Kelly Young


Kelly Young

The big trip #2.

This time I'm flying solo and doing a little bit of self discovery along the way.

First stop is Santiago, Chile and from there who knows! The plan at this stage includes a flight out of Rio... and some time in the good ol' US of A before heading to Europe where I can hopefully find someway of supporting the habit (traveling, that is).

Comments, tips & suggestions are encouraged, and if you know anyone who might like a house guest I bake a mean brownie 😉

See you soon!

North America » Canada » Alberta » Banff June 5th 2009

After another short stay with Tim & Emma I boarded the Moose bus for 5ish days of mayhem en route to Banff in the middle of the glorious Rocky Mountains in Alberta. We were a motley bunch of Aussies, Kiwis, French, Dutch, Italian, Irish, Chinese, and even a couple of Canadians. Day one saw us leave sunny Vancouver and head for Scotch Creek on the shores of Lake Shuswap. Along the way we visited Bridal Falls and Kawkawa Lake arriving just in time for the boys to take a quick dip in the freezing waters before dinner. We ate the pub next door that night and were treated a pretty terrible band (though they did play Sweet Home Alabama which was the highlight) before we fled for the relaxing waters of the hostel's hot tub. The ... read more

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Whistler May 28th 2009

From Vancouver I headed North along the stunning Sea-to-Sky highway to Whistler. Arriving at the Southside Hostel in Whistler Creek I immediately found myself some drinking buddies in the form of Susanne (Stuttgart), Steve (NYC) and Andy (UK), it was a Monday night after all! A crazy night ensued thanks to 80s night at Tommy Africa's which led to a late-start Tuesday.... not much of a problem as it was raining outside :( Ever hopeful I donned my sunnies and suncream and set off along the valley trail towards the village. I passed by lakes and through the trees and every so often the sun would shine and the birds would sing. Arriving at the village I explored but decided against heading up the mountain as it was surrounded in cloud. I headed to the cute ... read more

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver May 24th 2009

And so one sunny day it was time for me to say my goodbyes to Seattle. Still smelling of all the limes I had cut for the Mexican Fiesta I headed downtown and picked up my ticket. Then, as luck would have it, the nearest restaurant to the terminal was a very well-priced and suitably delicious Vietnamese place. It was a tough choice between the Pho or the Banh Mi... banh mi won on the day :) Memorial Weekend traffic delayed us somewhat, but without really much hassle I had found my way to Tim & Emma's apartment in Yaletown. They have a very sunny place with a great view over the park and river & were kind enough to loan me their couch for my time in Vancouver (twice!). Tim also loaned me his iTunes ... read more

North America » United States » Washington » Seattle May 21st 2009

But I hadn't quiet left South America... there were still a few more suprises left for me on my flights out. Ham and Cheese Tortilla. Ham and Cheese Bagel. Oh and being detained for Swine Flu. Nice. Arriving into Seattle I could hardly believe it. It was sunny! The city shone as we flew over head, the waters sparkling as we descended. I found Erika outside the airport, and after 6 years it was still the same. We headed for Queen Anne for brunch. Eggs Benedict I missed you! Driving through the city was great, with important plces being pointed out to me it was almost like having my own personal tour guide. That and it kinda felt almost like being in Grey's Anatomy... but without McDreamy :( Erika's parents live on the shores of Lake ... read more

It was with mixed emotions that we returned to Rio. Happy, cos its an amazing city and we were greeted like old friends returning to our hostel. Sad, because we knew this was the last stop on our South American Trip. We also knew it was time for us to part ways as Caitlin set off towards a new life in the US via the UK, and I for a possibly bank-breaking adventure across the USA. Apart from all the regular errands that needed to be done: washing, posting things (while a man in an itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow and orange patterned.. set of speedos waited behind us), picking up those last minute purchases, we still had quite a few things to see and do in this magical city. We took a walk to Ipanema, ... read more

South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro » Paraty May 10th 2009

In search of a little quiet time we headed down the coast to Paraty, a cute little town that was once central in the gold route from Minas Gervais mines to Portugal. The drive down was one of the most stunning of the trip as we swerved our way round jungle-clad bends, overlooking peaceful inlets with golden sand, picturesque rocks and waves that gently lapped the shore. We arrived in the evening and quickly settled in to our hostel where we met some friendly faces from our time in Florianopolis. A short walk along the beach as the sun set and our rumbly tummies demanded attention. Bring on the Pizza rodilla.... all you can of varying flavours with the convenience of never having to leave your table. I love Brazil. Next morning we awoke to fresh ... read more

And so we packed our bags and headed for Rio, hearing that the weather would be somewhat more to our liking as we moved North. It was a long bus ride.. at some ungodly hour of the night I stumbled into a gold plated casino type place to use the bathroom, and Caitlin woke up snuggling into the random guy she was sitting next to. Ahhh, you gotta love overnighters. Arriving in Rio we knew we were going to have a good time when Janna at the hostel greeted us with "We have a bottom bunk bed for you, but the guy who is supposed to be checking out had a big night last night and we can't wake him. Why don't you go and have breakfast and maybe he'll get up soon". He didn't but ... read more

From Iguacu we decided we needed some beach time, and a little bit of a relax post-BA so we headed up the coast to the Island of Santa Catarina and Florianopolis. As soon as we had arrived in the city we jumped on another bus and headed across the island, finding ourselves a nice possie overlooking the lake and just minutes walk from Mole Beach. It was supposed to be sunny and quiet and relaxing. Day 1 involved far too many cocktails, thanks to Caleb the Aussie barman and Caitlin´s fondness for cinnamon. Thankfully day 2 involved pizza, but sadly for us, the sun barely poked his head out for more than 20 minutes at a time. We remained pasty white, with very sad haviaina tan lines on our feet. We needed a plan.... ... read more

Iguazu was amzing! We had only just started on the path to the falls and spied a pretty butterfly up ahead. We were momentarily transfixed, but not for long, as a big hairy tarantula scuttled its way along the trail, just centimetres from our jandalled feet. And then as we neared a bend we heard a noise in the bushes. Then out popped a family of Coatis! These furry guys are pretty tame and used to tourists, but theyre cheeky and will take any food they can get your hands on. As it was dry season several of the smaller falls were all but dried up, yet the bigger falls were still impressive. The Devil´s Throat was by far the highlight of the day (well after the amazing buffet lunch), as the spray coated all the ... read more

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires April 26th 2009

So if you recall, as we arrived in the wonderful city of Buenos Aires some luggage was deftly thieved from the luggage compartment of the bus whilst we were still moving. Well, barely had we departed and it had happened again. This time two of the bus staff jumped out and ran off to chase the dirty bugger into the night and we circled the station while it was reported to the company. With no idea what had been taken we fretted in our seats: 8 passengers on board, 2 of us, the odds weren´t good. Half an hour later we pulled up outside the police station and were finally allowed to check out the damage. Our bags were safe. Phew! (again). A little old lady had lost her bag (full of sweets and gifts for ... read more

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