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I finally have the chance to go and see parts of the world that I have dreamed of. I am making it happen!

North America » United States » Virginia » Richmond July 20th 2011

We woke up and made our way to the train station which was super close, I was happy to be in Frankfurt the night before my flight was leaving since it left more room for error, because things can and do go wrong! To make a case in point, Derrick and I almost boarded the wrong train to the airport, but like the rest of my trip, we fixed the mix-up just in the nick of time. (Even if we did miss the train we had left with plenty of time). We had a quiet ride to the airport, Derricks direct flight to Philadelphia left from a completely different terminal than my flight which had layovers in Ireland and Boston, so we parted ways at the airport. I had plenty of time so I wandered around ... read more
My Room!
My breakfast the next morning!
Dad drew the world on an egg

Europe » Germany » Hesse » Frankfurt am Main July 19th 2011

For our last morning in Kassel Helmar and his daughter Rebecca went all out and had a massive breakfast spread for us (just to have us gain a few more pounds before we head back), the meats (olive wurst is the best!), breads, cheeses, and spreads were just magnificent and if I actually spent some real time in Germany I am sure I would be obese! We had planned to get some things for friends and family and for me to get some bubble wrap for my giant bottle (the word for bubble wrap in German is about 75 letters long!) After getting everything we got back to Helmar’s house and I had to figure out how to pack everything up so it could be airplane ready. This was going to be quite a feat since ... read more
My jug all bubblewrapped
Everything I am taking home

Europe » Germany » Hesse » Kassel July 18th 2011

Derrick and I got up early and said our goodbyes to Berlin, there was so much to do and see and the few days we spent there were not enough! We boarded our train for our short trip back to Kassel to meet back up with Derrick’s family. Alina picked us up at the train station with a friend who was from Pennsylvania who had spent the past year in Germany and she spoke great German! It also happened to be Alina’s birthday so Derrick had picked her up a book as a birthday present. We got back to Alina’s house and I learned that Germans do birthdays a little differently as there was no singing or big birthday hoopla! We all ate cake and then Alina’s Dad, Detlef, took us all to the local brewery ... read more
Derrick and Alinas friend from Pa
This is how its done
Detlef - the man of the hour!

Europe » Germany » Berlin » Berlin July 17th 2011

It was a bit of a downer day as today we had decided to make the trip out to the Sachenhausen Concentration Camp. I was hoping to have gotten up earlier so that I could fit the alternative tour of Berlin in as well and hopefully the Pergamum museum (wow I was ambitious!) but I had gotten up too late for that, so concentration camp it was. Derrick and I ate a quick breakfast while trying to figure out just how to get all the way out there, we would end up having to take a few trains totaling just over an hour then walk about 20 minutes the rest of the way out there. We made it to the camp and it was free to get into which surprised me. They had done a fabulous ... read more
Bathrooms and Basins
Photo 5

Europe » Germany » Berlin » Berlin July 16th 2011

After the shock I got from the Gothic bar the night before I slept in a little bit then got breakfast and then met up with Derrick and we went and met under Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate for the start of the free tour. There were about 150 people at the meeting point for the free walking tours. I wasn’t sure how good it would be if we were on the tour with everyone but it turned out great as they had several tour guides and separated us into groups of about 40. Our tour guide was a British guy and he was great (he also hated the French as we found out)! The tour was free, but it is tip based and you give what you think is deserved; the tour guides really have to earn ... read more
The Bunker where Hitler shot himself
The Berlin Wall
Museum Island

Europe » Germany » Berlin » Berlin July 15th 2011

Derrick and I were packed and on the road early since it was going to be 7 hours by train to Berlin (good thing Derrick loves train rides as much as I do!) and it was just the prettiest day ever! We were very sad not to have had this weather the past two days but I must say I have been blessed to have some great weather for most of my trip (we all have to pay our dues). The 7 hours flew by and we arrived to the train station in Berlin without any problems. We were waiting for the bus to our Hostel when a lady in a house dress and head covering came up to me and asked me if I spoke English. I told her I did and that’s when she ... read more
The train station is huge!
Huge train station!
My balcony in the hostel room

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Amsterdam July 13th 2011

In the morning Helmar was very kind and drove us to the train station. Upon arriving we told Helmar that we wanted to buy him breakfast as a thank you for everything he had done for us while we were there. (He was such a fabulous host!) Much to our begging he would not have it, and brought us out another 2 big coffees and 3 huge sandwiches. After asking which one he wanted he said he wasn’t hungry (What?!), so all 3 sandwiches were for Derrick and I, oh boy! We were trying not to be rude so we finished what we could of the three sandwiches then said our goodbyes, Helmar was going to try and meet us in Berlin so hopefully we will see him there! We got a fairly early train since ... read more
Van Gough Museum
Multilevel Bike parking

Europe » Germany » Hesse » Kassel July 12th 2011

I woke up in Kassel the most rested I had been in a while and I had even dreamt! I was running low on clean clothes so I asked Helmar if I could wash a load in his washer. He is such a kind fellow and proceeded to get the washer ready to be used, I had no idea it was such a long process or I would have thought twice about asking! He had to find the cables, then run them along the hallway, and then find the right plug and plug it in. Luckily I already had my laundry sorted into “everything in the bag goes . . . including the bag” so that made it a little easier. I was going to be so happy that I had a backpack full of clean ... read more
The old German writing
Not quite straight . .
Having fun with the pizza board

Europe » Germany » Hesse » Kassel July 11th 2011

I got up around 5:30 so I could get to the train station so I could meet Derrick since we were going to Kassel that morning and his flight got in around 6:10 am. I was checking out before breakfast which was sad, but the train stations have really good food as well. As I left the hostel there were still some people finishing up partying on the street as I saw a guy chug the last of a beer (I am in the red light district). I rode the train to the airport where I was meeting Derrick, his plane was getting in at 6:10, but then he would have to get through customs so it would take him a bit to get out of the airport. I got there just before 6:30 and quickly ... read more
The beginning of So.Much.Food
Alina and her "Ka"

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Munich July 10th 2011

I made an early start of it this morning since I wanted to spend the day in Munich. It was a decent train ride (7 hour round trip) and I wanted to have as much time as I could there. Upon getting off the train in Munich I stumbled upon a mini art gallery that was set up in the middle of the main area of the station. It detailed things happening in the world through artist photographs. It was a very moving exhibit with some extremely graphic photographs. Some of the photographs included a man setting himself on fire and jumping off the Chain Bridge in Budapest, a 6 photograph sequence detailing the final years of a woman’s life who was diagnosed with AIDS, photos from the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, ... read more
Brasil and Gay Pride?
Great Pour at the Beer Gardent!
Street performer

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