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October 15th 2012
Published: October 15th 2012
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Me (Beth Saunders) at the John Lennon wall in Prague, Czech Republic
Hello again world of blogging! I have decided to use TravelBlog as my blogging platform for my Web 2.0 & Social Networks class at the University of Economicsin Prague, Czech Republic. I have used a few different blogging platforms over the years but for the purpose of this assignment I've decided on this platform.

Why TravelBlog?

I have been using WordPress as my personal blogging platform and find it very easy to use. I have also used it as a content management system on my previous work term and as a blog with my volunteer experience as the VP of Communications with AIESEC Memorial. I find it very user friendly, easy to navigate and I enjoy the flexibility but also the fact it's not too flexible. What I mean by that is how you can choose set themes and don't have to worry about designing it entirely on your own. It helps you focus on your content and the key things you'd like to customize on it.


Although I really enjoy using WordPress I already have a blog of my own and don't want to confuse friends and family with another blog of the same sort. I signed up for this website before coming to Prague but never actually updated a blog of my own. I really enjoy how you can find information and using it as a forum as well for questions/answers. I will focus my blog on traveling; the target market of this site. People who will be reading this blog are looking for tips, tricks, and information so I will try and cater my posts to this demographic.

What platforms didn't I choose?

In the past I have used websites such as LiveJournal and Tumblr but I grew out of LiveJournal a long time ago and Tumblr; as I explained in my class presentation; is more for microblogging and content sharing and doesn't feel as individualized as I would like. I also investigated using blogger.com but didn't really feel it met what I wanted as far as a travel blog goes. On this platform I can share ideas, experiences, and knowledge I acquire during my stay in Prague/Europe and can also find out information about trips and places I'd like to visit.

Some Blogs I Follow

The three main blogs I follow are

Nomadic Matt: Nomadic Matt is a travel blogger who has been traveling for the past 5 years. He blogs about budget traveling and how to get the most out of your money. He has a large following and also had a very successful YouTube channelwhere he posts video about where he's been in a specific year. These videos have fun music, dances, and cultural things from the countries he has seen.
Bucket List Productions: Lesley Carter also blogs about traveling all around the world and the places she's seen/things she has done. She has her blog broken down very well with specific regions if you're interested in only reading about those places.
AIESEC Memorial: AIESEC Memorial's blog is very minimal at this point but I follow it because I volunteered with them over the last year. I was the VP of Communications before I left for Prague so it holds a bit of my heart. They blog of about studying, working, and volunteering abroad. They are posts from members who volunteer with them, members of exchange, or people who are a part of the organization in some way. AIESECis an international internship program so any topic relating to the subject is blogged about.
Modern Day Marco: Modern Day Marco is a travel blog from Samantha Phelan, a girl I went to university with. She is currently on an internship with AIESEC Memorial and will be hiking Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa!

Basically when I follow blogs that have anything interesting to do with sewing, crafts, DIY, travel, and cooking. I hope that my upcoming posts can be of value to anyone who wishes to read them!


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