hour there is this chiming of bells, sometimes every half hour as well. Today during our photojournalism tutorial we were standing outside the clock when I noticed a lot (and I mean it got really crowded, really quickly) of people gathering around, then started the bells. I looked up and watched as the doors of the clock tower opened and statues of saints started to rotate. Every tourist within a mile stopped to watch it, the locals know the clock as Prazsky Orloj but I have come to know it as the Saints Clock. Today we took a tour of one of the main newspapers of the Czech Republic, Hospodarske Noviny. To cut a long story short it was awkward and whilst we were meant to spend ... read more

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Zizkov June 15th 2014

Just down the road from my hotel is a cemetery and I swear one of the inhabitants has decided my room is the way to go when it comes to messing with things. Namely the toilet seat... I am always griping at Joe and any male (or female for that matter) that comes over to my house and leaves the toilet seat up, it's one of my pet peeves but this ghost has taken it upon his or herself to play with it... It's very unnerving. I went exploring today, there is a mall right around the corner from my hotel which is around the size of Belconnen Mall. It's not huge but it made for some interesting adventures. Everyone I came across who asked me if they could help seemed to think I was American ... read more

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Zizkov June 14th 2014

So I said good-bye to my beautiful want to be country town of Canberra on Friday, I saw Joe off on Thursday and spent the evening with mum and on Wednesday was my mini bon voyage party. Despite everything, the tears, the good-byes and the hugs I still can't believe that I will be spending the next month here reporting. Anyone who knows me enough will know I generally loathe leaving home and whilst I love to travel I am also a stickler for money so despite what you may think I feel I have come a long way from the me I was at the start of the year. The 8 hour time difference is a pain in the rectum I will admit freely... I can almost guarantee at 12.00 tonight I will be wide ... read more

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