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July 18th 2011
Published: October 16th 2011
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Berlin to Kassel

Derrick and I got up early and said our goodbyes to Berlin, there was so much to do and see and the few days we spent there were not enough! We boarded our train for our short trip back to Kassel to meet back up with Derrick’s family.
Alina picked us up at the train station with a friend who was from Pennsylvania who had spent the past year in Germany and she spoke great German! It also happened to be Alina’s birthday so Derrick had picked her up a book as a birthday present.

We got back to Alina’s house and I learned that Germans do birthdays a little differently as there was no singing or big birthday hoopla! We all ate cake and then Alina’s Dad, Detlef, took us all to the local brewery (we walked) and I saw the biggest bottle of beer ever! I was eyeing this bottle up and I asked if I could just buy the bottle since Dad’s birthday was coming up and this would be perfect! The brewery owner looked at me a little strange and made sure he had heard me right and that I wanted it empty. I nod yes,
Derrick and Alinas friend from PaDerrick and Alinas friend from PaDerrick and Alinas friend from Pa

I can't remember her name! Sorry!
that I don’t want any beer in it, just the bottle. He said ok, (sweet!) now I just had to figure out how to get it home! We left Detlef and walked back to the house and when Detlef returned shortly after he had bought the bottle with beer in it! Now it was up to all of us to drink it so I could take it home, this was no small undertaking as there was a lot of beer, but everyone seemed up to the task!

Germans drink beer with everything, so we had beer spritzers with sprite and coke, odd, but surprisingly not bad! A great time was had by all since it was our last day in Kassel as we were leaving for Frankfurt the next afternoon so we could be up early to catch our respective flights back to the good ol US of A on Wednesday. We drank beer, ate pizza, and were just merry people. I was sure going to miss this family. They also taught me that the German saying for “whatever” literally translates to your mom (deine muter)! Oh the things you learn!


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It doesn't get dark unitl 11pmIt doesn't get dark unitl 11pm
It doesn't get dark unitl 11pm

This is about 10:30 pm, it messes with your head!

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