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more pics? ok heres some of the graveyard by the camping place.... read more
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Kutna Hora We had seen come pics, Ewen had been there, it was now our turn... After an easy ride of 1 hour upon the Czech railway system we found ourselves in Kutna Hora. A picturesque town west of Praha, known for it's silver mining (circa 1700's) and following briefly by zinc mining (now non existent, as per silver)..Heinekin brought the brewery here and nothing has been the same (according to our driver!)...Communist, Socialist, Capitalist - this place has taken it all and survives...just! One thing now drives, or at least supports this town....BONES! No BOB's here (I am wrong as the pics will show, and we were unaware of St. Barbara's/ Barbaricus (I should pay more attention!) Church - but BONES keeps it afloat! The Kutnice Ossuary, or Church of Bones is a fascinating place, ... read more
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Ever since I found out about this "Bone Church" in Kutna Hora, I have been dying to check this place out!! It was definitely one of my favorite places to visit. The Sedlec Ossuary (Bone Church) is a small Roman Catholic chapel, located beneath the Cemetery Church of All Saints. The ossuary is estimated to contain the skeletons of between 40,000 and 70,000 people, many of whom have had their bones artistically arranged to form decorations and furnishings for the chapel. During the black plague many people were buried in the cemetary and eventually the cemetary had to be enlarged. After 1511 the task of exhuming skeletons and stacking their bones in the chapel was, according to legend, given to a half-blind monk of the order. Unfortunately this task was never completed by the monk and ... read more
entering the ossuary
reading about the ossuary

Today was kind of eventful… It was also the last day of our study tour, so it’s back to Prague for the next few days, then I’m going home. I’m still not sure what I think about that. But back to today! We started the day off by going to another cooperative farm and having a look around. The first unit we went to was the dairy unit. I can’t really comment on its condition since I don’t have a dairy background, but it didn’t seem to be too bad. Some of the students were saying it looked like it was built in the 80s, but I can’t say I noticed anything horrible there. I will say the cows there seemed to be a good bit friendlier than the cows we’ve seen on other dairies. ... read more
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Kutna Hora: The Bone Church and Silver Mine Memoirs So the original plan for this particular weekend was to go to Cesky Krumlof, but 2 days before I couldn’t get a ticket via bus or train due to the huge yearly festival that was going on in Krumlof, so I decided then and there at the train station to change my plans and go to Kutna Hora. All I really knew about it was that there was supposed a to be a famous bone church and that there was also a silver mine I could tour, so I decided, why not? It was my first time every taking a train from Prague, and so, of course, I waited for the bus at the wrong station and so had to buy another ticket (full price) for a ... read more
the caverns of the silver mine

Sigh, a second year in a row that I miss Canada Day in Ottawa. But that’s ok. Today I enjoyed the ability to sleep in for once (yay for 2 nights in a hotel!) and then I headed out to Kutna Hora, an hour east of Prague. I went to the bus station first to confirm my ticket to Frankfurt for tomorrow night (minor detail considering I have a flight later that day), and then I trekked back to the train station. Again, for an area that sees a considerable amount of tourists, I’m surprised no one I came across understood any English. Maybe I’m just lucky that way… but anyway, “Kutna Hora” is easy enough to say and I had no problem getting the ticket. The ride there was interesting; I shared my compartment with ... read more
Coat of arms
Stack of skulls

Yeah, I've left Prague already. Just for an afternoon, as a rather special friend of mine back home had been waxing lyrical about Kutná Hora (a city 75km south-east of Prague) and how necessary it is that I visit it while I'm here, so I said to her, I will do so as soon as I'm settled... which took a lot shorter time than I thought! And as I'm still very much lonely here, I guess my time for lone travels is now. So off I went to hit the iron road again today. There was an epic tram fail on the way to Vršovice station resulting from a wire falling loose from a bridge, which meant I missed the train I was aiming for, and of course on the continent that means you're waiting around ... read more
bone chandelier
city centre
buried in the woods

Aujourd´hui, DO et moi avons décidé d´aller rendre hommage à la Ste Barbe, en son église de Kutna Hora. L´édifice, ainsi que le centre historique de cette ville située à environ 60km à l´est de Prague ont été classés par l´UNESCO au patrimoine mondial de l´humanité. DO venant de Vochov et moi de Prague, on se retrouve donc de bon matin en dehors de la capitale, au lieu dit "le parking Ikea". Dépourvus de carte, l´itinéraire en voiture nous est encore bien mystérieux, mais avec notre légendaire sens de l´orientation, nous partons extrêmement confiants. Confiance et patience se révèleront d´ailleurs de primordiales vertues pour ce périple. D´abord, nous sommes confrontés aux embouteillages de Prague, dont le périphérique autoroutier est encore en construction. Au beau milieu d´une foule de camions, nous parvenons à accrocher la bonne voie ... read more
La Sainte Barbe
Deux gueules devant la Ste Barbe
au coeur de la mine d'argent

I did another day trip after leaving my hosts in Prague. I'm glad I packed light but it still got to be quite tiring to carry everything with me. I'll need to offload some stuff if I can. Huh, never though I'd be saying that. Anyway, Kutna Hora is a cute town (as are most day trips in Czech). The cathedral ws really beautiful and since there were not many tourist, it was nice just wandering around there. I took in the sights before heading to the ossuary where the interior decoration was awesome but just a little creepy. The small little church has 4 crypts covered in bones and skulls and all the decorations are made from the bones of about 40, 000 people who were burried there. I can't remember names and details so ... read more

I would love to be so elegant a writer to be able to explain the meaning of such a place as the Ossuary of Sedlec, near Kutna Hora. Or have the ability to photograph these sculptures made of human bones, so that you could clearly see the meaning in them. The little booklet states that "This work is not an end in itself; for decades, it has reminded visitors of the limits of human life and the fact of death. This fact is intended to lead to mutual harmonic coexistence and to respect for life and to make people aware of their responsibility to God." From a modern point of view, besides being unbelievably beautiful, it is a recycling marvel! A trip to the town of Kutna Hora had been on our to do list for ... read more
in the ossuary
severed head of the enemy and the raven
Keith and Vilma under the bone chandelier

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