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Lots of driving with a stop at a hyper market—think of the Auckland malls then double it, Ken made me rush though, so only got groceries. (I did offer to sit in the van and read while Alison shopped) Then we went to the Sedlec Ossuary—a chapel and a cemetery have been there for many 100s of years, and many were buried there. Then there was the plague and the 30 year war and many more were buried. Then the bishop went and scattered some earth from the holy land on the cemetery and this made it super popular for interment. Problem was that the marketing exceeded the resources, and they ran out of space and had to store bones in the bottom of the chapel. About 200 yrs ago a family bought the land, and ... read more
Sedlec Ossuary - Bone Pyramid

‘The Long Road To The Church of Bones’ Intro Rather than prattle on about the glories of Prague and the Czech Republic which many a travel blog will enthuse over, I thought I’d talk about a few different things for a change. Don’t get me wrong, Prague is a beautiful city with the Gothic excellence of St. Vitus’s cathedral, the castle, the Astronomical Clock, Charles Bridge and the view from Petřín Hill among many places to see before you die. But if you where to go to a Prague for a week you’d wear out the common attractions pretty soon. So now I’ll recommend a place (and help you get there via public transport) that you may not have heard of but should surely visit if you are going to Prague for anything longer than ... read more

We awoke early again this morning, perhaps due to the fact that we go to sleep so early because of exhaustion. It works out because I am able to write a bit in the mornings before we head down for breakfast. We also wanted to get an early start to the day because we had to figure our way around the metro and the train station today - we were headed to Kutna Hora. Breakfast was, again, lovely, and after we ate we stopped by the front desk and bought a public transport ticket that is good on busses, trams, and metros for three days (280 Kc, about $15). From there, we walked to the nearest metro station (down the street and around the corner). I decided not to wear my tights today (to see if ... read more
Kutna Hora

We saw another beautiful church, buildings and scenery at Kutná Hora today. The town wasn't very inspiring apart from the old area but I'm glad we went. The Sedlec Ossuary was extremely interesting, I don't know how they managed to have the bones of 40,000 people but they made very nice decorations.... read more

The other day i made a day trip from Prague to a small town called Kutna Hora. I thought it deserved a little blog of its own. Kutna Hora is about an hour and a half bus ride from Prague, although it seems a lot longer when it's nearing mid 30's and the closest thing to an air con is a tiny vent in the floor. There wasn't a whole lot to see and do in Kutna Hora, except escape the tourists, and visit the local Ossuary. Back in the 13th or 14th century there was an important Bohemian prince who went to the Holy Land, and on his return he brought back some dirt, which was sprinkled over his grave. From then on this cemetery was the hippest place to be buried in all of ... read more
bone pyramid
coat of arms

Today was our day trip to Kutna Hora to see Kostnice, the bone church in Sedlec (next to Kutna Hora). Since we had purchased our train tickets yesterday and familiarized ourselves with the train station a bit, the morning was a lot less stressful than it probably would have been had we not been prepared. Almost everything in the train station is only written in Czech, but there is an international information station that is very useful to help you find your way to the right place. It is also a good idea to print the train schedule ahead of time so you know which destination to look for on the board (it only shows the last stop for each train). A handy website with train schedules is IDOS. We located our train and headed ... read more
Praha Hlavni Nadraski

Kutna Hora Julie J Vanover The morning that I had planned on going to the Castle in Prague I went to Kutna Hora instead because of President Bush's visit. Kutna Hora is a town about an hour outside of Prague that is known for the Kostnice Sedlec Ossuary inside of the All Saints Church. I got into Kutna Hora and had to take another train to get into the town, we stopped at this stop that said Sedlec, so I asked the conductor if this was the Ossuary. He nodded yes, but it appeared that we were in the middle of nowhere. I suspected that this was a funny joke to play on the tourists, but a few other tourists had gotten off as well, so I got off. And I am glad I did ... read more
The main hall
Me- chillin' next to the Candelabra

出門不利 雖然係自己衰先,無得埋怨。 但係...500Kc!!!!!!!!! 好想死呀嗰一刻!!!!!!!!!!!!!!__ Kutna Hora...The most famous and the reason I went is for the Sedlec Kostnice..a small chapel with decorations made by 40000 peoples' does look cooool I must say!! haaaa Had to pay extra 50Kc to take pix.....i didnt get the special tic, went it..and still could take pix..haaa! so bad... Saw many Taiwanese tourist on the way...haaa.... The worst thing about this place is that freakin train station was 3km away from the centre! Walked almost 45 mins to get isn't that bad actually.. The town itself wasn't that interesting....The main Cathedral was closed for consturction and a bike basically..didn't see much. Nice relaxing town tho. I didn't imagine that 0 buses run on Saturdays.... read more
The boney gateway...
part of this statue in the old town..

This Saturday we went on a trip with the school to Kutna Hora, the Bone Church. The church was constructed centuries ago, but some random guy decided to unbury a bunch of bones from victims of the Plague and make crazy structures on the inside. It is suspected that there are enough bones in the church to comprise over 40,000 people. It was a weird feeling to be inside. I didn't take any photos but Josh did, so these are all his photos. We also were given two hours of free time to wander Kutna Hora the city. Most boring city in the world. Its definitly the Alabama of Czech Republic...Gwen knows what I mean by that. Apparently in such a big, bustling city such as Kutna Hora, all shops close down at 11:00 in the ... read more
Eerie bones
At the church

Today after farwelling Kirst and Camilla, we caught the train out to Kutna Hora, about 1 hour from Prague. First stop was the Ossary (Bone Church) at Sedlec. After the crypt in Brno we were prepared to be creeped out, but having seen pics on the net and the place being packed with tour groups it kind of felt a bit more circus than sacred. Took the obligatory pics, including one where a skull is getting its eye picked out by a bird and were on our way. The walk into town wasn't especially exciting, the outskirts are a little bit dreary with funny pokie (as in gambling) bars along the roadside. Once we'd hit the main square things started to pretty up and by the end of the day I think I could go as ... read more

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