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Published: September 7th 2008
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We made a daytrip from Prague today to the quaint village of Kutna Hora just long enough to see the famous attractions in this UNESCO Herritage Site and get a taste of this wonderful village.

We first saw the Sedlec Bone Church where 40,000 people's bones have been used to make morbidly bizarre sculptures and chandeliers. The site is a real fascination, but I was not affected by it after the initial shock of the idea. The catacombs in Paris where a much more deeply reflective place of personal introspection. That said, the Sedlec Bone Church is a surreal experience and well worth visiting.

Next we got lunch at an excellent Czech restaurant called Dacicky. We all really liked the food there, even Robyn who is not a fan of Czech food in general. It is the best Czech food we have had too bad it's not in Prague or we would go back again.

We visited the Alchemy Museum next which is a unique treasure as well.
The Philosopher's Stone (Pictured) contains the text of the Emerald Table of Hermes Trismegistus, the legendary founder of Alchemy.

"The Words of the Secrets of Hermes.
It is true without lie, certain and most veritable, that what
is below is
like what is above and what is above is like what is
below, to perpetrate
the miracles of one thing.

And as all things have been and come from One by the
mediation of One; thus
all things have been born from this single thing by

The Sun is its Father and the Moon its Mother.

The Wind has carried it in his belly and the Earth is its
nurse. The father
of all the perfection of all the world is here.

Its force or power is entire if it is turned into earth.

Thou shalt separate the Earth from the Fire, the subtle
from the gross,
softly, with great ingenuity.

It rises from the Earth to the sky and again descends
into the Earth, and
receives the force of things superior and inferior,

Thou shalt have by this means the glory of all the world.
And therefore all
obscurity shall flee from thee.

And this is the strength strong of all strength. For it shall
vanquish any
thing subtle and anything solid penetrate.

Thus the world was created.

From this shall proceed admirable adaptations, of which
the means is here.

And in this connection I am called Hermes Trismegistus
having the three
parts of the philosophy of all the world.

It is finished, what I have said."

Finally we walked south to St. Barbara Cathedral to see what all the silver mining in Kutna Hora had paid for. It was an interesting gothic cathedral, but I'm a bit cathedraled out at this point in our Euro-trip, so I just took pretty pictures.

Upon returning to Prague, Robyn and I rested up and then went out to the largest club in central europe - Karlovy Lazne ( http://www.karlovylazne.cz/ ). A pretty great club with 5 floors (really 10 rooms as the bar is in a seperate room on each floor) and something for everyone from hardcore rave to hip-hop to top 40 mixes to downtempo groove lounge music. There's even a room for oldies. Great stuff. Complete with lazer lights and go-go dancers.

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Sedlec Bone ChurchSedlec Bone Church
Sedlec Bone Church

Chandelier with every bone in the human body.

8th September 2008

That dance club is so euro! I can just picture Zoltan and his brother hanging out there....

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