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This Saturday we went on a trip with the school to Kutna Hora, the Bone Church. The church was constructed centuries ago, but some random guy decided to unbury a bunch of bones from victims of the Plague and make crazy structures on the inside. It is suspected that there are enough bones in the church to comprise over 40,000 people. It was a weird feeling to be inside. I didn't take any photos but Josh did, so these are all his photos. We also were given two hours of free time to wander Kutna Hora the city. Most boring city in the world. Its definitly the Alabama of Czech Republic...Gwen knows what I mean by that. Apparently in such a big, bustling city such as Kutna Hora, all shops close down at 11:00 in the ... read more
Eerie bones
At the church

Today after farwelling Kirst and Camilla, we caught the train out to Kutna Hora, about 1 hour from Prague. First stop was the Ossary (Bone Church) at Sedlec. After the crypt in Brno we were prepared to be creeped out, but having seen pics on the net and the place being packed with tour groups it kind of felt a bit more circus than sacred. Took the obligatory pics, including one where a skull is getting its eye picked out by a bird and were on our way. The walk into town wasn't especially exciting, the outskirts are a little bit dreary with funny pokie (as in gambling) bars along the roadside. Once we'd hit the main square things started to pretty up and by the end of the day I think I could go as ... read more

Today the class took a day field trip to Kutna Hora, which is about an hour away from Prague. Took a bus at about 11. People got on and off at different points between Prague and Kutna Hora. At one point, a lady got on the bus with armpit hair that was probably about 3 inches long, no exaggeration. Unfortuantely, by the time she got on all the seats were taken, so she had to stand and hold on to the bars overhead. She also smelled like Zoo. The 30 minutes she was on the bus were pretty much awful. Anyway, we finally got off the bus (and into fresh air) at Kutna Hora. We made our way to the city center. Like everything in the Czech Republic, the buildings are very beautiful. It will be ... read more
St. Barbara's
Bone Church

We woke early in hopes to catch a minibus tour through Kutna Hora which included the famous bone church. At first, the bus was full, then due to technical delays, some people dropped out and we were able to come along. About an hour out of the Prague we arrived at the Kostnice Ossuary. The area used to be a burial ground, then became a mass grave for plague victims which then expanded to casualties of war. Finally the area was downsized and a church was built on the grounds...So one of the priests decided to use the bones of plenty to decorate the inside of this tiny church. It truly was creepy to have all of the hollow eyes looking in your direction from every which way. The chandelier in the center contained every human ... read more

Caroline and Margo were chatting in the room next door early in the morning. That was a bit strange to me (for reasons that I can’t fathom) and I woke up with a sneaking suspicion that we were supposed to be somewhere. I had a moment of selflessness the night before and buried my watch underneath some clothes. Along with that moment, I had a lapse in judgement by letting Lisa set her alarm to wake us up half an hour before meeting with Dan at 7:15am. It was seven. I leaned over between the beds and tapped madly on Lisa’s arm. When her eyes eventually opened I pointed to the clock and jump out of bed. Clothes on, out of the room to the wash sink (passed a very bewildered Margo), brushed my teeth, went ... read more
Sedlec Ossuary
Giant Bells

Actually the place didn't just smell... it fairly reeeked! From Sederic's Ossurary Bein Haus (literal translation is Bone House) - to the gigantic Philip Morris factory in town - to the fatal car accident we witnessed... it was kind of a weird day. But the Museum of Alchemy cheered me no end! Kudos to raiding the nitrous stash and turning stuff into gold and precious metal. And as I am a fan of the sheperd Santiago's journey to the Pyramids, then suspending reality and imagining it all really happening was a little too easy. BEING HAUS - In 1870, František Rint, a woodcarver, was employed by the Schwarzenberg family to put a whole lotta bones in order to make room for more dead people. The macabre results of his effort speaks for itself, and include the ... read more

Today we had a day trip to Kinta Hora which is west of prague I believe. This was more of a rural area and it was really nice. First we saw a cathedral. Then we saw the church of bones which was kind of creepy. Then we came home.... read more
Small Church
Church of Bones

Geo: 49.8995, 14.9894We took a day trip to the city of Kutna Hora. This is a small town one hour east of Prague. Kutna Hora is know for two main things. The silver mines, were closed when we were there, and Ossuary Sedlec. The Ossuary Sedlec holds a graveyard chapel from the end of the 14th century, rebuilt in baroque style by J.Santini. Decorated entirely with human bones which were arranged into pyramids by a half-blind monk, as early as 1511. It holds the bones of 40,000 people. Well, how could we miss this.... read more
02 Bones
03 More Bones
04 Even more bones

We have gone on some trips to Prague Castle and to Places out side of Prague like Kutna Hora and to a church that is decorated with thousands of human bones because the soil there is supposed to be holly so many people were buried there. Then they decorated the church with the bones. It was pretty intense.... read more
Me at the bone Church
More at Kutna Hora
Church at Kutna Hora

hi, this weekend went to a town called Kutna Hora, in a region called Ledec. It's about an hour outside of Prague by train. Why'd we go there you ask? As you can probably see from the pics, theres an ossuary inside of a church there. apparently several centuries ago the town was almost entirely wiped out by a plague. so a nearly blind monk decided that it'd be fun to assemble the bones of the 40,000 plague victims into a nice cozy chapel. he died before finishing it, so an artist took over it's construction. it's by far the most amazing, crazy, extraordinary thing i've seen. i'll let the pictures speak for themselves. on sunday we walked around prague a bit, saw the communist museum, interesting but nothing to write home about. all for now, ... read more
what a lovely chandelier
what a lovely chandelier
this is a church?

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