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Published: August 9th 2010
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August 6 - Today began lazily. It was raining and I stayed in for a while to work on my blog, which was useful. I decided that today I would take a tour of Kutna Hora, a town about an hour away that is famous for its bone church. Normally I would just go on my own as a day trip, but I decided to take a tour to get some more information about the place and because the public transport seemed a little difficult. The tour met at 11am, and by then I had finished the blog work, paid my hostel for tonight, and the rain had stopped. When I got to the tour people, Eva, the girl who would be running the tour today, told me that they need six people to do the tour and so far there were two of us. I was not too worried, and in the end we had about 15 people sign up, so it was on. We walked to the train station and she explained some things along the way. Before the train left, we had a few minutes to grab food if we wanted. I decided to get some Burger King, since I haven't had any fast food on this trip (except KFC that one time) and because it is so much cheaper than in Basel, though I still paid more than I did for my Chinese meal yesterday. We had an hour long train ride and I saw with two Americans from California and Washington. They were nice to talk to, but really young, like so many of the people I come across. Where do they get the money to come to Europe? I ate my chicken sandwich and it was delicious.

When we arrived we walked over to the bone church, which is really a chapel with the interior designed with the bones of 40,000 people, mainly victims of the plague back in the day. There is even a chandelier made with at least one of each bone from the human body. It was really an interesting sight to see. We then had to take a bus into the town proper and visited a cathedral and saw the old mint. Kutna Hora is famous for its silver mines that were very good for about 200 years. The silver dried up eventually, and they moved the money minting business to Prague. Kutna Hora has been a sleepy town ever since. We walked around some more and learned about the town, and the weather held out for the most part. We ended with a late lunch, and I got a soup that tasted like rye bread from all the rye seeds. Weird, but good. We took another train back to Prague and I saw with different people and had another chat, which made the hour go by so quickly.

Back in Prague I went to get some groceries and a shower and settle in for the night. I may even blow dry my hair. Exciting. 😊 Tomorrow I am off again, but the journey is nearly over.

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