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were a couple in our mid 30's with a desire to see the world! we figured its about time we got off our butts and started living the dream instead of watching life pass us by and wishing we were having adventures...its time to start doing it!

this is the place where we will blog about all the adventures we get involved in. the first blogs contained herein were our first big adventure, backpacking all over Europe. now i continue this blog with my newest adventure, going to my first archaeological field school.

i will be checking in mostly daily and reporting on who i've pissed off that day or ranting about who pissed me off! i promise plenty of pics and a warm fuzzy feeling that your not living in my skin! enjoy!

click the blue words around here..that will take you to a link that shows a map of our route through Europe!!

since going to europe in 2010 we have graduated college ( i have at least) and have moved to seattle washington!! every day is a new adventure and we love it here so much more! ill keep posting about our adventures here as we look for jobs, a home and getting involved in our dream hobbies!

grizz and afiras Europe route

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North America » United States » Washington » Seattle December 26th 2014

heres some pics of our day..found a good model shop...and had great authentic chinese food for cheap!... read more

North America » United States » Washington » Redmond December 2nd 2014

heres some pics i have found from around here....this is what its like living here.....its wonderful.... read more

North America » United States » Washington » Redmond October 15th 2014

i know....i should update more......i got busy. specifically, we have just been enjoying being in our new place....slowly but surely, the stuff in the rooms we rent are being boxed up and moved......all the stuff will be out when the movers come on the 30th. the landlords new awesoem house is all clean and the floors are being looking awesome....soon as that is done the stuff will start going over. in the meantime, were just taking it easy, getting bills paid....going to work....going to work out after work.... a few days ago my boss lady ( who is awesome) gave me a coupon for a free haircut at some seriously high class salon in bellevue.....well i went yesterday after work..and holy was high class... so high class you get free wine or coffee while ... read more

North America » United States » Washington » Redmond September 29th 2014

been so busy i didnt get to update this until now. lets see...last weekend we helped our new landlord get her garage in order so her stuff can be moved that we can get moved in....we didnt get it all done but a lot of progress was made and it was nice being at her place..its in the country but close to redmond..surrounded by trees..its really nice... anyway so this past weekend we went to help her pack some stuff.....we didnt get far..but she had made progress making room to stack her stuff and get us an area cleared out.....we also got a storage until for 1 will act as a nice airlock between us and her and moving things back and forth... we also got the plates for our we are officially ... read more

North America » United States » Washington » Redmond September 16th 2014

so sorry i didnt update last week..i was lame..i admit it. anyway lets see....first we didnt get teh place in bellevue....which is good..because after someon basically says sure you have this palce....then doesnt come through because tehy cant check their email.....well its very odd lets say that and we didnt need not getting that place is totaly fine because we signed papers on a better place just sunday, but first.. friday the 5th after work i backed into soem wasnt even scratched because..well jeep....and hey ive never been in an accident before so its no big deal....i have insurance..thast what its for..anyway that happened and then we didnt get the place...which is fine because our friend rebecka told us about a friend of hers who rents rooms sometimes.....well come to find out....she is buying ... read more

North America » United States » Washington » Bellevue September 3rd 2014

WE HAVE A PLACE OF OUR OWN!!!!!!! we showed our roomie rebecka the place last night and she loved it of course!!!!! gave the guy a check and signed some stuff and we will be moving in saturday the 13th!!!!! so very thankful for the help of crystal and robert as well as rebecka wanting to be our roomie as well!! gona be great!!!! NEED MORE BOOKS!!!! oogh movie nights!!!!! pathfinder games at our place!!!!! sca meetings!!!!!! HUZZAH!!!! so a description.... basically its right beside lake sammamish in bellevue....which is a very nice area, the y type of houses ya see in carmel, however this means its not the richest neighborhood out here....but its extreemly nice. we have teh whole ... read more

North America » United States » Washington » Issaquah September 1st 2014

more good things just keep on happening. first my job is going really well, i even joined the gym close to work...24 hour fitness.....they have everything..a hot tub, sauna and steam room...also most importantly, free weights...i have started lifting weights....the 5x5 workout program starts you out on just the olypmic sized weight bar, and you work up from there, 5 lbs at every workout.....of course thats awesome for the guys but women hot a wall very im trying to decide if i want to go up by 1 lb every time or 5 pounds every week....not sure....but i do know that this slower start workout is already working....i feel better already and seeing all the women lifting tehre alreayd lets me see how i (even at thsi fat size) am at a point that those ... read more

North America » United States » Washington » Redmond August 24th 2014

anotehr week and its time to update where we are. terrible name i know..but not much else going really but work. grizz made it through his first week at his new job and he is loving it. basically he works for att metrology.......and what metrology is the science of meaasuring this case..airplanes...... att metrology at teh bottom of the hill here in preston uses high tech lasers to measure airplanes for boeing and the miitary after they are wrecked adn repaired, to make sure they are sound for the air adn otehr uses im sure. so the great part is, they alreay have him driving their nice new vehicles all around to pick parts and deliver things, and since he knows autocad....they are already talking about promoting him soon to perhaps be one of the ... read more

North America » United States » Washington » Redmond August 18th 2014

another week and more good news from the land of we shoulda been living here all along.... grizz found a job! right at teh bottom of teh hill where we are living in preston no less...which is problematic for when we want to move into our own place....but oh well....a little drive is normal for everyone... so he is the inventory guy at a warehouse...he will be in charge of all the supplies and ordering more for a place that builds things...not sure what exactly they do but it pays well, and he will be in charge of making sure vehicles are up to date on maintenance, installing new software on computers as well as shipping and receiving! so now its on to find a place of our own, a friend who is from back east ... read more

North America » United States » Washington » Redmond August 10th 2014

so havent updated thisweek..but im sitting ehre settle down.... lets see....last sunday grizz and i went to a pathfinder game with some new friends here....and by new i mean i friended on facebook some people at the sca barony out of em knew a common friend we both have (also through the sca, go figure) so we have all been taking since december when i friended the barony out here...anyway so pathfinder is like d&d...only not the new junk with weird new rules and crap..its just good old fun like in the good old we went early and made caracters...and just had a good time eating food and drinking sodas and enjoying west seattle....afterwards we all went to a little bar right on the ocean..well its not the ocea but it is to ... read more

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