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The weather had got progressively warmer during our Czech stay. The chilly breeze had disappeared over the weekend and it was all set for the giddy heights of 22 degrees today. We made our way to railway station again. The Other Half set the technology step counter in case I tried to convince her that the ground covered had not been excessive. The return tickets to Kutna Hora were 120 Crowns each. I specified that we needed Kutna Hora Mesto, as opposed to either of the other 2 stations in town. It involved 2 changes, which always make the Other Half nervous. Kutna Hora Hln is actually 5 kilometres from the centre of the town. The attractions in town make it the third most visited place in the Czech Republic after Prague and Cesky Krumlov, so ... read more
Kutna Hora

We drove our car 3,300 km from Minsk, Belarus where we are teaching to see the cities, Christmas markets and quiet snow covered countryside of Belarus, Poland, Czech Republic and eastern Germany. The majority of our 3 week tour was spent in friendly Czech Republic. A stop in Kutna Hora on our way from Olomouc to Prague was oddly interesting. Upon entering this unheated space you descend immediately into a crypt decorated with thousands of human bones (40,000) from plagues and wars. There are bone pyramids flanking the crypt, a large central chandelier, coat of arms, and more. It is a somber and reflective place, but that didn’t deter tourists with their constant thirst for selfies in every situation.... read more
Sedlec Bone Church, Kutna Hora
Sedlec Bone Church, Kutna Hora
Sedlec Bone Church, Kutna Hora

Prague to Slovakia via Kutna Hora and Brno, 29 May 2013 Today we drove through showers of rain. On Kerrie’s advice we set our anti-divorce GPS to Kutna Hora which is east of Prague. Kerrie went and saw this amazing/weird/creepy Sedlec Ossuary (bone church). In this church there are the bones of 40,000 people of which 30,000 died from a plague. Someone arranged all the bones in an incredible way (see photos). We just walked around with our jaws dropped. There are some amazing things around the world to see and this has got to be one of them!! Thanks Kerrie. Kutna Hora is a town that grew as a result of silver mining. This mine supplied 1/3 of Europe’s silver and is now closed down. It was the 2nd most important city in ... read more
One of the many tunnels
In and around St Barbara Cathederal Kutna Hora Czech Republic (2)
In and around St Barbara Cathederal Kutna Hora Czech Republic (6)

On the way to Kuta Hora I delighted in field upon field of canola, brilliant yellow and in fill bloom. I had previously thought this to be mustard. My guide was a wonderful older woman who had a lovely way about her and was always able to convey her feelings, attitudes, opinions and values throughout her commentary. She was charming and the day was glorious, bright and sunny just after an early morning rain, the sky was clear and the vista vast. Kutna Hora The town began in 1142 when established as a settlement as a Cistercian Monastary, the first in Bohemia. By 1260 German miners began to mine for silver in the mountain region, which they named Kuttenberg, and which was part of the monastery property. Under Abbot Heinrich Heidenreich the territory greatly advanced due ... read more
Old Town
Kutna Hora
Cemetery at Ossuary

An diesem Tag bin ich von Leitmeritz ins nahegelegene ehemalige Konzentrationslager Theresienstadt, welches in einer alten österreichischen Festung errichtet wurde. Anschließend bin ich nach Kutna Hora weitergefahren und habe dort eine Spaziergang durch die Altstadt gemacht.... read more
Welsche Hof.
Dom der Heiligen Barbara.
Blick auf die Stadt.

The ossuary at Kutna Hora has official approval from the Vatican ... It started when some bones had to be moved from an old cemetery, and the "art work" just kept growing ... it was mostly the work of one person ...... read more

I got up early since I was making a day trip to the small town outside of Prague called Kutna Hora; it was just over an hour by train to get there. My roommates had been out partying the night before and didn’t get in until almost 4 am, so I was really trying hard not to wake anyone since I knew they weren’t going anywhere for a while. Luckily I think I managed to get out of my room without making too much noise (a little hard since I was on the top bunk). While walking to the train station (about a 10 min walk from the hostel) I was minding my own business when I passed a man and woman walking together towards me. As I passed them the guy said something really angrily ... read more
The church itself
Inside - the bone chandeleir
Massive head trauma

August 6 - Today began lazily. It was raining and I stayed in for a while to work on my blog, which was useful. I decided that today I would take a tour of Kutna Hora, a town about an hour away that is famous for its bone church. Normally I would just go on my own as a day trip, but I decided to take a tour to get some more information about the place and because the public transport seemed a little difficult. The tour met at 11am, and by then I had finished the blog work, paid my hostel for tonight, and the rain had stopped. When I got to the tour people, Eva, the girl who would be running the tour today, told me that they need six people to do the ... read more
Bone chapel
Bone sculpture
Bone sculpture

Surprisingly only half of us were hungover today, myself included. Had breakfast together and passed around the camera with all the pics that we took of each other last night. Got to one of Tomas where he is staring straight ahead looking expressionless and kind of like a bird. We all could not stop laughing. He just looked at it. Hung his head in shame and shook his head. Funniest thing I have seen in a while Nina and I got our stuff together as soon as we could so we could go and check out Kutna Hora for the day. Its about an hour east of Praha and kind of on the way back. One of those UNESCO world heritage towns. Checked out a couple of churches then had lunch in a typical pub which ... read more

Woke up this morning and had a nice breakfast of food bought the previous day, bagels, nutella, long lady finder like rolls with cheese and bacon baked on the top, coffee…and the yogrt we thought we bought turned out to be sour cream..i still had a nice helping of it as some dairy was good for breakfast. Packed up our stuff and out the hostle door by 9:00. Took the subway to the main train station, bought tickets to kutna hora and on the train by 9:30…very efficient and it. Train experience was awesome….nice clean train, if not kinda old and soviet era type…lots of molded green plastic and old metal….but nice….most comfortable seat ive had all week…the seats on the train were so comfortable and relaxing..watching the countryside go by…lots of old houses with ... read more
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