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July 29th 2011
Published: July 29th 2011
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oh this sucks... i have to try and remeber whats happened over the last few weeks... you have no idea how hard that is... well the tour is well under way! actually we have passed the half way mark!!! it all started in paris. paris is an amazing city! The history, buildings and monuments are all amazing! of course none of that mattered. we went straight to the bar and stated smashing beers. the next day we did however get a good look around the city. the effiel tower was the first stop and was kinda a waste of time. its a really cool building and has amazing views from the top but the line to buy tickets was fucking insane! about 3hrs we stood in the sun waiting with these irritaing locals trying to flog mini effiel tower keyrings... dont worry girls at work i bought you all one. the next day it was off the the wine regions of france. We where staying in a massive stone house up in the hills of central france where we could see hundreds of thousands of grape vineyards so of course we tasted the wine and (now i dont drink this shit ever unless im flat broke and wana get super fucked up. it just tastes like shit!) it was amazingly good!! that night after lots of wine the whole place sorta came to life with loads and loads of booze and drunken dancing the whole place sorta turned into a brothel! it was bazzare! ok so next day (dont worry mr chapman ill fill you in) we headed of the the french riviera where i cut my feet open on some broken glass and spent the night drinking vodka and picking it from my feet! went into nice the next day and had a great time! hired some bikes and went for a ride about 30-40kms we estimated. stopped at every bar and got a few cocktails. went into the monte carlo casino that night and had a few small bets. got charged 25 euros for a jack and coke and watched some old dude loose a 100k on a single bet of roulette and diddnt even flinch. went out front and saw all the ferraris in the carpark. i counted 4 458 italias 1 f430 and 2 californias got some photos as well! headed into italy the next day and first stop was florence. florence was my fav italian city! small but big enough, intresting history and potent drinks! got a 2l pitcher of some strawberry thing and had a chug off comp. dont remeber much after that except the tea bagging incident on my patio at about 3am. fun times! ok rome was next! the colloseum is by far the most impressive building i have ever seen hands down! other poeple didnt really appreciate a bunch of old stones but for me i was speechless! i found rome expensive and kinda overated! impressive history but i probally wouldnt go back! Greece on the other hand! one night on the boat had a really great sleep and arrived in corfu early in the morning. had the best time on the beach drinking, eating and swimming! the water is some of the best i have ever seen! had a toga party that night got really drunk and sat down on a chair that someone else had just spewed in so that was kinda a downer... went on this boat cruise around the islands and got super pissed in the sun. the skipper of this boat was a dirty old bastard called goerge that just wanted everyone to get naked... so we did! the next day i hired a scooter and went for a ride around the islands with our slovakian bus driver! one of the funniest guys i have ever met! he was trying to quit smoking but i told him he shouldnt as it was fun. so he didnt and now everytime the bus stops for a break he asks me for fire (lighter) and fun stick! cool dude. so went around on this scooter and saw the island it was amzing and there are no road rules that i could figure out so we were on the footpaths buy passing traffic for most of it! next morning it was back on the boat to venice! now venice is another one of those citys thats impressive to visit but thats about it! its a pretty little city but it gets old very quick!!! thats ll i have to say about that. Austria!!! Austria was really really good!!! actully i was very hardcore sick for all of it but managed to see some sights and go to a mozart concert! which was really really impressive to watch. got back to the hostel in time for the jager bomb comp! 352 jager bombs where dumped at the same time and everyone got as many as they could and thats about all i remeber about that night! not because i was drunk but because i was just so sick i passed out! ok prague! prauge has been awesome!!! arrived yesterday and went on a pub crawl last night started at a bar where it was all you could drink for one hour! so for that hour i had about 10ish shots and a few beers. dont remeber much after that either... today i went into prague took some snaps and had some lunch. bought the cheapest pack of ciggs i could find! 45 czech crowns (about 2 dollars) it made me happy!!! came back had a nap! happy hour is about to start and its 25 crowns for a pint so im on it!!! munich tommorow! hopefully see mum and dad if i can buy some phone credit! oh dont worry boys this is the tame family blog... ill go into detail about the hookers, bloodstains, and hummerous sex stories at the bar back home!
munich tommorow lets get on it!!!! (cant be assed to proof read this so if its full of grammar mistakes get over it its adams blog)


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